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This alliance merged to become part of the Multicolored Cross-X Alliance.

Merger occurred on/around December 25, 2009
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Little Big Alliance
Protectorate of the Multicolored Cross-X Alliance

LBA Official Flag
Team Color Red team Red
Founder(s) King Alias of Republic of Night
Founded September 4, 2009
Cabinet Executive

Sack King
King Alias
Sack Prince

Little Big Council

Sack of Defense
Sack of Membership
Sack of Economics
Sack of Foreign Affairs
Teen Terminator

AllianceStats Statistics as of 12/5/2009 6:01:45 PM

Total Nations 25
Strength 148,115
Avg. Strength 5,925
Nukes 20
Score 0.81
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Little Big Alliance was a growing alliance on the Red team, and a protectorate of the Multicolored Cross-X Alliance.


In BriefEdit

Little Big Alliance was a peaceful alliance dedicated to providing a relaxed, fun environment for its nations to grow. They used to reside at 25 members.


I. PreambleEdit

We all came from Little Big Planet! Hail unto thee, mother of thy sackpeople!

II. To Become a Sack PersonEdit

Any nation may apply to be a Little Big Nation, as long as they are not on any kind of ZI list. A nation at war must seek peace before being accepted into Little Big Alliance. In order to apply, the nation must follow guidelines as instructed on the forums. Applications must be approved by the Sack of Membership.

III. Sack GovernmentEdit

A. Sack KingEdit

Little Big Alliance will be directed by the Sack King. The Sack King serves a life-long sentence and chooses who shall replace him should he forfeit his crown. The Sack King is the all-powerful monarch of LBA, and can overturn any decision made by a lesser court. The Sack King has the right to veto any treaties or change in the alliance charter.

B. Sack PrincessEdit

The Sack Princess is the 2nd in command of Little Big Alliance. Should the Sack King have a prolonged absence the Sack Princess will act as Sack Queen until he returns. The Sack Princess will also manage LBA's Interior Affairs.

C. Little Big CouncilEdit

The Little Big Council will help manage Little Big Alliance. There shall be four Councilors, each acting with its own duty. Each Little Big Councilor has the right to enlist a Deputy, to help him/her with his duties. The four Councilors and their jobs are:

1. Sack of EconomicsEdit

The Sack of Economics will manage all trade circles, tech deals, and war reparations.

2. Sack of Foreign AffairsEdit

The Sack of Foreign Affairs will spread the good will of Little Big Alliance throughout the Cyberverse and represent us politically. They can also bring up treaties for discussion.

3. Sack of MembershipEdit

The Sack of Membership will manage all new members coming into Little Big Alliance and organizes recruiting.

4. Sack of WarEdit

The Sack of War will coordinate Little Big Army to keep the member nations of Little Big Alliance safe.

IV. WarEdit

A. Nuclear WeaponsEdit

If Little Big Alliance is involved in an Alliance War, they reserve the right to use weapons of mass destruction first. Spying away nuclear weapons is considered as a nuclear attack and will be responded accordingly.

B. Tech RaidingEdit

No member of Little Big Alliance may tech raid another nation.

V. AmendmentsEdit

Any Sack Person may put forward a proposal to amend the charter, but the Sack King or Queen has the final say in the matter.

Treaties Edit

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