Limitless Nexus
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LN Official Flag
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Limitless Nexus is an alliance founded by the Methrage of the Libertarian Empire.

The form of government is a Libertarian Monarchy. The Sovereign reigns for life with authority to represent the Alliance before the outside world, but each member nation remains autonomous in internal affairs. The Sovereign has the power to create and dissolve governments as needed, or simply to exercise authority himself. Other government positions may be created or dissolved in response to the changing needs of the alliance.


On June 1st Limitless Nexus announces the newly signed treaty with Confederatio Aesir, called Limitless Aesir, making the alliance between Limitless Nexus and Confederatio Aesir known.

On June 14, Dixie Cove becomes a member of Limitless Nexus. With his proven experience, Stonewall14 is quickly promoted to Guerrilla Warlord.

The Kashmir War began on June 16, 2014, when diplomacy broke down between Kashmir and Limitless Nexus, after Kashmir declared war on Dixie Cove despite membership in Limitless Nexus. This escalated to the Libertarian Empire engaging in a nuclear war with Kashmir's top 6 nations, which lasted until the 28th. Libertarian Norway joined Limitless Nexus during this war as well. White peace was eventually agreed upon by both sides.

On August 6th, 2 nations of LPH attacked Libertarian Norway, but during this war Limitless Nexus only grew in size. More nations under attack by LPH joined Limitless Nexus, as they were given the required aid by the Libertarian Empire to turn the tables on their invaders.

Limitless Sphere/Foreign Relations

Limitless Sphere includes many alliances and nations, who cooperate in military and economic matters with Limitless Nexus. Some having unannounced treaties with Limitless Nexus, others just sharing a mutual desire to assist, without needing something so formal.

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