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The List of countries by military power is a list published by the Federal Intelligence Agency of the Deltoran Republic listing sovereign states by their military power. Recently, the military rankings have been changing due to the Third World War's effect on nations. The Prussian Empire is at the top of the list, followed by the Pacific Empire and the Deltoran Republic.

List of countriesEdit

  • Ranked First

PrussianWarFlag2 Military of the Prussian Empire

  • Ranked Second

PACIFIC EMPIRE Military of the Pacific Empire

  • Ranked Third

DR flag Armed Forces of the Deltoran Republic

  • Ranked Fourth

Russia Military of Russia

  • Ranked Fifth

Peoples Republic of China Miltiary of China

  • Ranked Sixth

North Korea Military of North Korea

  • Ranked Seventh

Brazil Military of Brazil

  • Ranked Eighth

United Kingdom Military of the United Kingdom

  • Ranked Nineth

UvRHr Military of the Republic of Bekolan

  • Ranked Tenth

India Military of India

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