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Syracuse Salty Dogs

Liga Mundo Season 9 ran from September 16, 2010 to December 16, 2010. The league saw a reduction in numbers from 36 teams to 32 with the loss of five teams and the addition of one. Stiinta Craiova joined the league as an expansion team on August 8, 2010. Compostela Artois renamed Guajolotes on August 28, 2010. The Rush renamed Syracuse Salty Dogs on September 6, 2010. AFC reverted back to their previous name El Entrego on September 7, 2010 - but three days later became El Entrego AFC. Philadelphia Union renamed Oviedo Sporting on September 8, 2010. FC.Beijing, Dinamo Samo, USSRS, Voobaha National and SiPS folded on September 10, 2010 prior to the start of the season. The following day, El Entrego AFC came under new management which renamed the club FC Nagase.

Final Standings[]

LIGA MUNDO - Season 9
Swamplandia Sinners 14 9 2 3 30 17 13 29
Atlético Luz Del Mar 14 7 4 3 26 12 14 25
VolNation Volunteers 14 7 4 3 25 18 7 25
Transvaal Springboks 14 6 3 5 31 27 4 21
Arcadia FC 14 4 6 4 21 22 -1 18
Atlético Melloria 14 4 4 6 21 27 -6 16
1984 Duckies FC 14 3 3 8 18 33 -15 12
FC Jekerger 14 2 2 10 13 29 -16 8
Nordheim Badgers FC 14 9 3 2 31 11 20 30
Templar Forsworn 14 8 4 2 25 13 12 28
A.M. Adepts FC 14 6 4 4 22 15 7 22
Dynamo Dorpat 14 5 4 5 22 20 2 19
Dun Carrig Bohs 14 5 3 6 15 23 -8 18
Texas Longhorns 14 4 5 5 26 21 5 17
Keville United FC 14 2 5 7 12 22 -10 11
Atlético Vinilandês 14 1 4 9 8 36 -28 7
Guajolotes 14 11 3 0 38 2 36 36
Fatima FC 14 10 2 2 31 5 26 32
Estrella Roja 14 8 2 4 25 8 17 26
Jianada United 14 8 1 5 16 15 1 25
RMI Armed Forces FC 14 4 4 6 12 23 -11 16
FC Nagase 14 3 1 10 12 23 -11 10
Sea Land 14 2 4 8 6 25 -19 10
PEI FC (Prince Edward Island FC) 14 1 1 12 4 43 -39 4
Autumn United 14 11 2 1 45 3 42 35
Debate Land Orators 14 10 3 1 26 5 21 33
Oviedo Sporting 14 9 1 4 20 19 1 28
Spidermonkeys 14 5 2 7 13 22 -9 17
United Force 14 5 0 9 12 25 -13 15
Syracuse Salty Dogs 14 3 4 7 19 31 -12 13
Stiinta Craiova 14 2 5 7 8 21 -13 11
Sarnunga Saints 14 2 1 11 10 27 -17 7

Regular Season[]

Primera Liga[]


Statistics Leaders[]

1 Rory Palin F Swamplandia Sinners 22
2 Detlef Botha MF Transvaal Springboks 13
3 Charlie Purser MF Arcadia FC 10
3 Gamrí Di María Florés F Atlético Luz Del Mar 10
5 Ian Robertson F VolNation Volunteers 9
1 Rory Palin F Swamplandia Sinners 17
2 Detlef Botha MF Transvaal Springboks 11
3 Charlie Purser MF Arcadia FC 10
4 Ian Robertson F VolNation Volunteers 9
4 Gamrí Di María Florés F Atlético Luz Del Mar 9
1 Rory Palin F Swamplandia Sinners 5
1 Tezcacoatl Palamíñho MF Atlético Luz Del Mar 5
3 Tiago André MF Atlético Luz Del Mar 4
3 Gwyn Humphreys MF Atlético Melloria 4
3 Zbynek Semenik MF Atlético Melloria 4
3 Cristóvão Boto MF 1984 Duckies FC 4
3 Edgar Preece MF FC Jekerger 4
3 Cary Mitchell MF Swamplandia Sinners 4
3 Darnell Roberson MF VolNation Volunteers 4
1 Lois Luis D Atlético Luz Del Mar 14
2 Red Moreno D VolNation Volunteers 11
3 Roc Taja D Atlético Luz Del Mar 9
4 Detlef Botha MF Transvaal Springboks 8
5 Hank Osbourne MF Swamplandia Sinners 7
5 Ian Robertson F VolNation Volunteers 7

All-Star Team[]

GK Dario Sablone Swamplandia Sinners
D Lois Luis Atlético Luz Del Mar
D Red Moreno VolNation Volunteers
D Yuri Nogaev Atlético Melloria
D Roc Taja Atlético Luz Del Mar
MF Detlef Botha Transvaal Springboks
MF Charlie Purser Arcadia FC
MF Arthur Basso VolNation Volunteers
MF Tiago André Atlético Luz Del Mar
F Rory Palin Swamplandia Sinners
F Gamrí Di María Florés Atlético Luz Del Mar
MVP Rory Palin Swamplandia Sinners

Segunda Liga[]


Statistics Leaders[]

1 Anton Geamãn F Texas Longhorns 21
2 Stevie MacCoubrey MF A.M. Adepts FC 10
3 Rodger Maddison D Nordheim Badgers FC 9
3 Bodo Kreuzer F Dynamo Dorpat 9
3 Kalle Pontare F Nordheim Badgers FC 9
1 Anton Geamãn F Texas Longhorns 17
2 Stevie MacCoubrey MF A.M. Adepts FC 7
3 Rodger Maddison D Nordheim Badgers FC 6
3 Florian Wilczek F Dynamo Dorpat 6
3 Bodo Kreuzer F Dynamo Dorpat 6
3 Gustavo Tribbiani F Nordheim Badgers FC 6
3 Kalle Pontare F Nordheim Badgers FC 6
3 Douglas Sparrow F Templar Forsworn 6
1 Anton Geamãn F Texas Longhorns 4
1 Vernon Prosser MF A.M. Adepts FC 4
1 Matty Doolan MF Templar Forsworn 4
1 Sam Cross MF Texas Longhorns 4
5 13 players - - 3
1 Kirill Palagin D Texas Longhorns 14
2 Rodger Maddison D Nordheim Badgers FC 12
2 Anton Geamãn F Texas Longhorns 12
4 Allo Grossberg MF Texas Longhorns 9
5 Oscar Schmidt MF Nordheim Badgers FC 6
5 Gennady Protasov MF Dynamo Dorpat 6
5 Florian Wilczek F Dynamo Dorpat 6

All-Star Team[]

GK Horst Bauer A.M. Adepts FC
D Kirill Palagin Texas Longhorns
D Rodger Maddison Nordheim Badgers FC
D Noel Vacker Templar Forsworn
D Tord Ehnholt Nordheim Badgers FC
MF Allo Grossberg Texas Longhorns
MF Oscar Schmidt Nordheim Badgers FC
MF Stevie MacCoubrey A.M. Adepts FC
MF Paul Kells Dun Carrig Bohs
F Anton Geamãn Texas Longhorns
F Kalle Pontare Nordheim Badgers FC
MVP Anton Geamãn Texas Longhorns

Tercera Liga[]


Statistics Leaders[]

1 Orlan López F Guajolotes 13
2 Suca Garoafã MF Estrella Roja 11
2 Christian Alverö MF Guajolotes 11
2 Arnold Åbom F Estrella Roja 11
5 Gwidon Tulacz MF Fatima FC 10
5 Alessio Ardigò MF Fatima FC 10
5 Hayden Trought MF Jianada United 10
1 Orlan López F Guajolotes 11
2 Gwidon Tulacz MF Fatima FC 7
2 Arnold Åbom F Estrella Roja 7
2 Philip Valdez F Fatima FC 7
5 Julio Hector F Guajolotes 6
5 Hayden Trought MF Jianada United 6
1 Christian Alverö MF Guajolotes 8
2 Suca Garoafã MF Estrella Roja 6
2 Alessio Ardigò MF Fatima FC 6
2 Dave Murty MF Guajolotes 6
5 Hamilton Verger MF Guajolotes 5
5 Lincoln Key MF Guajolotes 5
5 Donovan Ware MF Fatima FC 5
1 Rob Napier GK Guajolotes 13
1 Hamilton Verger MF Guajolotes 13
1 Des Bellamy D Guajolotes 13
4 Harry Musgrove D Fatima FC 11
5 Joseph Letterman D Fatima FC 10

All-Star Team[]

GK Rob Napier Guajolotes
D Des Bellamy Guajolotes
D Harry Musgrove Fatima FC
D Joseph Letterman Fatima FC
D Bernie Cochran Fatima FC
MF Hamilton Verger Guajolotes
MF Gwidon Tulacz Fatima FC
MF Suca Garoafã Estrella Roja
MF Christian Alverö Guajolotes
F Orlan López Guajolotes
F Arnold Åbom Estrella Roja
MVP Rob Napier Guajolotes

Cuarta Liga[]


Statistics Leaders[]

1 Werner Gering MF Autumn United 18
2 Göran Fahler F Autumn United 13
3 Melvin Fields F Debate Land Orators 11
3 Kajetan Kosacz F Oviedo Sporting 11
5 Bengt-Erik Backroos F Autumn United 10
1 Göran Fahler F Autumn United 11
2 Kajetan Kosacz F Oviedo Sporting 9
3 Werner Gering MF Autumn United 8
3 Bengt-Erik Backroos F Autumn United 8
5 Eric Maldonado F Debate Land Orators 7
1 Werner Gering MF Autumn United 10
2 Declan Farrell MF Autumn United 7
3 Thor Arn MF Spidermonkeys 6
4 Rori Bass MF Debate Land Orators 5
4 Melvin Fields F Debate Land Orators 5
1 Terrance Duxbury D Autumn United 14
1 Johnny Shipton GK Autumn United 14
3 Werner Gering MF Autumn United 13
4 Rori Bass MF Debate Land Orators 11
4 Brendan Carr D Debate Land Orators 11
4 Rowley Cambell D Autumn United 11

All-Star Team[]

GK Johnny Shipton Autumn United
D Terrance Duxbury Autumn United
D Brendan Carr Debate Land Orators
D Rowley Cambell Autumn United
D Raul Gillespie Debate Land Orators
MF Werner Gering Autumn United
MF Rori Bass Debate Land Orators
MF Declan Farrell Autumn United
MF Povel Klang Syracuse Salty Dogs
F Göran Fahler Autumn United
F Kajetan Kosacz Oviedo Sporting
MVP Johnny Shipton Autumn United


Unless otherwise noted, the following players retired at the conclusion of the season on December 19, 2010:

  • Alessio Ardigò (Fatima FC) midfielder, retired at age 38
  • Juliano Asturias (FC Nagase) midfielder, retired at age 35
  • Wesley Bell (Templar Forsworn) midfielder, retired at age 35
  • Gavin Benham (PEI FC) fullback, retired at age 31
  • Zaren Bucello (FC Nagase) midfielder, retired at age 36
  • Romeo Curtis (Arcadia FC) midfielder, retired at age 37. He played 212 matches and at the time of his departure was 3rd in career points (63) and lead the club in career assists (45) with Arcadia FC. He was named to the Primera All-star team in Liga Mundo Season 4
  • Dave Galpin (Autumn United) fullback, retired at age 35
  • Gabriel Hassan (Arcadia FC) forward, released on November 23, 2010 at age 35 after announcing his upcoming retirement at the conclusion of Season 9. He reached legendary status in Liga Mundo Season 8.
  • Matthias Ladd (United Force) goalkeeper, retired at age 38
  • Harry MacCornack (United Force) midfielder, retired at age 34
  • Kevin MacCullan (Spidermonkeys) forward, retired at age 34
  • Kenneth MacDoir (Keville United FC) fullback, retired at age 35
  • Neto Molist (FC Nagase) forward, retired at age 31
  • Teo Nieto (Atlético Luz Del Mar) goalkeeper, retired at age 38. While generally playing in the shadows of Sørgård, Broom, and Alderton as one of Liga Mundo’s first generation of goalkeepers, Nieto was the second player ever to play in 100 matches, achieving legendary distinction on May 8, 2009 – just 4 days after Lois Luis claim as the first legendary player in Liga Mundo. Nieto’s career spanned 162 games played but his final competitive match came in Liga Mundo Season 8 as he watched all of Season 9 from the sidelines. His only all-star campaign came in Liga Mundo Season 2 when he was named to the Primera All-Star team.
  • Gerald Randolph (Jianada United) fullback, retired at age 35
  • Hafid Souieb (Sarnunga Saints) fullback, retired at age 31
  • Oscar Sørgård (VolNation Volunteers) goalkeeper, retired at age 40. Arguably one of the best goalkeepers from the first five seasons of Liga Mundo play, Sørgård played 93 matches in 9 seasons with VolNation Volunteers. He leaves with 4 league championship titles and 6 cup titles – with distinction in being the only goalkeeper ever to win all five cups to have been in competition: Copa Cato, the now-retired Copa Legada (also known as El Legado Copa), Copa Del Mar, El Invierno Clásico, and Gloria de Verano Cup. He was named to the Primera All-Star team in Liga Mundo Season 4.
  • Erland Tengblad (Swamplandia Sinners) fullback, retired at age 35
  • Eugene Woodman (Sea Land) goalkeeper, retired at age 33
  • Edward Wooten (FC Jekerger) midfielder, retired at age 31

Coaching Awards[]

St6mm of Dorpat Dynamo became the fourth manager in Liga Mundo to achieve Top 5 Manager status for their country; he reached the #5 Manager ranking out of 164 X11 managers in Estonia on October 9, 2010.

BaronZemo has maintained a constant ranking in the Top 5 Managers for Israel since joining Liga Mundo on November 1, 2009.

League MVP[]

Rory Palin of Liga Mundo champions Swamplandia Sinners received 78% of the manager vote in the first Liga Mundo MVP selection process carried out by a vote amongst the four divisional MVPs selected by Commissioner Botha. Anton Geamãn (Texas Longhorns) and Johnny Shipton (Autumn United) each received 11% of the votes.

All-Liga Mundo All-Star Team[]

GK Rob Napier Guajolotes
D Lois Luis Atlético Luz Del Mar
D Terrance Duxbury Autumn United
D Des Bellamy Guajolotes
D Kirill Palagin Texas Longhorns
MF Werner Gering Autumn United
MF Detlef Botha Transvaal Springboks
MF Charlie Purser Arcadia FC
MF Hamilton Verger Guajolotes
F Rory Palin Swamplandia Sinners
F Anton Geamãn Texas Longhorns

Career Milestones[]

  • Ian Robertson (VolNation Volunteers) - on September 16, 2010, Robertson scored (on the same shot) both his 100th career goal and 100th league point.

Manager of the Season[]

MudBug, manager of Swamplandia Sinners, won the Manager of the Season award for Liga Mundo Season 9.

This is the second time in three seasons since the award was inaugurated that MudBug has won the manager silverware. He took the trophy in Liga Mundo Season 8, the first time is was put into competition, but then lost it to Cyphon88 of Templar Forsworn in Liga Mundo Season 9 - losing out by 4 points, 20 to 16. This season, MudBug had the award wrapped up in the bag with two weeks to spare as his nearest challenger was 8 points behind.

The selection process is based on points determined from the weekly X11 Manager selections during the regular season – with Cuarta managers gaining 1 point, Tercera managers 2 points, Segunda managers 3 points, and Primera managers 4 points for each weekly manager selection they achieved.

  • Mudbug (Swamplandia Sinners) = 24 points
  • Runningcow (Guajolotes) = 16 points
  • Cyphon88 (Templar Forsworn) = 12 points
  • Lordanubis (Dun Carrig Bohs) = 12 points
  • Firewater (Debate Land Orators) = 9 points
  • Rob26480 (Atlético Melloria) = 8 points
  • Reichlep (VolNation Volunteers) = 8 points
  • Premier Apex (Atlético Luz Del Mar) = 8 points
  • Baron Zemo (Nordheim Badgers FC) = 6 points
  • St6mm (Dynamo Dorpat) = 6 points
  • Jaym (Fatima FC) = 6 points
  • Stingray11214 (RMI Armed Forces FC) = 4 points
  • Botha (Transvaal Springboks) = 4 points
  • Stingray11214 (RMI Armed Forces FC) = 4 points
  • KingChris (Texas Longhorns) = 3 points
  • Malcolm Reynolds (A.M. Adepts FC) = 3 points
  • Cataduanes (Estrella Roja) = 2 points
  • SeasonsOfLove (United Force) = 2 points
  • Folkvar (Oviedo Sporting) = 1 point
  • Pravus_Ingruo (Syracuse Salty Dogs) = 1 point
  • Jotti (Autumn United) = 1 point

Liga Mundo Media Award[]

Arcadia FC picked up three of the weekly media awards for Weeks 8, 10, and 14 and thus won the first-ever Liga Mundo Media Award. Weekly award totals: Arcadia FC (3); VolNation Volunteers (2); Syracuse Salty Dogs (2); Estrella Roja (2); Swamplandia Sinners (1); 1984 Duckies FC (1); Dun Carrig Bohs (1); FC Jekerger (1); Guajolotes (1); and Templar Forsworn (1).

Copa Cato II[]

First Round[]

Matches played on September 20 and September 27, 2010

  • Arcadia FC defeated Stiinta Craiova (3-2, 4-0)
  • FC Jekerger defeated Oviedo Sporting (2-1, 2-1)
  • Dynamo Dorpat defeated Jianada United (1-1, 3-0)
  • Texas Longhorns defeated Sarnunga Saints (2-1, 3-1)
  • Atlético Vinilandês defeated Templar Forswon (0-0, 2-1)
  • Atlético Luz Del Mar defeated FC Nagase (3-0, 4-0)
  • Sea Land defeated Transvaal Springboks (2-1, 3-3)
  • 1984 Duckies FC defeated United Force (3-0, 3-0)
  • Fatima FC defeated Debate Land Orators (0-0, 1-1)
  • Swamplandia Sinners defeated Nordheim Badgers FC (3-2, 2-1)
  • A.M. Adepts FC defeated Autumn United (4-0, 0-0)
  • VolNation Volunteers defeated PEI FC (3-0, 5-0)
  • Atlético Melloria defeated Keville United FC (1-3, 4-0)
  • Guajolotesdefeated Spidermonkeys (4-1, 3-0)
  • Syracuse Salty Dogs defeated Dun Carrig Bohs (4-1, 3-1)
  • Estrella Roja defeated RMI Armed Forces FC (0-0, 3-0)

Second Round[]

Matches played on October 4 and October 11, 2010

  • Arcadia FC defeated Guajolotes(2-1, 1-0)
  • FC Jekerger defeated Swamplandia Sinners (1-2, 2-0)
  • Dynamo Dorpat defeated Syracuse Salty Dogs (3-3, 6-1)
  • Texas Longhorns defeated Sea Land (0-1, 5-0)
  • Atlético Luz Del Mar defeated Fatima FC (2-3, 2-1)
  • VolNation Volunteers defeated 1984 Duckies FC (3-1, 5-1)
  • Atlético Melloria defeated Atlético Vinilandês (0-1, 3-0)
  • A.M. Adepts FC defeated Estrella Roja (2-0, 4-1)


Matches played on October 18 and October 25, 2010

  • A.M. Adepts FC defeated Arcadia FC (0-0, 1-1)
  • VolNation Volunteers defeated FC Jekerger (3-1, 1-2)
  • Dynamo Dorpat defeated Atlético Melloria (0-0, 4-2)
  • Texas Longhorns defeated Atlético Luz Del Mar (2-2, 2-1)


Matches played on November 1 and November 8, 2010

  • A.M. Adepts FC defeated Dynamo Dorpat (1-1, 6-5 SO)
  • VolNation Volunteers defeated Texas Longhorns (4-0, 2-1)

Copa Cato II Finals[]

Matches played on November 15 and 22, 2010

  • VolNation Volunteers defeated A.M. Adepts FC (2-2, 1-1)

Press Releases & Previews[]

SEPTEMBER 9, 2010 - Thanks for the memories…

The following players retired at the conclusion of Liga Mundo Season 8 on August 28, 2010:

  • Vesa Vartia (SiPS) fullback, retired at age 35
  • Harvey Whitehead (Nordheim Badgers FC) midfielder, retired at age 39
  • Damian Resitnec (PEI FC) fullback, retired at age 35
  • Sean Trower (Texas Longhorns) midfielder, retired at age 31

Voobaha National (July 8, 2008 to September 10, 2010)

Voobaha National joined Liga Mundo as a member of the Segunda in Liga Mundo Season 3. With four of their six campaigns played in the Segunda Liga, VooNat became known as one of the consistently sound and strong Segunda teams but were unable to establish much staying power in the Primera. Their first attempt at Primera football came in Liga Mundo Season 6 and resulted in a second-to-last finish and relegation - only losing out to Keville United on goal-difference by 8 goals. National returned to the Primera Liga for Liga Mundo Season 8 and managed to stagger into a sixth-place finish and avoid relegation. However the wheels came off the cart when the club’s board of directors suddenly and without warning fired manager Voobaha at the conclusion of the season. This was then followed by the club executive wrapping up and terminating operations a couple of weeks later. Ironically enough, the season which cost Manager Voobaha his job would ultimately become VooNat's best finish in Liga Mundo.

The following noted veteran players departed from Liga Mundo after Voobaha National closed its doors for good:

Raimond Biezen - fullback, retired at age 30; Curtis Elliot - fullback, retired at age 27; Ard van Arum - midfielder, retired at age 34; Donovan Tipperary - forward, retired at age 33; Dirk Nieuwenburg - fullback, retired at age 33; Kees van der Vart - goalkeeper, retired at age 23; Xristostomos Zikos - forward, retired at age 22; Alexander Heggem - forward, retired at age 29; Mateo Iuliano - midfielder, retired at age 32; Marvin van Gobbel - fullback, retired at age 34

Raimond Biezen was the first and only VooNat player to achieve legendary status, with his 100th game coming in what would be the final match ever played by Voobaha National.

Sikkivukarin Palloseura – SiPS (July 20, 2008 to September 10, 2010)

Sikkivukarin Palloseura - better known by its Finnish abbreviated name SiPS - joined Liga Mundo in Liga Mundo Season 3 and won the inaugural campaign of the Tercera Liga. The following season in the Segunda they finished second place and thus reached the Primera from the Tercera in a record 24 matches. Their Primera debut was a baptism of fire and SiPS found themselves back in the Segunda for Liga Mundo Season 6. After two strong finishes (3rd and 1st) they gained promotion to the Primera for the second time heading into Liga Mundo Season 8. Unfortunately their return to the top flight of Liga Mundo was overshadowed by the abrupt announcement from player-manager Jarkko Salomäki that the club would be folding at the conclusion of Liga Mundo Season 8.

SiPS will probably be remembered by most Liga Mundo fans for their impressive El Legado Cup run in their very first season - making it all the way to the finals before succumbing to champions VolNation Volunteers. Their highest Liga Mundo finish during the regular season was their 8th (and last) place Primera finish in Liga Mundo Season 5.

The following noted veteran players - along with Vesa Vartia, who left on his own accord - departed from Liga Mundo after the club suspended operations on September 10, 2010:

Jarkko Salomäki - fullback, retired at age 30; Joni Rasimus - forward, retired at age 31; Jukka Tenhola - midfielder, retired at age 35; Raimo Suominen - midfielder, retired at age 32; Janne Hitonen - fullback, retired at age 27; Lasse Myllyjärvi - fullback, retired at age 31; Petteri Vahalahti - fullback, retired at age 29; Aleksi Salomäki - midfielder, retired at age 25; Riku Palander - fullback, retired at age 34; Matias Hammevik - goalkeeper, retired at age 34 ; Pasi Viuhko - midfielder, retired at age 30; Topi Jussila - forward, retired at age 24; Hessu Öörni - midfielder, retired at age 22

Jarkko Salomäki, Joni Rasimus, Jukka Tenhola, and Raimo Suominen all managed to achieve the distinction of legendary status during Liga Mundo Season 8 - with Suominen only just making his 100th match in the penultimate week of the season. Petteri Vahalahti leaves with the unique distinction of being the only other player (so far to date) besides Lois Luis to win the Liga MVP Award - doing so in Liga Mundo Season 6.


- written by Pravus Ingruo of Syracuse Salty Dogs

Big Z Shows Big Promise, Syracuse Falls

In their pre-season tune up, Syracuse decided to go big with their retooled lineup. Challenging Tercera Liga champ from Season 8 and current Segunda Liga member Templar Forsworn to a friendly might have seemed like a foolhardy move, but to new coach Kell Sinclair and his squad, it provided valuable experience.

"We played well," Sinclair said after the match. "Obviously we would have loved to have won for the home faithful, but we gave Forsworn a run for their money. We were deadlocked with a Segunda team at the break. Let's not forget the positives just because the final scoreline didn't end up in our favor."

While the Salty Dogs fell 4-2, Sinclair did highlight a number of high points. The most obvious of these was Frantz Zettzmann who notched two goals in his first action as a Salty Dog. Perhaps more importantly, he did it in two different ways, once off a header in the 19th minute and once off a laser from inside the penalty area in the 68th. Both goals tied the match at their respective times. After both goals, Zettzmann did what can only be assumed will be his signature goal celebration: holding his left forearm aloft diagonally, and then moving his right forearm up and down, touching his right elbow to his left fist and then right fist to his left elbow, making a "Z" in the air. Most of his teammates did the celebration with him following the first goal, and some fans caught on by the second.

The other newcomers for the Salty Dogs had a slightly harder time than Big Z fitting in. Ambrosio Touriño, Waclaw Rybaczuk, and Reggie Monkhouse all had sub-par games, though it is the obvious hope of Sinclair that they will play better the longer they are with the team.

"Monkhouse played the worst, but that's to be expected. We only picked him up two days ago. If you don't think we should have tossed him in so soon, that's on me, not him. Obviously he wanted to get out and get playing. But the decision was mine, no one else's."

With the pre-season now over for them, the Salty Dogs look ahead to the regular season. Their fist match is on the road against the newly renamed Oviedo Sporting, formally known as the Philadelphia Union last season.

"It should be a good match," was all Sinclair would say about their upcoming opponents. Zettzmann had a little bit more to say.

"Look, I don't want to give them any buliten board material here," Big Z would say by his locker after the match with a smile on his face, "but everyone knows our goal. We're looking for promotion. And any team standing in between us and that goal, we're going to take them out of the way. So, take that however you will. I will guarentee at the end of the year, though, you'll see our name up in Tercera."

With Big Z at the helm, we just might.


- written by Lordanubis of Dun Carrig Bohs

Riots at Chapterhouse as Bohs Sunk

The Dun Carrig Bohs got themselves off to a disastrous start to the new season today by crashing to a 4-1 defeat at divisional no-hopers the Templar Blades. Despite coming into the game overwhelming favourites, and in great form, the Bohs struggled during the game at creating the sort of chances they were at the close of last season. The Bohs' defence also suffered a disastrous collapse, allowing the Templars to score four fairly simplistic goals that will have left their manager Lordanubis fuming. This meant that, despite a stonewall penalty in the 67th minute when Manuel Rebosio was almost killed by a particularly violent Templars player, the Bohs started the season terribly - left in seventh place in Segunda Liga.

More notable than the football though were matters surrounding the game. It is no secret that the Templars and the Bohs hold a stern rivalry between them, but none could have expected the violence that marred today. Reports were pouring in all afternoon about how the Chapterhouse Army was turning on the Bohs fans that it was supposedly protecting, and exacting violent revenge for the fact that the Bohs have enjoyed much more success than the Templars in recent years. These reports were dismissed until the first innocent Bohs fans began to stream into the hospitals, telling tales of the horrors exacted upon them. One man even arrived with an automatic weapon impaled in his leg - its owner having been unable to extract it before the paramedics arrived.

At the match itself, the violence escalated further. Backwards and uneducated Templars fans teamed up with stadium security to inflict further injury upon Bohs fans, with 2000 within the stadium itself being reported as injured - most of these being pregnant women and children. In response, the remaining Bohs fans could be peacable no longer, and rightfully sought to defend themselves using the stadium seats upon which they were sat. The 12000 Templars supporters hospitalised by these 2000 rampaging fans could certainly attest that perhaps using metal seats in the stadium was not the best idea in the world - though in fairness, all injured Templars fans deserved what they got. The Bohs fans were then forced to flee at the final whistle, when the Chapterhouse Military began to bring tanks out onto the playing surface.

Bohs manager Lordanubis was unavailable for comment following the game, as he was otherwise engaged smashing the Away Dugout in whatever way possible and single-handedly subduing 50 Chapterhouse soldiers before joining his team in making their escape from the oncoming tanks with nought but their kit and a submachine gun each.

The Dun Carrig government was left in a state of outrage, and was forced to deploy its own army into Chapterhouse territory to recover injured, mistreated, heavily pregnant, and completely innocent fans who had been oppressed and beaten by Chapterhouse vermin. There were thankfully no casualties during the entire operation, as the government insisted that all Chapterhouse civilian houses demolished by the Dun Carrig tank brigade on route to the hospital were empty. Lordanubis and the Bohs squad were also thankfully recovered unharmed.

Following the heroic rescue of all personell and withdrawal from Chapterhouse territory, the government issued a warning that any future violence against its citizens under the disguise of football would be met with the utilisation of the government's nuclear deterrant against the offending nation. They also confirmed that they would be speaking to the league's governing body regarding the "substantial available evidence" that the Bohs team were drugged beforehand by an inferior Templar side eager to further their country's propoganda.

-- Dun Carrig State News --


- written by Pravus Ingruo of Syracuse Salty Dogs

Syracuse Saunters into Second Round

"Kim Räv says no second round for you!" That was the cry that went up from the Syracuse locker room during the post-match celebration as the Salty Dogs beat the Dun Carrig Bohs 3-1 in the second leg of the first round of Copa Cato II on Dun Carrig's home pitch. The Butcher of Dalymount, as his teammates started calling him, was front and center during the celebration.

"Seriously, four goals in two matches against the same team? Who does that," crowed Frantz Zettzmann after the game. Big Z didn't register a point in the match but he didn't need to, either. The guys who were supposed to score took care of almost all the points.

The Salty Dogs shocked the Bohs with a new-look 4-2-4 formation, leaving only Zettzmann and Jonas Westin in the middle of the pitch. After Westin was carted off with an injury after a vicious hit by Kean Patrick in the 45th minute, one which Coach Sinclair was screaming deserved a straight red instead of the shown yellow, Povel Klang was substituted in. The Salty Dogs' most prolific passer had started on the bench due to having two yellows to his name and Coach Sinclair had wanted to make sure he was available for the next league match against Autumn United. While the formation allowed the Bohs to control the ball for 60% of the match, it also allowed Syracuse to stifle attack after attack and to capitalize on their own chances.

"Gotta tell you, tons of credit to the coach for this win," said Waclaw Rybaczuk after the match. "He studied the game tape and figured, since we had guessed correctly last time on their formation, they'd change it, so he drilled us to play against the 3-5-2, and we were able to completely shut them down once the match started."

Indeed, while the Bohs controlled the ball for a majority of the match, they only mustered seven shots, only one more than the Salty Dogs. And Dun Carrig was not able to capitalize on their chances either, in part from another stellar performance by Fridolf Hovenäs.

"Let me tell you, the difference in this series was Frodo," said Andreas Rynell, the Salty Dogs most experienced player. "Without him back there, this either would have been a much closer series or an entirely different result."

The Butcher of Dalymount struck first in the 27th minute deep inside the penalty area on a perfect low cross from Karl-Petter Gran. Gran skimmed the ball low as Vito Marchionni came out to stop it. The ball skipped past him and Räv deposited it easily into a wide open net.

While that was the only score of the half it wasn't the only excitement. As mentioned early, the crunching tackle laid on Jonas Westin by Kean Patrick that resulted in Westin being carted off, almost brought the teams to blows just before the half. Ebbe Wilson had to be restrained on the sidelines from going after members of the Bohs bench and Zettzmann, who is sure to earn even more fan adoration for his actions, actually pushed Patrick down to the pitch while the referee had his back turned. Rybaczuk and Reggie Monkhouse both acted as peacekeepers in the situation, trying to keep the Salty Dogs separated to not have it escalate further. Fortunately, the halftime whistle blew and both teams headed for the locker rooms to cool off.

The second half was still physical, as Gran got booked in the 61st minute and Jesus Kvist did in the 88th, but Povel Klang showed why he is such a valuable asset to the team. In the 84th minute, with the Salty Dogs still holding a 1-0 lead (and 4-1 aggregate at this point), Klang decided to slam the door shut, executing a perfect dispossessing of Luke Keane and chipping the ball forward to a sprinting Rybaczuk who assessed the situation, calmly maneuvered the keeper out of position, and then slammed the ball home with a laser into the opposite corner of the net for a 2-0 advantage.

After that the Bohs really started to pour it on, a sense of urgency kicking in and Frodo was finally beaten off a header by substitute Richard Purser, much like the last match against Dun Carrig where he was beaten late by Keelan. The Butcher responded in stoppage time, however, heading in his own cross from Klang to give the final tally.

For the Round of Last 16, Syracuse has drawn Dynamo Dorpat. Coach Sinclair called the draw "fortunate" and said later, "We could have had VolNation or ALDM, so to get the team we got is some good luck and gives us a decent chance of advancing to the Quarterfinals."

Syracuse will first turn their attention to league leading Autumn United, whom they will face at home at Memorial Stadium on the 30th.

Westin is reported to have a sprained ligament in his knee from the tackle, and will be out for one week.


- written by Reichlep of VolNation Volunteers

VolNation Goes Duck Hunting

With two matches this last week at the Duck Pond, the VolNation Mighty Volunteers brought their long rifles, set up a blind, and set about to hunt ducks. The end result at the end of the week was that it took a while, but they bagged a big one at the end.

The league match was well played by both clubs, with each giving up a critical mistake that the other capitalized on. 1984 Duckies FC first sent the automatic Ian Robertson to the spot, with the predictable result that Robertson collected his second goal of the season. The Mighty Vols returned the favor right at the end of the match as the gave up a free kick right outside of the box that Yekta Demirok exploited for his first goal of the season, and more importantly the game tieing goal. Result: a 1-1 draw that had Duckies fans justifiably excited.

The Mighty Vols did not panic, but lay in wait for the cup match. Even when the Duckies went up 1-0 on a defensive mistake in the box by center back Mark Blankenship which gave center mid Shorash Rashmati a penaly kick goal, patience reigned in the VolNation blind. Then the Duckies gave the Mighty Vols the break they were waiting for, and the Mighty Volunteers unloaded. First, midfield enforcer Dustin Conner muscled past the Duckie center backs and unloaded a breakaway goal. Then after a midfield substitution made to protect Karl Reimar Pedersen from another card in this physical match, striker Rudolf Fäste connected in front of the goal to give the Mighty Vols the lead. With the Duckies pressing for the equalizer, left winger Roberson slipped his double team and broke away with an exquisite goal to give the final score of 3-1.

(Stat note: Rudolf Fäste has now scored 3 goals in 3 cup matches, which is surprising given that he plays between Robertson and Chad Goodwin, the two all-time Liga leading scorers. A bright future is definately on the horizon for the youngster).


- written by Gunblade 3214 of FC Jekerger

FCJ News Capsules

FC Jekerger is pleased to announce the hiring of their new press secretary, former player, forward Cortez Bradley who retired after season 7 of Liga Mundo, after their previous one won the lottery and moved to a small island in the Mediterranean.

News Capsules from New Byzantium, Jekerger

- Cortez Bradley reporting:

Jeks Copa Cato Run ends in final: After another deep cup run, this time to the cup finals, the Jeks fell short once again, unable to muster a single goal against Arcadia FC in the second leg of the final after winning the first leg by a score of 1-0.

FC Jekerger top Segunda in Liga Mundo Season 8, once again: In a tough race to the Segunda crown, The Jeks emerged over Atlético Melloria to take the Segunda crown for the second time in three seasons. After a brief stint in Primera in Liga Mundo Season 7, FCJ returned to Segunda eyeing to reclaim their place among the top teams in the lead. Despite injuries to key players such as goalie and Co-Captain Ronnie Argvík, The Jeks earned their relegation but had to wait until the last week to see if they won the division or not. Atlético Melloria finished with an identical record but the Jeks held the advantage in the goal differential column.

Jeks name former player and Co-Captain Rodolphe Dagorn Coach: Manager/Coach Gunblade decided to step down from his coaching duties stating he wishes to spend more time with his family but will retain his managerial position. Gunblade appointed the Jeks’ former Co-Captain and forward Rodolphe Dagorn who had 33 Goals and 12 Assists winning 53 Caps for the Jeks retiring after the 7th season of Liga Mundo along with Bradley. Noted for his leadership in and out of the locker room along with his keen tactical sense made him an easy choice to succeed Gunblade behind the bench.

Romano wins 100th Cap in Win over Duckies: Franchise player martin Romano became the first FCJ player to win 100 Caps following a 4-2 win over the 1984 Duckies FC. Fittingly Romano scored a goal and an assist in the win, the Jeks first this season in League play.

Injury Bug bites Jeks, New Goalie acquired to backup Argvík: The injury bug has bitten the Jeks hard this season with key defenders and franchise players Donald Gilmore and David Pruitt as well as Goalie and Co-Captain Ronnie Argvík seeing significant time on the bench with injuries. As a result manager Gunblade sacked backup Landon Randall after 3 less than stellar starts and replaced him with Jarl Stålhanske who the club hopes will fill the spot left by Argvík. Stålhanske made one stop on the Swamplandia Sinners only attempt on goal in his debut in today’s cup match, propelling the Jeks into the next round of the cup. With Argvik’s eventual retirement looming, Stålhanske may become a familiar figure in net for the Jeks for the seasons to come.


- written by Cataduanes of Estrella Roja

Estrella Roja shut out by United

The Roja’s exit from the cup at the hands of A.M.Adepts FC was not surprising, having put out a second string squad Coach Fortunato showed that for him the league remained the major priority. Having triumphed 2-0 at home over RMI Armed Forces FC in their last league fixture Estrella Roja travelled to the Universalis Arena to face Jianada United.

The visitors opted for a rather cautious gameplan and yet despite this the Roja’s struggled to make an impact over a strong and defensive minded Jianada side. The home side dominated possession of the ball stifling the visitor’s rare ventures forward to attack, yet the Home side had chosen to mount long range shots rather than break the Roja backline with goalie Virgilio Barreto denying the home side time and time again.

However despite Barreto’s persistent display the home side took the lead in the 64th minute with Jianada’s midfielder, Hayden Trought, launched a blistering long range shot that zipped past a helpless Barreto. Basilio Tito suffered a minor injury in the 77th minute, he was duly replaced by Suca Garoafã. Tito looks to be out of the squad till the 18th.

In his post-match analysis Coach Fortunato had this to say:

"Despite the defeat there are many positives we can take away with us, I felt we defended well for the most part and Barreto’s performance deserves to be remarked on. But of course we need to work on ensuring some goals on these type of fixtures away from home"

When asked by a reporter on whether Estrella Roja really had the ability to get promoted and stony faced Fortunato dismissed such talk

"I am concentrating on one game at a time; it is far too early to start speculating on our position regarding promotion. Our game against FC Nagase on the 21st is what concerns me"

The next game against FC Nagase will see the Roja’s host a team who have only picked up one win and one draw, and the supporters will be expecting Estrella Roja to secure the three points comfortably. Anything less will raise the pressure on Coach Fortunato, who has a lot to prove in the next few games if he is to keep his job.


- written by Runningcow of Guajolotes

Guajolotes Route RMI Armed Forces

Shifty Groundskeeper to Blame?

By the 45th minute in this week's match with RMI Armed Forces FC, Tercera Liga leaders UGAFCAOGNKSATRI, the result was all but decided. Guajolotes were out to a 4-0 league; the hope that once lit the faces of RMI's players was conspicuously absent as they limped their way into the locker room. RMI never recovered. The game ended 5-0, and was dominated by the Guajolotes at every point. They had an overwhelming advantage in time of possession, and limited RMI to zero scoring chances. Clearly, Guajolotes' powerful midfield controlled the match.

But, was there some deeper influence at work in the match?

Shortly after the match's conclusion, word began to circulate that the RMI players were having trouble with their equipment. Stories of busted cleats, splitting socks, and riding underwear were whispered, here and there; reporters began to investigate. As the TV footage from the map was scoured, reporters discovered shots of a New Kauai Athletic Park groundskeeper scurrying about back and forth behind the visiting team bench. While there were no shots of the shifty mystery man tampering with any of RMI's gear, he was usually present when things went awry.

Mid-week, TV reported Jaque DeVan was able to track the man down after days staking out the park. He and a camera crew cornered the man in a hallway.

"What were doing behind the RMI bench in last week's Guajolotes match? What's your name? Did you tamper with everyone's pants?" DeVan questioned.

"Nyaah, see!" the mysterious figure replied, twirling his bushy mustache. Then, as soon as he appeared, he swooped his jacket across his face and vanished into the shadows.

The shifty groundskeeper's identity remains a mystery. The league's official position is that the match will not be replayed, but Commissioner Botha's office was unavailable for comment. While Guajolotes seemed to be the clearly superior team on the pitch, one must wonder if the match would have been closer without the broken cleats and splitting pants.


- written by Cataduanes of Estrella Roja

Comfortable win for Estrella Roja

Estrella Roja travelled to play PEI FC who have failed to notch up a win in two seasons, and as expected the Roja's look to dominate the fixture from the first blow of the ref's whistle and for the majority of the match pretty much ran riot dominating possession.

Agustin Romero opened the scoring finishing a brilliant counter-attacking move initiated by Unax Sena in the 30th minute.However for the rest of the first half PEI FC played with desperate determination to try keep the Roja forward line at bay.

However the second half brought no respite for the home side whose long suffering fans had to see the visitors dominate the proceedings for the remainder of the match.And it did not take long for the Roja's to increase their lead, with Romero and Sena combining again to score another breakaway goal in the 55th minute. This was followed in the 62nd minute by Suca Garoafã's header into the back of the PEI net after a brilliant cross from the wing by Arnold Åbom.

However PEI gave their fans a brief moment of joy in the 64th minute when Dirk Giggs caught the Roja backline napping to score a goal, sending the home fans into rapturous celebration. However it was not enough to halt the visitors who scored a fourth goal, Unax Sena again setting up (for his third assist on the match) with a cross which Basilio Tito duly slotted home.

Coach Fortunato expressed his joy with the performance

We dominated from start to finish, our fans expected the three points and the boys delivered

Funnily enough the Roja will entertain PEI at home in the next fixture on the 4th November, and fans will be expecting a similar performance. The win has pushed Estrella Roja into third place (pipping Jianada on goal difference) behind Fatima FC, hopefully they will be able to continue challenging for the second promotion spot.


- written by Arcadian_Empire of Arcadia FC

AFM: "At least we're not losing"

Arcadian Football Magazine (5 Nov edition); Opinion by Mark Stamell: Positive and perfectly poised, Coach Sophie of Arcadia FC told reporters after the VolNation-Arcadia FC match: "At least we're not losing".

In fact, she has a very good point. In the eight games so far in the season, Arcadia has lost the least amount of times - once - against Atletico Luz Del Mar on Matchday 5, and that was close too a 2-1 victory for the home side who won arguably, because they took their chances and Arcadia didn't.

Unfortunately, Arcadia has had a disappointing season thus far and half way into it they sit fourth on the table. So yes Sophie, you may have led the team to the least losses this season - but at what cost? Draws. Five of them.

So where she has limited the amount of losses, she racks up the highest amount of draws in the league thus far. And what is the cause of this?

To answer this question, I went trolling through the match archives of the one-time World Champions and one-time Cup Champions - just looking at league performances.

So far this season, Arcadia FC has scored 11 times and made 33 chances. Six of them against 1984 Duckies FC on Matchday 2. And how many did Arcadia score? One.

To Arcadia's credit, their defence has been solid. I remember watching on Matchday three a precession with the Springboks making ten chances and taking only two of them due to some perhaps diving intervention to keep Arcadia in the game via Hector Howarth. And yet in that game, Arcadia made three chances and took two of them.

A strike rate of one goal per three chances seems good on paper, but when you look at the firepower of Dermott Kewell, Caleb Monkhouse and young-gun Jim Shearer, Arcadia should be winning their matches.

It is obvious to me that Arcadia's defence is good, they've conceded only nine goals this season. And they are testing new goalkeeper Solomon Terry who looks a promising prospect.

So is Arcadia's woes due to Terry's inexperience and giving him game time? Well, he's only played two league matches. That doesn't explain the rest of them when Howarth and Olarticoechea were playing.

In addition, the defence did have a form slump - but still, if we add all those factors up, Arcadia should be still much higher on the table.

So yes, we may not be losing - but we certainly ain't winning either.


VOLNATION VOLUNTEERS – VolNation Readies For Big Week

It is a rare thing that the VolNation Mighty Volunteers have two huge matches in the same week in the Liga Mundo. However, the stars have aligned and the regular season schedule has intersected with the Copa Cato II schedule to create this awesome vortex of football glory!

First up is the renewal of the biggest, most hyped match in Liga Mundo history: THE RUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE

Traditionally, this spectacle brings out the greatest pagentry, the largest party (because Atlético Luz Del Mar KNOWS how to throw a party like no other!!!!!), the greatest amounts of money wagered on any regular season match, and the most intense football seen on Planet Bob. The VolNation Mighty Volunteers, the defending Liga Champions, yet riddled with inconsistent play due in large part to the aging "Geezers In Cleats" go toe to toe with Atlético Luz Del Mar, who have also had their issues but currently sit 3rd on the board. The epic clash of the VolNation "Dynamic Duo" forwards of Robertson and Goodwin (plus the "Atlético-Killer" Basso, whose name and free-kicks strike terror in the hearts of the home team) face off against the best defesive combination in the game of LuLu and Taja, who have created the stingiest defense in the Primera. Grab your tickets, load up with drinks, this will be the event of the season!

Oh, and by the way, the Mighty Vols will then play the first leg of the Copa Cato II finals just days later. This matchup against Segunda Liga's A.M. Adepts FC will start off at Cult Mechanicus Grounds, and will be the first time since the Copa Legada in season 6 that the Mighty Vols will have been in the finals (They have a perfect record in Finals play). The Adepts are no strangers to the finals, either, as they made it to the finals of the Copa Legada in season 7, and this matchup of clubs has the added distinction of being the first time that two franchises that also sport very successful teams in the Ark Premier League meet in the finals of either of the two leagues. With both managers very familiar with each other and hungry for the Copa Cato II trophy, expect nothing less than a battle royale of superior football between them over the next two weeks.

TRANSVAAL SPRINGBOKS – Legendary Alderton officially a Legend!

Thurston Alderton, goalkeeper and arguably the greatest player ever to pull on the bottle green and gold for Transvaal Springboks, played in his 100th match last week against Atlético Melloria.

“I actually thought it would happen later than it did” confessed the typically reserved and shy backstopper. “With our current schedule, I thought my legendary match would not come until later in the season when we face the rematches with the Big Three. However management has been starting me in some matches originally pencilled in for Théron. But it in recent weeks it was starting to get a little nerve-wracking as we have three players – Brennan, Balthazar, and myself – all on the cusp of playing their 100th matches but all of us also dealing with various delays to reach that ultimate bar. Originally Théron was to start against Melloria but then two hours or so before game-time, Manager Botha decided to change up plans and gave me the nod to go in.”

While many pundits and fans of Die Bokke will admit that Detlef Botha – out of the current line-up – will most likely evolve into the greatest Springbok ever, the majority of fans and observers will un-hesitantly point towards the affable Alderton for the holder of that accolade in the here and now of the present day. They did not need the accomplishment of playing 100 matches to fortify that honour.

Thurston Alderton joined the Springboks at the tail end of Liga Mundo Season 2 when club management began its first overall of the original roster from the previous inaugural Liga Mundo season. He was one of four major signings – along with Brennan, Hooiber, and Rieger – which laid the basis for the present day veteran squad. Needing to fortify the net and replace an injury-prone and unspectacular Thanos Sietaridis, Manager Bartnel Botha went with the strategy to acquire a goalkeeper as good if not better than any keeper in Liga Mundo at the time.

While Alderton has seem his performance drop somewhat in the last two seasons, he was consistently in the number one or two spot as the most reliable keeper in the league for a four-season stretch during which the Springboks surprised everyone with their spotless championship title in Liga Mundo Season 5 when they held the 1st place spot in Primera uninterrupted for the entire season – a feat which probably will never be repeated.

“The fact is, Thurston carried us all on his back to the championship back in Season 5... plain and simple! No other player has done that for us,” said captain Leon Hooiber.

ESTRELLA ROJA – Estrella Roja demolish PEI FC

Estrella Roja faced the hapless PEI FC in round 8 having beaten them in round 7. In front of a packed home ground the Roja’s proceeded to demolish PEI in a display of ruthless play in which PEI were pegged into their half of the pitch throughout the majority of the match. The first goal came very early in the first half with Garoafã ’s scoring with a header via a sublime cross from Basilio Tito.

The lead was further extended in the 13th minute when Adan Orozco’s corner kick was duly converted by Arnold Åbom . And it did not end there with Roja’s wingers having a free run through PEI’s two-man midfield, this time it was Garoafã ’s cross from the wing that was converted by Arnold Åbom ’s header in the 32nd minute to make the score 3-0. In the 42nd minute the roles were reversed with Åbom ’s cross from the wing tucked away by Garoafã ’s header making the score 4-0.

The second half saw PEI once again subjected to an irresistible tide of Roja forays forward, and the home side’s persistent attacking attitude was rewarded in the 70th minute when Basilio Tito’s cross from the wing was slotted away by Åbom ’s header marking his hattrick. With the score at 5-0 Roja could have been forgiven for sitting the remainder of the match out, however the attacks on the PEI backline continued and in the dying throes of the match Åbom sent a cross into the box which Basilio Tito slotted past the thoroughly demoralized PEI goalie McGhee, sending the packed stadium into another bout of joyous celebration.

Coach Fortunato comment was full of praise for his players:

‘’While it is true to say we were favourites to win this fixture the boys put on a masterful display nevertheless, I feel we showed far more quality and verve than the opposition, and our forward play was superior in a comprehensive fashion. I cannot stress highly enough the quality of some of the paly we saw out on the field today’’

The win over PEI has cemented Roja’s position in 3rd place and they are one point behind Fatima FC and it has certainly given Coach Fortunato some breathing space after the pressure in recent weeks. Estrella Roja face FC Nagase away from home at the Nagase stadium, the Roja faithful will be hoping for a win so as to keep the pressure on Fatima FC who themselves face PEI FC (A game they are likely to win).

ATLÉTICO LUZ DEL MAR - ALDM Downed at Home; First Since June

ALDM suffered its first home loss since it dropped a game to the 'Vols 0-1, June 10th. It has been almost a full season and a match week to the date since the Ninos lost at home. The game was full of controversy with offside calls, injuries and hard fouls. It was a emotional game for both teams since ALDM is wanting to sustain the lead atop of the Primera table and Jekerger trying to stay afloat within the professional ranks.

In the 25th minute, Genaro Ochotorena was found by a through ball placed by Tiago Andre. Genaro finished the breakaway and stormed his way to the ALDM faithful with the corner flag in hand. Then the whistle blew......Laura Norder confirmed the line official's call of offsides. Estadio Libertad errupted with boos and broke out into club chants even louder than before.

Dylan Frye converted a blazing volley in the 30th minute, but then the whistle blew for a second time. Laura Norder struck once more. Frye put his face in his hands as the goal was called off.

Martin Romano sealed the game for Jekerger as he converted a free-kick in the 73rd minute.

"Mariano (Valenzuela) looked out of place on the free-kick. Hes young, he will get better." commented Cato Calderon, "I applaud Jekerger for completely shutting down our offense, they were unable to do anything in the match. We out possessed and out chanced them, this one hurt. I apologize to the fans of this fine club, this stadium is not just our home but it is yours as well and we must do what it takes to keep the integrity around here."

Cicinho Isleño was injuried in the match with concussion-like symptoms after colliding with a Martin Romano elbow while going up for a header in the 77th minute. Felício Melo da Silva was substituted off in the 61st minute after suffering a stinger after extending to far while making a defensive play.

After dropping from the top spot in the Primera, Cato Calderon is looking to make some moves and "cut the fat" from the roster. It is speculated that the GM is looking to bring in 2-3 new players in next season.

Dés Cavaní has been placed on the club transfer list. The tough nosed goal scorer has played 82 matches and recording 35 points in the process. He has been a staple for Calderon on the attacking front for the last 4 seasons. He is listed at 1.2 million and will most likely play 3 more seasons if picked up by a Liga team.

KEVILLE UNITED – United tactically beaten

Keville United now find themselves in real trouble, their slow rise up the table having fallen apart in the last two weeks.

Although still only 5 points off the promotion zone, the club are lying in the relegation zone. Keville are desperate to avoid relegation to the Tercera, their lowest level since joining Liga Mundo. However, things will have to improve dramatically if the club is to stay up. This week's defeat to Dun Carrig Bohs at Wooley Drive Stadium deteriorated into a particularly one sided affair, despite Keville having the better part of the game in the first forty minutes or so. Azad Urmia made it 1-0 with a direct free kick in the 31st, but Keville's performance deteriorated. A overly aggressive back line gave a succession of free kicks away to the Bohs just after half time which the visitors failed to convert; however the back line then succeeded in giving the Bohs a succession of shots on goal, with Finlay Keelan and Kelly Dun Laoghaire netting in the 75th and 86th minutes respectively.

Manager Chris Hootem will have to get United's back line sorted out for next week's game away at 3rd place Dynamo Dorpat.

TEXAS LONGHORNS – Transfer Time!

In the past few days, the Longhorns signed two star players: 33 year old midfielder Lance Mumby and 23 year old Manzoor Azwira Jamlus. Texas is ecstatic to have these two exceptionally talented members added to the team and look forward to a bright future with them.

On a darker note, Texas Goalkeeper Vincent Wheeler is currently under review after an embarassing 4-0 loss to the VolNation Volunteers in the first leg of the Copa Cato Semifinals and a 2-1 loss in the second leg, including a goal from the Volunteers within the first two minutes of the match. It is currently unclear whether or not he will be goalkeeping for the third place games against Dynamo Dorpat.


A.M. Adepts managed to win the semi-finals against Dynamo Dorpat after painful penalty serie, both games ended with 1-1 draw, so the finalist was decided with a manner which cosists of luck and nerve. Today unfortunately Dorpat lost the shootout 5-4. Thanks for good games Adepts and good luck in the finals!

Long live Dynamo Dorpat!


- written by Reichlep of VolNation Volunteers

VolNation Rumbles To Victory

In the land where the greatest parties and the hottest football match of the league is always played, the VolNation Mighty Volunteers travelled to Atlético Luz Del Mar to face off against the Niños in the classic Rumble In The Jungle. In a match where storylines rule, three big ones dominated the setting and led to the final result of a VolNation 2-0 victory.

Storyline one: The comic-bookesque superhero matchup between the VolNation "Dynamic Duo" of forwards Ian Robertson and Chad Goodwin vs. the Niños defensive twin towers of LuLu and Roc Taja. While ALDM's defensive tandem did an exquisite job of holding the VolNation forwards in check most of the match, it only takes one mistake. In the 5th minute, a handoff of Goodwin was botched, and Goodwin broke away, rounded keeper Mariano Valenzuela and scored to give the Mighty Vols the early lead. Winner: The Dynamic Duo

Storyline two: VolNation keeper Christopher Rojas vs. ALDM striker Gamrí Di María Florés.Florés, the leading scorer in the Primera Liga, had three different situations to stare down Rojas and deliver the equalizer. The first opportunity was a shocker as Florés stood in to deliver a PK attempt instead of LuLu, who got stuffed in the last Rumble and appeared to the fans to have lost the confidence of manager Cato Calderone. Rojas, nicknamed "Penalty Killer Jr." as the heir apparent to Oscar "The Penalty Killer" Sørgård, showed why he has a 45% stop ratio on PK's as he totally anticipated Florés shot up the middle and made the easiest sop seen in a while. Rojas then stuffed Florés again, this time on a breakaway, stopping the leading scorer cold. Rojas must have gotten into Florés' head, as Florés' third attempt, a bread-and-butter freekick that Florés specializes in, was shanked and booted far into the stands. Winner: The "Penalty Killer Jr." over the Leading Scorer 3-0

Storyline three: Basso vs. the Free Kick. Midfielder Arthur Basso's free kicks vs. ALDM have become the stuff of legend, and have broken the backs of the Niños numerous times as of late. Late in the match, ALDM, who had been playing very under control to prevent Basso from taking a free kick, got sloppy landing right midfielder Genaro Ochotorena with a yellow card and Basso with a free kick from 26 yards from the left side. The "Atlético-Killer" delivered what all the hometown fans feared, another golden shot that just cleared the wall and dipped under the bar, delivering the coup de grâce with a 2-0 victory.


- written by Arcadian_Empire of Arcadia FC

Hassan leaves early from contract!

Gabriel Hassan was unceremoniously 'terminated' today by the Arcadia FC Board after he declared that he would not stay on for another season at the one-time World Champions, due to him retiring.

Playing only one game so far this season, Hassan had a history of being the 'reserve' striker for Arcadia FC - often being left out of starting elevens in favour of an attacking two or three which consisted usually of Dermott Kewell, Caleb Monkhouse and more recently, Jim Shearer.

Upon leaving the Arcadian Stadium, Hassan spoke briefly to reporters outside, saying: "Some people like being on the outside, like Olaf Faxe [striker who played 18 games for Arcadia FC, who scored 4 goals] - but not me. I announced my intention to retire and the Board respected that and thus terminated my contract".

Later on he revealed more on why he left: "Liga Mundo only allows 20 players to be on a player squad, and I have been working somewhat closely with the Arcadia FC youth team. Thus, I gave up my spot on the roster to allow some young blood a spot on the team".

Arcadia FC issued a short media release of which part is reprinted here:

"Gabriel Hassan, who played 55 games for the club during his time here, announced his retirement from club football today. Despite a few more matchdays in the season, he signalled his wish to leave early and thus his contract has been terminated."

Coach Sophie then spoke to some reporters saying, "In Liga Mundo, one has to be playing week in and week out to develop. Just look at Jim Shearer. Unfortunately, Gabriel was just getting too old and that's why he wasn't picked for many games this season. I always pick the best eleven for every game, and Gabriel only made that once this season".

Hassan, an avid Arcadia FC supporter, has fallen victim to the media-dubbed 'Arcadian Retirement Tendency' and like many retirees before him, has signed on to help develop the youth.

Arcadia FC has already found a replacement for Hassan, signing on Lee Wingfield - a 17 year old midfielder touted to be the next Romeo Curtis. Wingfield is the younger brother of Pikachu FC striker Lewis Wingfield who plays in the Legion Championship.

Gabriel Hassan played 55 games for Arcadia FC, scoring nine times and providing eight assists in his career at the club. He was bought for 143 400 econ mid-way through Season 2 of Liga Mundo.


VOLNATION VOLUNTEERS - VolNation Claims Copa Cato II

After a humiliating loss to Swamplandia, which is VolNation's worst ever loss period, the likelihood of a second half run ending in a league title has diminished significantly. Thus, VolNation hopes for hardware hinged on a Copa Cato II matchup with fellow Ark Premier League manager MalcolmReynolds and his A.M. Adepts side.

So, what happens when two top Ark Premier League managers meet in the finals of the Copa Cato II in the Liga Mundo? Answer: No one loses! Yes, only one takes home the trophy, but these two clubs drew both matches, so both can hold their heads up high and proclaim that they were undefeated in the finals!

The first leg was at the Cult Mechanicus Grounds, and it was marked by precision shooting by VolNation, who scored on both chances, high volume shooting by the Adepts, which turned two into goals, and penalty kicks as both sides were awarded one each throughout the match by referee Hans Gruber. Ian "Iceman" Robertson, as he is finally being called, kept up his perfect PK record as he netted VolNation's 2nd goal, which tied up the match. However, Adepts forward Mirciulica Sureanu discovered a fact that most clubs in the Liga Mundo have learned over the years: Never go up against VolNation when penalty kicks are on the line. "Penalty Killer Jr." Rojas, taking over the mantle from his retiring mentor Oscar Sorgard, anticipated Sureanu going right and stuffed the shot, which stopped a sure Adepts goal and caused the Adepts to only collect two for the match, which meant a 2-2 draw going into the second leg.

With 2 goals in the away leg, the Mighty Vols looked to play the match close, knowing that a draw should at least get them to PK's if the score wasn't extreme. In the match, however, it was shooters wild as the Adepts were trying to win outright or at least run up the score, with the Mighty Vols dropping in a number of chances of their own. Both Rojas and Adepts keeper Horst Bauer played exceptional matches. Sureanu netted a key early goal, looking to avenge his PK miss, and gave the Adepts a 1-0 lead. However, poor defensive play on the Adepts part led to referee Ann Onym giving VolNation a penalty kick to tie. With a penalty kick on the line, VolNation came through again, with the "Iceman" chipping it perfectly into the left corner. 1-1 held due to the excellent play of both keepers, which meant that the battle of the undefeateds ended with VolNation winning on tiebreak.

VolNation coach Philip said at the trophy presentation, "The Adepts were destined to be in the finals, and the level of coaching to get them there was exceptional. To have taken out Arcadia in tiebreak and to defeat Dynamo Dorpat in PK's show a geat level of character in a club and an ability to do what needs to be done to win the tight, but critical, matches. Had they faced another club other than ours, I have no doubt they would be the ones on the podium today. Our boys drew upon their seasons of experience winning the big games and the Geezers In Cleats have done it again!"

Also announced after the match was the retiement of "The Penalty Killer" Oscar Sorgard, although the bigger surprise is that the entire contingent of the "Geezers In Cleats" have decided to make another run. Already some are calling the foursome of midfielders Joey Lehmann, Dustin Conner, Zachary Great and Darnell Roberson the "Four Favre's". Time will tell if that will stick, but if VolNation continues to collect hardware, why should they retire?

ATLÉTICO LUZ DEL MAR - Florés-A True Legend

Gamrí Di María Florés came to ALDM as a youth Academy product of Deportivo Santa Fe with high hopes and expectations. His knack for finding the back netting is amazing and his speed is as good as anyone in the world's league. Florés has become one of the most lethal free-kick takers in Liga Mundo, a skill which he worked on extensively in the past off season. First time Flores took pictures holding the grey kit, critics have proclaimed him the "future greatest goal scorer in ALDM history" and it seems like it is happening right before the eyes of the club faithful.

Florés entered the game playing 99 games for Ninos, making him a legend for the club with this crucial game against an originial "Big Three" opponent in Arcadia FC away from home. The match was dominated by ALDM in possession and chances but nothing was made good upon until Florés stepped up for his third free-kick set piece of the match. 86 minutes into the match, ALDM needs the 3 points to solidify the third position in the Primera table. Florés back up, took a deep breathe-Put his hand in the air as ALDM teammates began to make runs into the box. Florés sprinted towards the ball and let off a rifle of a shot-freezing the Arcadian keeper as the ball rocketed into the upper right corner of the goal. And a Legend is born.

Florés currently holds the ALDM all-time goal scoring record at 54 and sits at third all-time for points at an even 70. As of now, there is no player in ALDM history who compares to the scoring pace of Florés and it is very easy to believe that he will be one of, if not the greatest scoring ace in club history.

Cato Calderon has expressed his ambitions to add some "international flair" to his side. It is speculated he has made offers for players on other teams within Liga Mundo, but nothing has been confirmed to this date. The hot topic of the faithful of the club is the "rediculous" amount of money Calderon is willing to spend in the coming season to make ALDM his true dream team.

SWAMPLANDIA SINNERS - Amazing win! What does it mean?

Swamplandia stunned VolNation today in a breath-taking 4-nil away win at the Vols Neyland Stadium. The Sinners had never won a league match, 1 friendly excluded, at Neyland Stadium until today. Swamplandia punished the home team with Rory Palin scoring a brace and amazingly two goals from defenders Anton Delanoue and Alasdair McRanner. Statistically Swampladia created 4 goals in 7 chances, while VolNation could only muster 2 chances and zero goals. The Sinners dominated the match with 54% possession. Shocking for Swamplandia, totally uncharacteristic for powerhouse VolNation.

The win today continues what could be a storybook season for Swamplandia and possibly a second Primera title. Out of 14 matches since the start of this season, including 4 cup matches, The Sinners have won 10, drawn 1, and lost 1. A total of 31 points out of 42. This includes a current 6 match undefeated streak. Swamplandia are currently top of the table, 4 points clear of the Transvaal Springboks.

Today's victory levels the wins between Swamplandia and VolNation at 4 each. Parity with one of the "Big Four" of the Primera, VolNation. Yet questions remain for The Sinners if they are to break into the Liga's elite and win their second title. Swamplandia still face the remainder of the "Big Four": Transvaal Springboks, ALDM, and Arcadia FC this season.

Historical records versus the remaining "Big Four" this season:

Team: (Win-Draw-Loss) result this season (location)

Transvaal Springboks: (4-4-7) 3-2 win (home) ALDM: (2-3-8) 0-0 draw (away) Arcadia FC: (0-5-11) 1-0 loss (away)

The Sinners have proven they are 1 step up the mountain which is the "Big Four". It is said "a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step". The Sinners have appeared to have taken that proverbial first step. The Swamplandia faithful pray the team can continue the journey with a positive result against Arcadia next week.

DYNAMO DORPAT - Three games in a row drawed

Dynamo Dorpat has experienced lately a misfortune, team has not enough power to win games. Third draw was against at away match against Texas Longhorns - 2-2.

Dorpat is probably finish this season in 4th or 5th place since we have upcoming matches against Badgers and Adepts.

Long live Dynamo Dorpat!

DYNAMO DORPAT - Dorpat achieves a valuable draw

Dynamo Dorpat today achieved a valuable draw at Dalymount Park Dun Carrig Bohs. Even though our team was slightly better than host's then we are still very happy with the result - 1:1.

Manager st6mm hopes to achieve 4 or 5 place in this season to assure that we wouldn't be threatened by Primera Liga since there is huge chance that fourth league is going to be lost. Dorpat's manager doesn't want to yet join the top division since emperor of Northern Reich wants to go into Primera and dominate. Fighting for survival is not for us.

Today Cyphon88 let everyone know that Templar Forsworn is going to join with the top league - Primera Liga, manager st6mm wants to congratuate Cyphon88 for doing a stupid thing, going into Primera with skill 6 team, good luck in tier 3 after next two seasons since you are going to drop as a rock from the top.

Long live Dynamo Dorpat!

ESTRELLA ROJA - 10-Man Estrella Roja in home defeat

Estrella Roja entered this fixture on the back of four wins on the trot. However in marked contrast to the previous games Coach Fortunato opted for a rather cautious 4-5-1 formation. This predictably led to a rather drab first half with little end-to-end action much to the chagrin of the home fans who signalled their displeasure by booing the home side as the half came to an end.

The second half would see no further joy for the homeside who despite maintaining a significant portion of possession where unable to break the Jianada backline. And in the 59th minute things got a whole lot worse when Eduardo Begoña’s was sent off for a badly timed challenge, with the Roja’s down to ten men they conceded a goal in the 61st minute when Alan Tenser’s header flew in from Elliot Barrie’s corner kick. The remainder of the match was characterized by by tough tackling as both sides continued the war of attrition. Both the Roja defender Rene Kober and the Jianada midfielder Barry Prenderville succumbed to injury, while Marz Egana picked up a booking.

Coach Fortunato took full blame for the result:

"Seems our tactics were unnecessarily cautious, we really did not give ourselves any options in the first half to take the initiative, and with the sending off of Eduardo Begoña our task got so much harder."

The defeat leaves Roja third in the league, while Fatima's own defeat to Guajalotes keeps second place within touching distance. However with their victory Jianada United have puished themselves to fourth place and level on points with Estrella Roja, only Roja's superior goal difference is keeping the team from Cataduanes from dropping into midtable.

Estrella Roja travel to the Harvard Island Base Stadium to face RMI Armed Forces FC. the two teams have met three times with the Roja's winning two of them (the third match was a draw). RMI are presently hovering above the relegation zone yet given the Roja's slip up at home against Jianada the fans will be expecting a vast improvment in performance.

TEXAS LONGHORNS - Finally: A Replacement

After several blunders by the Longhorn veteran goalkeeper Vincent Wheeler, the owner of the Texas Longhorns was forced to sack him and search for a replacement. During the process, Derrick Vimes served as a temporary substitute against the match against Nordheim, doing twice as well as Wheeler would've have done, as the Longhorn offense was not able to penetrate the Badger defense in a 1-0 loss.

Recently, the Longhorns signed Ruben Asno, a 28-year old goalkeeper with excellent reflexes. He will be played in the Longhorns' next match against Dynamo Dorpat in the first leg of the third place round of the Copa Cato. Hook 'em Horns! \m/ Texas Fight!

TEMPLAR FORSWORN - Promotion is assured

With 4 games left to go, and 6 points and 10 goals between the Forsworn and Dopey Dorpat, Manager Cyphon88 is calling his team's promotion.

"They can't catch us now, 6 points is too much over 4 games, especially when they're playing the likes of the Badgers and Longhorns away from home. So with that in mind my focus is to get my players mentally prepared for next season in the Primera." Cyphon88 stated at his post match press conference after a four nil demolishment of Atlético Vinilandês.

Commentators claim that Cyphon88's ego is making him over confident. Especially with a tough run in with away games at both the Badgers and the Longhorns. "I never claimed we'll come top. I think the Badgers are going to push hard for that championship, and they have a very favourable run in to the season end." opined Manager Cyphon88.

When asked about the Bohs, Cyphon88 retorted, "Oh yes, they've come a long way since the beginning of the season. I expect them to give us a hard game at the end of the season to make up for their disaster at the beginning of the season. But I don't seem them overhauling both Dorpat and ourselves to the secure promotion. Honestly, judging from their slow pace out of the blocks, I'm not sure if they replicated that in the Primera whether they could possibly recover to stay up".

Asked about his general plans for the end of the season Cyphon88 responded, "Well I want to keep everyone fit for the season end, so we can put a good pre-season in. I think we'll see a transfers throughout the team occurring to continue to future proof and strengthen the squad for the Primera. So at the moment I'm just focused on getting the most out of the players so we come out of the season as a unit and with everyone benefiting".

Tomas Warden, reporting from the Chapterhouse for the Daily Spam.


- written by MudBug

Rory Palin: Football Genuis

It has always been said "one man does not a team make". However today, one man put all the hopes and long-standing frustrations of the Swamplandia faithful on his back and proceeded to carry the team and a nation to victory, Sinners' forward Rory Palin.

In what has to be a Primera, if not a Liga Mundo record, Palin netted all of Swamplandia's goals to give The Sinners a 5-3 win and their first ever victory against the dreaded nemesis Arcadia FC. Swamplandia had suffered a had never beaten Arcadia while suffering 5 draws and 11 defeats in 16 previous meetings between the teams. Palin scored 3 of his 5 goals via amazing free kicks (record?). His other 2 goals came on scathing breakaway runs as he drove through the heart of the Arcadia defense like a dagger.

It has been an amazing run for the 26 year old super striker but, not one without challenges. Palin hails from humble beginnings. He grew up on a houseboat deep in the swamps off of Grassy Lake, some 40 miles west of the capitol city of Swamplandia, Thibodeaux. Living hand to mouth, Rory learned at an early age to fish, trap, and hunt to help his father keep the family fed. With no amenitites, Palin was home schooled via candlelight in the evenings by his mother.

Recognizing Rory had a thirst for knowledge, his parents had him tested. His scores were off the charts. As a result, at the age of 13, Rory was off to live with his dowager Aunt Katie in the small town of Ameila. It was there at Rufus T. Boudreaux Middle School he saw his first soccer ball during a physical education class. Demonstrating amazing skill after just a short amount of time, Coach T-Bob Hebert asked Rory to join the school soccer team. From there Palin proceeded to be the team's leading scorer every season, eventually leading his Amelia Senior High School team to 2 state playoffs in his sophomore and junior years. Palin led the team to a state championship in his senior year, scoring a record 6 goals in the championship game in a 9-1 drubbing of Patterson High School. Palin's high school scoring record remains untouched with him scoring an unprecedented 95 goals in just 50 matches for Amelia Senior High School.

The sky appeared to be the limit for Rory as he continued his unmatched scoring form for his college team, Swamplandia State A&M. The college's leading scorer in every season, Rory looked destined for stardom at the start of his senior year. Top flight clubs were beating down his door, ready to throw tremendous amounts of econ at Rory to secure his stellar talents. Alas, in the first match of his final college season Palin sustained terrible damage to his right ACL following a horrible tackle from behind.

The road back to his previous unprecedented form turned out to be a rocky one for Palin. Two surgeries and one year later, Rory was struggling just to be able to jog, let alone run. He will also be the first to admit he'd acquired a much bigger mountain to climb, painkiller addiction. Palin knew he needed help, so he turned to his faith and his family for support. After a grueling 9 months, Rory was addiction free. He secured a tryout with Swamplandia Second Division side Bayou Goula Gators, made the side, and began slowly working his way back into match fitness and form. He did well, banging in goals with decent frequency. Yet mired in the second division on a next-to-nothing team, the Rory Palin name after almost 2 years had fallen from the memory of soccer coaches and fans throughout Swamplandia. Little did he know it, Palin's compass of luck was about to swing 180 degrees for the better.

National team coach, MudBug, was traveling back from a scouting trip in Laplace one evening when his car broke down in the little town of Chackbay. With time on his hands while waiting for his vehicle to be repaired, coach Mudbug saw a flier for a match was about to take place in town that same night. The match was between two second division teams, Bayou Goula Gators and Chackbay Cajuns. Coach MudBug figured to kill the time watching the match, little did he know that he'd find the proverbial "diamond in the rough" at this nothing match in a backwater little town!

Securing his seat as the starting sides were being announced, Coach heard the name "Rory Palin, starting at forward for the Gators" called over the scratchy PA system. "Palin, Palin, hmmmm. Where have I heard that name before? Seems vaguely familiar." As the game progressed, Rory's stars definitely came into alignment. By halftime, Palin had scored 3 goals and full recollection of "this Palin character" had returned to the national team coach. By full time he had added 2 more as Bayou Goula had annihilated Chackbay 5-nil. Coach MudBug raced onto the pitch to speak with Palin. A talk that ended with a paltry sum of merely $700,000 being paid to secure his services and Palin packing his bags for the National Training center. With the full services afforded to him by the National Team, Palin began a stellar rise to stardom.

What has Palin done during his metoric rise to stardom for The Swamplandia Sinners?

Matches Played: 106 Points: 80 (18 in cup matches) Goals: 62 (13 in cup matches) Assists: 18 (5 in cup matches) Own goals: 0 Yellow cards: 10 Red cards: 0 X11: 14 (5 in cup matches)

Merits: Liga Mundo Primera Division Top Scorer: 11 goals (season 8) Liga Mundo Primera Division Most Points: 13 (season 8)

This season Palin looks to wrap up top plaudits in Top Points, Goals, and Assists. He currently has: Points: 18 (leads by 8 over Detlef Botha) Goals: 13 (leads by 4 over Detlef Botha) Assists: 5 (leads by 1 over Edgar Preece)

The Sinners count their blessings for receiving such a wonderful player through such a fortunate turn of events. The National Church of Swamplandia today announced the cannonization of "Saint Henry Ford (PSFRCRL)" and named him as the Patron Saint of Random Football Coach Recruiting Luck . For without his starting his car company over 100 years ago, the coach would have never been driving a Ford which broke down on that fateful night in Chackbay. A fortunate turn of events which lead to the rediscovery of what surely will be Swamplandia's greatest football legend, Rory Palin!


- written by Cyphon88

Forsworn Smash and Grab

The Forsworn pulled off a Smash and Grab against rivals the Texas Longhorns in all the meanings of the word this evening with a 0-1 win.

The match started in unsurprisingly fractious manner with Matty Doolan being forced off after a sly stamp by Krill Palagin. That the player went on to receive the Longhorn's Man of the Match submission infuriated the travelling Forsworn fans even further than their simmering temperment, and is cited for the actions that occurred later in the night. Then on the 24th Minute Douglas Sparrow broke through the three men marking him to meet a lay off from Chester Swaine to volley the ball into the top right hand corner of the net from 14 yards.

The Longhorns were stunned by the superlative play, and couldn't recover the momentum for the rest of the match, allowing the disciplined Forsworn team to deal with the longhorns feeble forays into the Forsworn half. However, discipline was not completely associated with the Forsworn this evening.

At the end of the match, the Forsworn away fans swarmed onto the pitch to taunt their Longhorn counterparts. The terrified Longhorn fans fled to safety, as 3000 riot police were deployed to try and contain the 2000 travelling Forsworn fans. They were unsuccessful.

The Marauding Forsworn fans were able to charge into the home stand and capture the Longhorn's mascot. Wuffles the poodle, who in terror shed all her hair and changed the colour of her coat to try and elude capture. Sadly she was unsuccessful. The Forsworn fans smashed their way into her executive room, and grabbed her. The yappity annoying dog was seen being carried out held above the crowd as they left the Mike A. Myers Stadium, as stunned police tended their wounded.

The dog has not been recovered, but the Forsworn Fanatics have released this photo to the media this evening, giving the weeping Longhorn fans some hope, however small.

The Liga Mundo authorities have already confirmed that no action will be taken against the Templar Forsworn, as they weren't looking at the time. They were of course busy inventorying large amounts of paper imported from net paper importers, Qatar and Russia, which took up all of their time.

Manager Cyphon88 commented on the match, "I orchestrated the whole thing tonight. The Longhorns underestimated us. Weak Roster? At least my team isn't blind then, and still has it's mascot." Cyphon88 went on to condone the kidnap of Wuffles, "They were presumably looking for Allo Grossberg, I hear the resemblance is remarkable. No worries though, as I'm sure Wuffles will have the same lifespan as the Longhorn's 'superior' roster.... oh wait...."

The Forsworn maintained their lead at the top of Segunda, and put themselves mathematically into the position where they can not move out of the promotion spots. With games against Keville United and the Bohs, the question in the Segunda now is, who will win the league? and will a Forsworn loss to Keville mean the Longhorns will get relegated? Only time will tell...

Matthew Beringer, reporting from the Mike A. Myers Stadium for Wikileaks


- written by DinendelDucky

The Cloud Over Lutherville

Lutherville Press (LP) - Heads hang extra low this week as Duckie Fans deal with the cold hard truth. With this weekend's decisive defeat at the hands of the VolNation Volunteers it is assured that 1984 Duckies FC will not be able to dig themselves out of the relegation zone. It is evident in the clubhouse as well as members mumble about the season that should have been and about the snail-like pace that the team started out the gate. In post-game commentary Manager DD assessed the situation, "We started slow and didn't fight to dig ourselves out until the hole was much too deep."

The slow start is nothing out of the ordinary for the squad who doesn't normally push for position until well into the second half of the season. But this year saw them get stuck in a rut in the middle of the season as they lost five games on the trot before asserting themelves the past few weeks.

There were many factors as to why the Duckies were unable to right the ship. There were numerous costly injuries, including to starting keeper Holten which, coupled with suspensions, kept them from getting their best eleven on the team. When the topic of suspensions gets brought up in Lutherville the fans get uptight in a hurry. They are quick to point out the bias of the referees against their team as the Duckies were easily the most penalized squad in the Primera with four players who racked up four yellow cards in play this season (only two other players in the division matched this accomplishment) and two players who were assessed a red card (Only team in division with more than one). While most fans are up in arms against the officials a few are also directing some of the blame back at manager DD saying that it is his relaxed style of discipline which has led to the unruley play of his squad.

DD refused to comment on the officiating and or the discipline of his players but rather would like to focus on the possible positives going forward. "Relegation, thought ugly on the resume, does not mean that this team is done competing in the league. We will just have to shape up, continue to grow in the offseason, and assert ourselves next year in Segunda and in the Cups."

Other positives on the season this far include the play of rookie keeper Viggo Lauridsen who looks to have a promising future, the fact that the team is not loosing any players to retirement in the offseason, and the promising talent that looks to be surfacing in the young players on the squad.

With those positives in mind, it is still likely that manager DD will find himself in hot water if his team does not come out of the gate strongly next season in the Segunda.

In other news Villy Frantsen, who started the season as the second string keeper, is being shopped. Youngster Viggo Lauridsen has officially been named the number two keeper. Sources close to the team say that Villy is being let go not because of a lack of ability, but because he is too valuable to keep around as a third option.

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