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In Cyber Nations, large and powerful alliances can gain sanction. Sanctioned alliances are available in drop-down menus in-game, such as the "alliance affiliation" box and on alliance statistic screens. In addition to this, sanctioned alliances may have their alliance flag added as a Custom Flag. Sanction is currently given to the top twelve alliances by score. Up until April 2012 it was given to the top twelve alliances by score who also fulfilled a requirement of 200 members, thus sanctioning occasionally extended down to the 20th or so alliance in actual score. As of December 2013, there have been a total of 48 alliances sanctioned, 17 of which are defunct and 31 of which remain active alliances.

Alliance AuditsEdit

Until June 4, 2008, alliances were officially sanctioned by game staff in quarterly "Alliance Audits". A (partial) list of those audits is below.

Sanctioned AlliancesEdit


(in game)
Forum Tag
(most recent)
Alliance Acro. Team Color
while sanctioned
Lifespan in days Founded Disbanded Currently
FTW Peace FTW Peace Freehold of The Wolves FTW White 1,095 Oct 25, 2017 N/A Yes
Anarchyinc Aitag Anarchy Inc. Ai Purple 3,031 Jul 7, 2012 N/A No
Atlantis ZZZ N/A White 257 Jul 4, 2007 Mar 17, 2008 No
Custom19 CDStag Coalition of Green/Dark/Defensive States CDS Black 496 Jul 6, 2006 Nov 14, 2007 No
Custom20 CSNtag Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations CSN Maroon 2,515 Oct 28, 2006 Sep 16, 2013 No
Deinos Flag Deinotag Deinos Deinos Blue 3,511 Mar 15, 2011 Apr 29, 2013 No
FARK Flag Farktag Farkistan Fark Aqua 5,044 Jan 2, 2007 N/A Yes
Fan FANtag Federation of Armed Nations FAN Yellow 5,181 Aug 18, 2006 N/A No
In-Game Flag of FOK FOKtag2 FOK!-Alliance FOK Orange 1,833 May 4, 2007 May 10, 2012 No
Gatoflag2 GATOtagIAA Global Alliance and Treaty Organization GATO Brown 5,399 Jan 12, 2006 N/A No
GOLD Flag GOLDtag Global Organization for Liberty and Defense GOLD Yellow 366 Oct 8, 2006 Oct 9, 2007 No
Custom20 GOONS GOONStag Goon Order of Neutral Shoving GOONS Black 688 Jul 24, 2006 Jun 11, 2008 No
Cngoonsflag GOONStag2 Goon Order of Oppression, Negligence, and Sadism GOONS Black 4,205 Apr 20, 2009 N/A No
Ggaflag8 GGAtag Grand Global Alliance GGA Green 1,608 Mar 1, 2006 Jul 26, 2010 No
Gpaflag GPAtagnew Green Protection Agency GPA Green 5,366 Feb 14, 2006 N/A Yes
IRON IRONtag Independent Republic of Orange Nations IRON Orange 5,293 Apr 28, 2006 N/A Yes
Cominternsmallpe8 ICPtag International Communist Party ICP Multi 293 Apr 11, 2006 Jan 29, 2007 No
Lueflag LUEtag LUEnited Nations LUE Orange/Pink[2] 386 Mar 16, 2006 Apr 6, 2007 No
Custom44 m Mtag m \m/[3] ZZZ N/A White 323~323[4] 020061031000000 Oct ?, 2006 Sep 19, 2007 No
MHA Small Flag MHAtag Mostly Harmless Alliance MHA Aqua 5,159 Sep 9, 2006 N/A Yes
MCXA Flag MCXAtag Multicolored Cross-X Alliance MCXA Multi (Blue)[5] 4,931 Apr 25, 2007 N/A No
New MK Flag MKtag2 Mushroom Kingdom MK Aqua 2,258 Jul 12, 2007 Sep 16, 2013 No
Custom18 NAACtag National Alliance of Arctic Countries NAAC Blue 452 Jan 17, 2006 Apr 14, 2007 No
NPObannerflagnew NPOtag New Pacific Order NPO Red 5,384 Jan 27, 2006 N/A Yes
Custom37 Polartag new New Polar Order NpO Blue 5,267 May 24, 2006 N/A Yes
Nadc newflag2 NADCtag North Atlantic Defense Coalition NADC Blue 5,204 Jul 26, 2006 N/A No
Custom90[6] N/A[6] North Atlantic Treaty Organization NATO Blue 5,204 Jun 25, 2006 N/A No
Flag of NG NGtag Non Grata NG Black/Maroon[7] 3,420 Jun 14, 2011 N/A No
Flag of ODN ODNtag Orange Defense Network ODN Orange 5,368 Feb 12, 2006 N/A Yes
Custom47 ONOStag Organized Nations of Superiority ONOS Maroon 487 Jun 10, 2006 Oct 10, 2007 No
PaxFlag3 Pax PipPax Corvus Pax Black 3,120 Aug 28, 2010 N/A Yes
Rnrflag6 R&R Sanction Pip R&R[8] ZZZ N/A Orange 5,094 Nov 13, 2006 N/A Yes
ROKINIT2 RoKtag Ragnarok RoK Aqua 2,192 Sep 21, 2007 Sep 21, 2013 No
Custom80 RIAtag Random Insanity Alliance[8] RIA Maroon 5,207 Jul 23, 2006 N/A No
Flag of Sparta Spartatag Sparta ZZZ N/A Pink/Black[9] 4,975 Mar 12, 2007 N/A No
Flag of the Democratic Order TDOtag The Democratic Order TDO Aqua 5,015~5,015[4] 020070131000000 Jan ?, 2007 N/A No
Flag of TIO Tiotag The Imperial Order TIO Blue 3,854 Apr 6, 2010 N/A No
The International Int Orange 4,295 Jan 20, 2009 N/A No
Custom85 TLRtag The Last Remnants TLR Multi/Aqua[11] 3,415 Jun 19, 2011 N/A No
LegionFlag Legiontag The Legion ZZZ N/A Purple 5,380 Jan 31, 2006 N/A No
Custom55 TOOLtag The Order of Light TOOL White 1,588 Jan 23, 2007 May 30, 2011 No
TOPsmall TOPtag4 The Order of the Paradox TOP Orange/Pink[12] 5,273 May 18, 2006 N/A Yes
Custom50 TPFtag The Phoenix Federation TPF White 4,891 Jun 4, 2007 N/A No
Umbrella Umbrellatag Umbrella ZZZ N/A Black 4,688 Dec 24, 2007 N/A Yes
UPN UPNtag United Purple Nations UPN Purple 5,023 Jan 23, 2007 N/A No
Flag of Viridian Entente VE1sttag Viridian Entente (Original) VE Green 317 (5,103)[13] Jul 12, 2006 May 25, 2007* No
Flag of Viridian Entente VEtag Viridian Entente (Reformation) VE Blue & Green / Green[14] 4,786 (5,103)[13] Sep 17, 2007 N/A No
Custom62 WTFtag2 World Task Force WTF Multi (Blue)[15] 5,245 Jun 15, 2006 N/A Yes


  1. Atlantis was sanctioned at a time when forum tags were disabled and thus never had one.
  2. The LUEnited Nations was sanctioned once on the Orange Team and once on the Pink Team.
  3. \m/ was originally sanctioned as '>_<' but later changed their name to '\m/' after the '>' and '<' characters were banned from alliance affiliations.
  4. 4.0 4.1 The lifespan in days for \m/ and The Democratic Order is not 100% due to a missing exact founding date.
  5. The Multicolored Cross-X Alliance is officially a multi-colored team alliance though a majority of its membership is on the blue team.
  6. 6.0 6.1 The North Atlantic Treaty Organization was briefly sanctioned during the Disorder War but did not maintain it for 10 days and thus did not get a flag or forum tag. They did however, already have an in-game flag as a prize from Tournament Edition.
  7. Non Grata was originally sanctioned on the Black team but later changed to the Maroon team.
  8. 8.0 8.1 The Random Insanity Alliance and R&R forum tags are animated gifs which must be clicked on to see their full effect.
  9. Sparta was originally sanctioned on the Pink team but later moved to the Black team.
  10. The International was not sanctioned long enough for the forum mods to take notice and accept their submitted tag, and by the time the mods did notice the alliance had sunk back below sanction, thus the alliance never received a forum tag.
  11. The Last Remnants was originally sanctioned while they were Multi-colored but later changed to the Aqua team.
  12. The Order of the Paradox was originally sanctioned while on the Orange team but later moved to the Pink team.

Older Forums TagsEdit

Current Sanctioned AlliancesEdit

CNlogo Cyber Nations Sanctioned Alliances CNlogo

New Pacific Order · Independent Republic of Orange Nations · Freehold of The Wolves · Green Protection Agency  · Umbrella · New Polar Order · Viridian Entente · Orange Defense Network · Sparta · Pax Corvus · R&R · The Legion · North Atlantic Treaty Organization


Former Sanctioned AlliancesEdit

CNlogo Formerly Sanctioned Alliances CNlogo

\m/ (1st) · Anarchy Inc. · Atlantis · Coalition of Dark States · Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations · Deinos · Federation of Armed Nations  · Farkistan · FOK!-Alliance · Global Alliance and Treaty Organization · Global Organization for Liberty and Defense · Grand Global Alliance · Goon Order of Neutral Shoving · Goon Order of Oppression, Negligence, and Sadism · International Communist Party · LUEnited Nations · Multicolored Cross-X Alliance · Mushroom Kingdom · National Alliance of Arctic Countries · Non Grata · North Atlantic Defense Coalition · Organized Nations of Superiority · R&R  · Ragnarok · Random Insanity Alliance · Sparta · The Democratic Order · The Imperial Order · The International · The Last Remnants · The Legion · The Order of Light · The Phoenix Federation · United Purple Nations · Viridian Entente (Original)


Sanctioned Alliances by Team ColorEdit

Current and Former Sanctioned Alliances by Official Team Color
Aqua Farkistan
Mostly Harmless Alliance
The Democratic Order
The Last Remnants
Black Coalition of Dark States
Goon Order of Neutral Shoving
Non Grata
Pax Corvus
Blue National Alliance of Arctic Countries
New Polar Order
North Atlantic Defense Coalition
North Atlantic Treaty Organization
The Imperial Order
Brown Global Alliance and Treaty Organization Green Grand Global Alliance
Green Protection Agency
Viridian Entente (Original)
Viridian Entente (Reformation)
Maroon Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations
Mushroom Kingdom
Non Grata
Organized Nations of Superiority
Random Insanity Alliance
The Last Remnants
Orange FOK!-Alliance
Independent Republic of Orange Nations
LUEnited Nations
Orange Defense Network
The Order of the Paradox
Pink LUEnited Nations
The Order of the Paradox
Purple The Legion
United Purple Nations
Anarchy Inc.
Red New Pacific Order White Atlantis
The Order of Light
The Phoenix Federation
Yellow Federation of Armed Nations
Global Organization for Liberty and Defense
Multi/None International Communist Party
Multicolored Cross-X Alliance
The Last Remnants
Viridian Entente (Reformation)
World Task Force
Notes Bold italics = currently sanctioned.

The LUEnited Nations were first sanctioned on Orange and later regained it while on the Pink team.

Sparta announced their switch from Pink to Black team on March 11, 2008.

The Viridian Entente (Reformation) was originally on both the blue and green teams before it switched to completely green on April 30, 2008.

The Last Remnants originally gained sanction while being Multi-colored but later changed to solely Aqua. They later re-gained sanction while on Maroon.

Non Grata was originally Black but later changed to Maroon.

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