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Knight Commander (CSB) - The rank of Knight Commander is bestowed by the Grand Knight Commander of the Order of Saint Blancos for outstanding, meritorious, and/or conspicuous service to the Crown of Blancos Dos. At this time there is no specified limit on the number of Knight Commanders, however the GKSB may set a limit if deemed necessary. Knights Commander are entitled to prefix their Ruler Name with "Sir", and may append their Ruler Name in the event they currently possess a noble title. For example, a ruler with the name "Lord Newjack" may append their ruler name to "Sir Newjack," followed by the post-nominal letters CSB. If a ruler name is appended to include the title of "Sir," it must remain recognizable and associative of the original ruler name.
This list is current as of August 25, 2009.

  • Jarkko Salomäki, ruler of Uralica - For zealous pursuit of inter-alliance ties and training between the CCC and NpO, as well as his diplomatic endeavors thereto.
  • Johannes Maidenlinger - Former ruler of Blancreckt, awarded posthumously for heroic action on the battlefield. Maidenlinger was killed April 27, 2007 by enemy sniper fire while leading his troops in combat.
  • Backdraft3942, ruler of Ktownrik - For offering aid and comfort on numerous occasions to the soldiers of Blancos Dos, and for heroic action in battle against enemies of the New Polar Order.