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*'''Reroll:''' To create a new nation, sometimes with a new identity.{{anchor|Reroll}}
*'''Reroll:''' To create a new nation, sometimes with a new identity.{{anchor|Reroll}}
*'''RL:''' An {{wikipedia|acronym}} for {{wikipedia|Reality|Real Life}}.{{anchor|RL}}
*'''RL:''' An {{wikipedia|acronym}} for {{wikipedia|Reality|Real Life}}.{{anchor|RL}}
*'''RP/RPing:''' To roleplay as your nation ruler.{{anchor|RP/RPing}}
*'''RP/RPing:''' To roleplay as your nation ruler.{{anchor|RP}}{{anchor|RPing}}
==War Terms==
==War Terms==

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This is an incomplete list of terms used in Cyber Nations.

General Terms

  • Admin: The creator of Cyber Nations. His real name is Kevin Marks, and he is often referred to as Kevin.
  • Admin bomb: Admin setting everything in a user's account to zero such as infrastructure, technology, money, soldiers, etc. It is often used if a user attacks or nuke the game mods' nations.
  • Ban Appeal: Appealing a ban is usually the last option a player has if they are banned from the CN Forums, In game actions that lead to bans cannot be appealed.
  • Big Boards: The Cyber Nations forums.
  • CN: Commonly used acronym for Cyber Nations.
  • CN Forums: Cyber Nations forums.
  • CN:SE: Cyber Nations:Standard Edition. Refers to the standard version of CN.
  • CN:TE: Cyber Nations:Tournament Edition
  • Cyberverse: One term used by many to describe the RP world of CN.
  • IC: In character
  • IG: In-game
  • In-game: Referring to actions and happenings in CN.
  • Mod (Mod Team): Moderators (mods) keep order in the CN forums, and keep a lookout in-game for rule breakers.
  • OOC: Out of Character
  • Offsite: Alliance forum which is not on the Cyber Nations forums.
  • OWF: The Open World RP Forum. Often used to refer to the Cyber Nations forums in general.
  • Planet Bob: One term used by many to describe the RP world of CN.
  • Reroll: To create a new nation, sometimes with a new identity.
  • RL: An acronym for Real Life.
  • RP/RPing: To roleplay as your nation ruler.

War Terms

  • CB: Casus belli
  • Casus belli: The reason for acts of war.
  • Clubbing: The act of a large alliance raiding a small alliance for tech.
  • Eternal ZI (1)/Alliance EZI: A drawn out conflict with one or multiple groups (often more powerful) against another group with the goal of wiping them out.
  • Eternal ZI (2): When a player is sentenced to be destroyed across rerolls.
  • Nuke Anarchy: A period of time a nation is in anarchy and suffers the affects of a nuclear attack.
  • Nuke Rouge: A term often used for a nation that uses its nuclear arsenal to its own discretion whether its allied or not.
  • Perma-ZI: When a nation is sentenced to ZI often by an alliance with the objective of keeping them in it until they delete their nation.
  • Propaganda: Images and videos made by players to support a side or idea, often during war.
  • Reparation: A sum of tech and cash paid out by a loosing party of a war to a victor.
  • Resistance: When an allaince resists another in a long term conflict.
  • Spy: Using the spy options available ingame on another nation, often leads to war if caught.
  • Sub-conflict: A conflict that has different goals from a main conflict it is considered to be apart of.
  • Tech raid: Warring another nation to grab its tech, A controversial type of warfare raged by nations aligned or not.
  • ZI: To bring a nation to zero infrastructure, often the goal of wars in CN.

Gameplay Terms

  • AA: Alliance Affiliation.
  • Alliance Seniority: How long a nation has resided on an AA, may not be the accurate time a nation has been in an alliance
  • CM: Cruise Missile, used mainly to destroy infrastructure.
  • Delete: Once a nation reaches the end of its 25th day of inactivity it is deleted. Mods/Admin can delete a nation for rule violations at any time.
  • GRL: Global Radiation Level, and in-game indicator of the level of radiation in the Cyberverse. Radiation is cause by nations using nuclear weapons. The higher the radiation level, the lower your environment.
  • Infra: Short word for infrastructure.
  • Multi: Someone who creates a nation while already possessing another one, an act that is against CN rules.
  • NS (1): (when referring to CN) Nation Strength, the calculated strength of your nation.
  • NS (2): NationStates
  • Sanctioned (1): When an alliance in the top 12 is added to the alliance drop down list, and has their flag uploaded in-game.
  • Sanctioned (2): When a team senator blocs the trade/aid though in game options of another nation on that team.
  • Team Senator: Each team has three team Senators that manage and control their teams, they are elected though a voting process, and when elected they have the option to sanction nations.
  • Tech: Technology, bought by nations to increase nation strength.
  • Tech Deal: When a (often lower strength) nation sells tech though the aid system to to another, usually stronger, nation.
  • Unaligned: A nation whose AA is set as none.
  • Update/Update Time: When the server hits midnight and you can collect taxes again.

Alliance Terms

  • Assimilate: Another more common term for merge in.
  • Charter: A document outlining an alliances government structure and bylaws.
  • Disband: When a membership base of an alliance decides or is forced to separate.
  • Doctrine (1): An alliance's charter.
  • Doctrine (2): An alliance's foreign policy document.
  • DOE: Declaration of Existence, done by new alliances to announce their creation.
  • DOW: Declaration of War, done by alliances to declare wars.
  • Expelled: When a player is kicked from an alliance.
  • Ghost: someone who is using an alliance's affiliation and has not applied to be part of the alliance.
  • Merge in: when an alliance membership base is assimilated into another alliance.
  • Merge with: When two alliance membership bases merge to create a new alliance, often with the systems and culture mixed.
  • Poach/Poaching: To send a recruitment message to a nation who is already a part of another alliance.
  • Recruitment Message: Messages often sent out by alliances to unaligned nations to persuade them to join the their alliance.
  • Reform: When an allaince reforms after a past disbandment.
  • Spy: When a member of one alliance joins another for the sake of info gathering.
  • Unaligned: A nation not residing in an official alliance.
  • ZI list: Often a record keep of players alliances seek to ZI, sometimes after the said person rerolled.

Treaty Terms

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