Flag of Gramlins

National Flag
Established 6/1/2007
(4,785 days old)
Ruler LiquidMercury
Alliance Flag of Gramlins
The Grämlins
AllianceStatsIcon rankingsWorldIcon warIcon aidIcon spy
Since 05/15/2011 (3,341 days)
Nation Team Pink team Pink
Statistics as of November 9, 2012
Total casualties 6,343,525
 2,933,197 attacking
 3,410,328 defending
Infrastructure 17,000.00
Technology 18,301.83
Nation Strength 161,714.192
Efficiency 80.62
Total Area 3,671.029 Earth icon
Native Resources Pigs Water

LiquidMercury is a current member of The Grämlins. He was a proponent of Karma against the New Pacific Order along with Archon. He is pretty inactive these days but he did wake up from stasis for the Doom War when The Grämlins declared war on New Polar Order. He also has a known dislike for AlmightyGrub and Dajobo from Polaris.[1]

Nation recordsEdit

His nation of Fallen Seraphim reached the #1 Nation ingame on 11/9/2009. He was the third person to ever break 20k tech. He once held the second highest amount of tech for a nation in the game. His highest previous efficiency was 232.16. He's launched (and hit with) 130 nuclear weapons. He's blocked 112 nukes with his SDI. His nation has taken 81 nukes.

TOP-C&G WarEdit

During the TOP-C&G War LM fought 8 of the top 10 nations in the game.

Coalition Leader/High CommandEdit

Military tactics credited to LM for Coalition WarfareEdit


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