Ligolski joined the CN community back in mid Jan. of 2007. He joined The Republic and quickly came to power and became the Minister of Finance. He led The Republic to its final form, a merge with Sanctum to form Atlantis. He was made the MoF there and has served there in that position to Atlantis' dieing day. He went on to try to join Gramlins but found the process too long and drawn out and thus went to The Roman Republic. When it disbanded, ligolski went on to join Holy Order with his real life friends. Ligolski is the creator of the name Tempest of which the alliance changed its name to. Ligolski refused to be MoF because he wanted to do something different and was semi-sick of doing the same thing over and over again. He became a senator and later Regent. As of November 12th ish, Ligolski officially control of Tempest as Autarch as Roflcopter stepped down due to real life events. Ligolski hopes to make Tempest prosper.

Ligolski helped make Tempest prosper in its last few months due to the arrangement of a merger with Terra Prime and New Purple Power. Today he is part of the Triumvirate and is ready to lead Hydra to a bright future.

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