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Liga Mundo Season 6 ran from June 16, 2009 to October 23, 2009. The Liga expanded from 23 teams to 27 teams with the addition of five expansion clubs and the loss of one established club.

S Team (joined May 29, 2009); Redemptio Reds (re-joined June 2, 2009 after a one season hiatus), Atlético Melloria (joined May 27, 2009), Atlético Vinilandês (joined May 27, 2009), and RMI Armed Forces FC (joined June 12, 2009). Dragonia United FC folded prior to the start of the season on June 16, 2009 after just one season of play.

During the course of Season 6, three clubs came under new management and changed their names: Clyde Albion were renamed A.M. Adepts FC on June 17, 2009, Durkastan were renamed Jianada United on June 28, 2009, and Dendarii FC were renamed Irlande on October 13, 2009.

Final Standings[]

LIGA MUNDO - Season 6
Arcadia FC 16 9 5 2 33 15 18 32
VolNation Volunteers 16 9 4 3 37 20 17 31
Atlético Luz Del Mar 16 8 4 4 33 21 12 28
1984 Duckies FC 16 8 4 4 33 30 3 28
Transvaal Springboks 16 5 4 7 27 29 -2 19
Swamplandia Sinners 16 4 5 7 19 29 -10 17
Keville United FC 16 2 8 6 20 25 -5 14
Voobaha National 16 4 2 10 26 38 -12 14
Estrella Roja 16 3 4 9 17 38 -21 13
FC Jekerger 16 10 3 3 42 13 29 33
Spartak MK 16 9 5 2 44 20 24 32
SiPS 16 9 4 3 45 19 26 31
Clyde Albion / A.M. Adepts FC 16 8 5 3 44 22 22 29
Dun Carrig Bohs 16 6 6 4 36 26 10 24
PEI FC (Prince Edward Island FC) 16 7 2 7 37 34 3 23
Estrellapuerto FC 16 4 4 8 21 41 -20 16
Dendarii FC / Irlande 16 3 0 13 9 62 -53 9
FC Franzharia 16 1 1 14 8 49 -41 4
Atlético Vinilandês 16 10 3 3 35 14 21 33
S Team 16 9 2 5 33 19 14 29
RMI Armed Forces FC 16 9 2 5 34 26 8 29
Compostela Artois 16 7 4 5 23 23 0 25
Redemptio Reds 16 7 2 7 35 32 3 23
El Entrego 16 7 1 8 26 26 0 22
Durkastan / Jianada United 16 6 3 7 30 26 4 21
Atlético Melloria 16 5 2 9 18 24 -6 17
Boltonia 16 2 1 13 8 52 -44 7
  • Clyde Albion renamed A.M. Adepts FC in mid-season on June 17, 2009 just prior to playing any regular season matches
  • Durkastan renamed Jianada United in mid-season on June 28, 2009
  • Dendarii FC renamed Irlande in mid-season on October 13, 2009

Regular Season[]

Primera Liga[]


Statistics Leaders[]

1 Arthur Basso MF VolNation Volunteers 15
1 Dermott Kewell F Arcadia FC 15
3 Charlie Purser MF Arcadia FC 13
4 Donovan Tipperary F Voobaha National 12
5 Darnell Roberson MF VolNation Volunteers 10
5 Gamrí Di María Florés F Atlético Luz Del Mar 10
1 Dermott Kewell F Arcadia FC 12
2 Gamrí Di María Florés F Atlético Luz Del Mar 9
3 Valente Furado F 1984 Duckies FC 8
3 Alba Farriá-Forreiró F Atlético Luz Del Mar 8
5 5 players - - 7
1 Arthur Basso MF VolNation Volunteers 9
2 Charlie Purser MF Arcadia FC 6
3 Donovan Tipperary F Voobaha National 5
3 Tezcacoatl Palamíñho MF Atlético Luz Del Mar 5
5 12 players - - 4
1 Roc Taja D Atlético Luz Del Mar 14
2 Ian Robertson F VolNation Volunteers 12
3 Lois Luis D Atlético Luz Del Mar 11
4 Shorash Rashmati MF 1984 Duckies FC 10
5 Arthur Basso MF VolNation Volunteers 8

Primera All-Star Team[]

GK Claus Holten 1984 Duckies FC
D Hans-Arne Askehave 1984 Duckies FC
D Roc Taja Atlético Luz Del Mar
D Lois Luis Atlético Luz Del Mar
D Red Moreno VolNation Volunteers
MF Arthur Basso VolNation Volunteers
MF Charlie Purser Arcadia FC
MF Darnell Robertson VolNation Volunteers
MF Shorash Rashmati 1984 Duckies FC
F Dermont Kewell Arcadia FC
F Gamrí Di María Florés Atlético Luz Del Mar

Segunda Liga[]


Statistics Leaders[]

1 Gheorghe Oghiutã F Clyde Albion / A.M. Adepts FC 25
2 Rodolphe Dagorn F FC Jekerger 18
3 Raimo Suominen MF SiPS 17
4 Steven Bewers F Dun Carrig Bohs 16
4 José Ochotorena F Spartak MK 16
1 Gheorghe Oghiutã F Clyde Albion / A.M. Adepts FC 20
2 Rodolphe Dagorn F FC Jekerger 14
3 Steven Bewers F Dun Carrig Bohs 13
3 José Ochotorena F Spartak MK 13
5 Joni Rasimus F SiPS 12
1 Jukka Tenhola MF SiPS 9
2 Raimo Suominen MF SiPS 8
3 Walton Collins MF Spartak MK 7
3 Martin Romano MF FC Jekerger 7
3 Hessu Öörni MF SiPS 7
3 Stevie MacCoubrey MF Clyde Albion / A.M. Adepts FC 7
3 Vernon Prosser MF A.M. Adepts FC 7
1 Petteri Vahalahti D SiPS 16
2 Ramón Perez D Spartak MK 14
3 Walton Collins MF Spartak MK 10
4 Octave Deveaux MF Spartak MK 8
4 Gheorghe Oghiutã F Clyde Albion / A.M. Adepts FC 8
4 Jukka Tenhola MF SiPS 8
4 Craig Thornton MF Clyde Albion / A.M. Adepts FC 8

Segunda All-Star Team[]

GK Ronnie Argvík FC Jerkerger
D Petteri Vahalahti SiPS
D Ramón Perez Spartak MK
D Neill Kendrick Spartak MK
D Jarkko Salomäki SiPS
MF Raimo Suominen SiPS
MF Walton Collins Spartak MK
MF Craig Thornton Clyde Albion / A.M. Adepts FC
MF Jukka Tenhola SiPS
F Gheorghe Oghiutã Clyde Albion / A.M. Adepts FC
F Rodolphe Dagorn FC Jekerger

Tercera Liga[]


Statistics Leaders[]

1 Danny Glass MF RMI Armed Forces FC 18
2 Aníbal Paiva MF Atlético Vinilandês 12
3 Brent Hogue MF Redemptio Reds 11
3 Evald Witt MF S Team 11
3 Mika Abelsson F S Team 11
3 Declan Pascoe MF Durkastan / Jianada United 11
1 Danny Glass MF RMI Armed Forces FC 12
2 Aníbal Paiva MF Atlético Vinilandês 10
3 Mika Abelsson F S Team 9
4 Kelly Lloyd F Redemptio Reds 8
4 Bjarkí þór Ingi F Compostella Artois 8
1 Evald Witt MF S Team 8
2 Brent Hogue MF Redemptio Reds 7
3 Danny Glass MF RMI Armed Forces FC 6
4 Rodrigo Abreu MF Atlético Luz Del Mar / Redemptio Reds 5
4 Declan Pascoe MF Durkastan / Jianada United 5
4 Gerald Randolph D Jianada United 5
4 Patrick Ingles MF Jianada United 5
1 Aloísio Cortez D Atlético Vinilandês 15
2 Damião Lacerda D Atlético Vinilandês 12
3 Brent Hogue MF Redemptio Reds 10
3 Lorenzo Marchena GK El Entrego 10
5 Hayden Throught MF Durkastan / Jianada United 8

Tercera All-Star Team[]

GK Lorenzo Marchena El Entrego
D Damião Lacerda Atlético Vinilandês
D Marcus Lennon Compostella Artois
D Gerald Randolph Jianada United
D Aloísio Cortez Atlético Vinilandês
MF Danny Glass RMI Armed Forces FC
MF Aníbal Paiva Atlético Vinilandês
MF Brent Hogue Redemptio Reds
MF Declan Pascoe Durkastan / Jianada United
F Mika Abelsson S Team
F Kelly Lloyd Redemptio Reds

Legendary Players[]

  • Rosario Padin (Atlético Luz Del Mar) - midfielder; played 100th match on June 23, 2009
  • Ian Robertson (VolNation Volunteers) - forward; played 100th match on July 3, 2009
  • Guifré Mugerza (Atlético Luz Del Mar) - fullback; played 100th match on July 24, 2009
  • Joep Boekweg (Transvaal Springboks) - fullback; played 100th match on August 21, 2009
  • Darnell Roberson (VolNation Volunteers) - midfielder; played 100th on August 21, 2009
  • Joey Lehmann (VolNation Volunteers) - midfielder; played 100th match on September 8, 2009
  • Ross Stewart (VolNation Volunteers) - fullback; played 100th match on September 11, 2009


The following players retired at the conclusion of the season on October 23, 2009:

  • Terence Bevan (Boltonia) fullback; retired at age 37
  • Gilberto Brito (Atlético Luz Del Mar) midfielder; retired at age 38
  • Vince Butchell (Dendarii FC) goalkeeper; retired at age 35
  • Gavin Davis (Dun Carrig Bohs) goalkeeper; retired at age 37
  • Christopher Drouer (Spartak MK); retired at age 32
  • Leopold Flick (Dendarii FC) fullback; retired at age 31
  • Albin Horrig (Dendarii FC) midfielder; retired at age 37
  • Marius Negreanu (1984 Duckies FC) fullback; retired at age 35
  • Grant Pratt (RMI Armed Forces FC) midfielder; retired at age 30
  • Nicolas Riano (El Entrego) fullback; retired at age 30
  • Mark Riedle (Dendarii FC) midfielder; retired at age 32
  • Pacho Romerito (Estrellapuerto FC) midfielder; retired at age 33
  • Joshua Simpson (RMI Armed Forces FC) forward; retired at age 34
  • Ulrich Staub (FC Franzharia) fullback; retired at age 35
  • Siwert Svartvadet (Arcadia FC) fullback; retired at age 35
  • Bali Szívós (SiPS) forward; retired at age 35
  • Pauli Vauhko (SiPS) forward; retired at age 35
  • Rio Victory (Boltonia) forward; retired at age 31
  • Andy Yeats (Clyde Albion / A.M. Adepts FC) forward; retired at age 34

Notable Transfers[]

  • Sérgio Cambiasso - transfered from Atlético Luz Del Mar (3 GP; 0G; 0A) to VolNation Volunteers on June 18, 2009.
  • Rodrigo Abreu - transfered from Atlético Luz Del Mar (64 GP; 14G; 20A) to Redemptio Reds on August 9, 2009.

Coaching Awards[]

On July 17, 2009 Reichlep (Coach Philip) was named the #5 American coach in Xpert Eleven during the course of this season (and ranked 242nd in the world).

League MVP[]

  • Petteri Vahalahti (SiPS) - fullback; 16 X11 selections
LIGA MUNDO - Season 6 MVP Leaders
GK Thurston Alderton Ronnie Argvík Lorenzo Marchena
D Roc Taja, Ramón Perez (tied) Petteri Vahalahti Aloísio Cortez
MF Shorash Rashmati Walton Collins Brent Hogue
F Ian Robertson Gheorghe Oghiutã Oliver Ellison

Copa Del Mar[]

First Round[]

Matches played June 16, 2009

  • Redemptio Reds defeated El Entrego 2-1
  • Estrella Roja defeated Atlético Vinilandês 1-0
  • Atlético Melloria defeated Transvaal Springboks 4-3
  • Arcadia FC defeated RMI Armed Forces FC 3-0
  • Spartak MK defeated S Team 2-1
  • Keville United FC defeated Durkastan 6-0
  • SiPS defeated Clyde Albion 5-0
  • Swamplandia Sinners defeated Boltonia 4-3
  • FC Jekerger defeated 1984 Duckies FC 4-0
  • PEI FC defeated Dendarii FC 4-0
  • Dun Carrig Bohs defeated Compostela Artois 3-0

Second Round[]

Matches played June 23, 2009


Matches played June 30, 2009


Matches played July 7, 2009

Copa Del Mar Finals[]

Match played on July 14, 2009

Copa Legada[]

First Round[]

Matches played on July 21 and July 28, 2009

  • 1984 Duckies FC defeated Estrella Roja (2-1, 0-0)
  • SiPS defeated Boltonia (2-1, 2-2)
  • FC Jekerger defeated RMI Armed Forces FC (3-0, 4-0)
  • Redemptio Reds defeated Atlético Vinilandês (2-3, 3-0)
  • El Entrego defeated Estrellapuerto FC (1-0, 2-2)
  • Atlético Melloria defeated Compostela Artois (3-0, 1-0)
  • Voobaha National defeated A.M. Adepts FC (3-1, 3-0)
  • FC Franzharia defeated Dendarii FC (0-0, 1-0)
  • Jianada United defeated Spartak MK (0-0, 1-1)
  • S Team defeated Keville United FC (4-2, 1-2)
  • Transvaal Springboks defeated Swamplandia Sinners (3-1, 5-4)

Second Round[]

Matches played on August 4 and August 11, 2009


Matches played on August 18 and August 25, 2009

  • VolNation Volunteers defeated 1984 Duckies FC (2-2, 4-2)
  • Atlético Luz Del Mar defeated S Team (3-2, 3-0)
  • Dun Carrig Bohs defeated Repemptio Reds (0-1, 4-0)
  • FC Jekerger defeated SiPS 1-1, 3-1


Matches played on September 1 and September 8, 2009

  • VolNation Volunteers defeated Dun Carrig Bohs (2-2, 2-0)
  • Atlético Luz Del Mar defeated FC Jekerger (2-4, 4-0)

Copa Legada Finals[]

Matches played on September 15 and September 22, 2009

  • VolNation Volunteers defeated Atlético Luz Del Mar (1-0, 5-1)

Press Releases & Previews[]

Week 1 Preview[]

Another year, another group of managers with high expectations and fans with even higher ones. Last year saw the Boks' surprise Planet Bob by finishing ahead of the once mighty "Big 3" and clench their first league Title. No doubt they are looking to defend their title and solidify their standing as the top of the class.

Match of the Week: Voobaha National vs. Atlético Luz Del Mar

Voobaha has been a solid team since their inception, and finally they have shown that they are ready to play with the big boys. Last season they were crowned champions of Segunda behind the stellar play of defender Raimond Biezen. This year they hope they can continue to work their VooNat magic and gain enough points to stay in the top flight.

Atlético will pin it's hopes at a championship run on the shoulders of their stalwart defense with headliner Lois Luis. If the squad in the back can keep the balls out of the goal the team has a chance to make a run, but they have a hard time keeping pace in high scoring games.

This game will be a good matchup of two defensive squads and will give us a good look at the quality of the Segunda Champ. Expect a low scoring game as both defenses settle in. One mistake or excellent opportunity could decide this game either way though the expectation has to be on Atlético to come away with the home victory. PREDICTION: Atlético Luz Del Mar 1 - 0 Voobaha National

Estrella Roja hopes to improve on last season's disappointing 6th place finish this season, but their offseason activity seems to show that they are more committed to developing a young team than making a run for the division. The Duckies' young team looks to be about ready to make a serious run though it is yet to be seen as to whether this is the year to expect big things from them. Look for Estrella's midfield struggle to maintain possession against the strong midfield of the Duckies. PREDICTION: Estrella Roja 1 - 4 1984 Duckies FC

United jumped into the transfer market too late this offseason to bring in enough talent to compete with the likes of VolNat. Their aging squad paired with overmatched talent will not be able to stop the perennially deep VolNat squad. PREDICTION: VolNation Volunteers 5 - 0 Keville United FC

Swamplandia is still in the Primera? Yep, thanks to two years of league expansion, the Sinners have beaten the system yet again to remain in the top division. However don't look for them to take advantage of their good fortunes this week. Arcadia will come out looking for blood after last years horrendous start. PREDICTION: Swamplandia Sinners 2 - 4 Arcadia FC

Segunda Liga - Predictions

There are alot of good squads in Segunda this season. Spartak has to be one of the favorites after loosing the promotion race in the last week last season. Other teams to keep an eye on are the Bohs, FCF, 'Puerto, and PEI.

Tercera Liga - Predictions

  • Durkastan 3 - 1 RMI Armed Forces FC
  • Redemptio Reds 1 - 2 Boltonia
  • Compostela Artois 3 - 1 Atlético Melloria
  • S Team 2 - 2 Atlético Vinilandês

Week 2 Preview[]

Match of the Week: Atlético Luz Del Mar vs. Estrella Roja

For the second week in a row, Atlético is in the marque game of Liga Mundo. Last week they were able to put away VooNat with ease as their young striker Florés collected a hat trick in accounting for the whole of the team's points. This week the team hopes that the young striker can continue his spree against the stronger, at least on paper, Roja squad.

Roja opened their season with a home draw against the Duckies which they secured with an extra time goal. The late game heroics by midfielder Tito saved the club spiked the teams' confidence and excitement coming into this week's match against Atlético.

Look for this week's match to be a game of posession, with the majority of the dance taking place in the defensive half for Roja. The game will however stay tight until the end with Roja needing another last second gasp to collect any points, a prayer which will go unanswered this week. PREDICTION: Estrella Roja 1 - 2 Atlético Luz Del Mar

VooNat verses VolNat, will this be the beginning of a rivalry between the two similarly name squads? Last week Voobaha struggled against Atlético while the Vols were able to creep by Keville. This week look for the older team to struggle on the road as the Voo's collect their first ever point in the top flight. PREDICTION: Voobaha National 2 - 2 VolNation Volunteers

Coach Courtney has been reinstated for AFC and has a perfect record in league play thus far. Last week the Arcadian fans and newspapers were appalled at the prediction which looked for their squad to give up 2 points to the seemingly eternal cellar dwellers, the Sinners, which they did. Look for the squad to recollect themselves this week and put an honest beatdown on United at home. PREDICTION: Arcadia FC 3 - 0 Keville United FC

The Boks begin their quest to defend the league title this week as welcome familiar foe Swamplandia to their stadium. The Sinners hope to improve on their dismal all-time record against the Boks which sees them at 0-1-3 in competitive matches. In their first friendly as a club they were able to defeat Transvaal but ever since they have been but a whipping boy (however it should be noted that 2 of the 3 losses were by a single point. PREDICTION: Transvaal Springboks 3 - 1 Swamplandia Sinners

Segunda Liga - Predictions

Tercera Liga - Predictions

  • El Entrego 2 - 2 Redemptio Reds
  • S Team 4 - 1 Jianada United
  • Boltonia 1 - 2 Atlético Melloria
  • RMI Armed Forces FC 2 - 3 Compostela Artois

Week 3 Preview[]

Match of the Week: 1984 Duckies FC vs. Atlético Luz Del Mar

The veteran squad of Atlético has shown their talent early in the season. Through two matches their defensive line has been spectacular playing 180 minutes of shutout soccer thus far. Even more surprising is the offensive support which the team has produced. Atlético is not known for their finishing, but this year they have put in 3 goals in each of their first two matches. Thus far the opposition has been the newly promoted squads, this week they face their first real test against the Duckies.

The Duckies are once again on the road but have the benefit this week of having had a week of rest. In their first match they gave up the draw against Roja in extra-time and went away with only one point. This week they will have to rely on their midfield star Rashmati to produce opportunities to put the ball in the goal.

Look for a game of cat-and-mouse to take place as Atlético once again relies upon their stout backfield while the Duckies control possession looking for the slightest amount of daylight for them to press into. PREDICTION: Atlético Luz Del Mar 2 - 1 1984 Duckies FC

United has had a difficult opening to the season with a close match against VolNat in their home opener and a tough loss to AFC on the road last week. This week they look to surprise the 'Boks who are coming off a tough draw last week to the Sinners. Unfortunately even at home, Keville will have a hard time coming away with any points. PREDICTION: Keville United FC 1 - 3 Transvaal Springboks

VooNat is riding high this week after capturing a point in last week's match against VolNat. Look for them to open the game strong and comfident, perhaps even up at half. But when the Arcadian machine gets to rolling, the home fans will likely not like witnessing the flurry of goals probable in the second half. This is all assuming the cup match doesn't take too much out of AFC. PREDICTION: Voobaha National 2 - 4 Arcadia FC

The Volunteers are recovering from a tough week but will probably find trouble once again thanks to the distraction of the cup. Estrella Roja also had a poor showing last week in a 3-nil defeat at the hands of Atlético look for them to bounce back and provide more disappointment to the VolNation this week. PREDICTION: VolNation Volunteers 2 - 2 Estrella Roja

Segunda Liga - Predictions

Tercera Liga - Predictions

  • Jianada United 1 - 3 Atlético Vinilandês
  • RMI Armed Forces FC 2 - 1 Boltonia
  • Compostela Artois 3 - 2 S Team
  • Atlético Melloria 1 - 4 El Entrego

Week 4 Preview[]

Match of the Week: Swamplandia Sinners vs. Keville United FC

The upset everyone was talking about last week was the upending of the defending champion Springboks by newly promoted United. On the road, the Boks were taken back by the level of play shown by the Kevill players as they finished 75% of their shots on their way to a shutout of the Transvaal squad. United were led in their play by 25 year old midfielder Allan MacKean who made his first ever appearance in the Xpert XI lineup.

Swamplandia is coming back after a week off following their own surprise against the Boks, on the road none the less. They could have come away the victor in that match had they not fallen victim to the unfortunate own goal of their forward Hays in the chaotic injury time push by the Boks.

Do the recent scorelines by these two squads against the reigning champion hint at these two teams being equipped to make a surprise run at the title themselves, or do they hint at a weaker than expected 'Boks side? This week's result may not tell us, but it will let the series know which team they should not let their guard down against when they come strolling into town.

Look for the home field advantage to boost an already smoothly working United team to victory. PREDICTION: Keville United FC 3 - 1 Swamplandia Sinners

The 'Boks are grasping at straws after two disappointing results. They hope to right the ship this week against a VooNat team that is getting very anxious for their own first victory of the season. Look for the desperation to cause the 'Boks to stretch themselves too thin. PREDICTION: Transvaal Springboks 2 - 3 Voobaha National

Once again the Duckies have a very late home opener. This could be exactly what they need after a disappointing outing against ALDM on matchday 3. The Volunteers are coming off a good win at Roja and hope to be able to wreck the atmosphere at the Duck pond. PREDICTION: 1984 Duckies FC 2 - 2 VolNation Volunteers

The early season jitters don't seem to be getting to AFC this year as they have in the past, making this squad a very scary team to gameplan against. Led by forward Kewell, AFC have been able to put the balls in the net with little to no resistance from their oppositions defense. Roja on the other hand have not started on a high note and through 3 games have only one measly point. PREDICTION: Arcadia FC 3 - 0 Estrella Roja

Segunda Liga - Predictions

Tercera Liga - Predictions

  • El Entrego 2 - 0 RMI Armed Forces FC
  • Atlético Vinilandês 1 - 3 Compostela Artois
  • Atlético Melloria 2 - 1 Redemptio Reds
  • Boltonia 3 - 2 S Team

Week 6 Preview[]

Match of the Week: Atlético Luz Del Mar @ Arcadia FC

The best match this week is a no-brainer. Unfortunately following last week's results the match has lost a bit of it's luster. Arcadia still hold the top spot in the table despite failing to pick up any points last week on the road at the Duck Pond. However their lead over Atlético is a bit of an illusion as they have had the benefit of an extra game day to collect points.

Atlético are also coming off a disappointing loss last week as the perennially difficult Volunteers proved to be too much to handle. Atlético hope to be able to rebound this week on the road as a victory will put them in control of the league.

At least one of these teams (both in the case of a tie) will be heading home this week with the difficult task of retooling their team following two disappointing weeks. They're both still doing well in the battle for the top spot, but can't afford many more hiccups. PREDICTION: Arcadia FC 2 - 2 Atlético Luz Del Mar

VooNat laid the smack down last week at the Sinners' Purgatory Palace and hope to have a repeat performance this week as they welcome United to town. Keville started the year off with some great results and immediately looked to be a team that could stand on on their own against the big boys. Unfortunately, they have taken a step backwards in the past weeks, including a cup loss to a third tier squad. United are especially poor on the road having failed to capture a single point thus far into the season. Look for VooNat to dominate soundly. PREDICTION: Voobaha National 3 - 1 Keville United FC

This is a match of two under performing squads. Roja has been a fixture in the top flight the past three seasons. Unfortunately the competition appears to have caught up with them as they are currently struggling to get out of relegation danger. Swamplandia is a team that has lived under the line the past few years, but has done just enough to win the favor of the relegation gods and stay in the primera. Thought they remain in the top division, their talent hasn't appeared to keep up. PREDICTION: Swamplandia Sinners 2 - 2 Estrella Roja

What has happened to the mighty 'Boks from season 5? The defending champion has underwhelmed the league with poor form and even poorer results thus far into the season. The Duckies on the other hand have once again performed above expectations (picked by most to finish in the bottom half of the table) as they currently sit in 4th place following last week's victory over top seed Arcadia. PREDICTION: Transvaal Springboks 2 - 3 1984 Duckies FC

Segunda Liga - Predictions

Tercera Liga - Predictions

  • El Entrego 3 - 2 Atlético Vinilandês
  • Redemptio Reds 1 - 4 S Team
  • Boltonia 2 - 1 Jianada United
  • RMI Armed Forces FC 1 - 3 Atlético Melloria

Week 7 Preview[]

Match of the Week: Arcadia FC vs. VolNation Volunteers

Arcadia FC are coming off a huge victory against ALDM. Last week they put in five goals in the net against arguably the toughest defense in Primera. The five to one result was the most surprise drubbing of a top of the table club. Arcadia are finally starting to open a gap at the top of the table. This week is a true litmus test of their ability and deservedness as they are tested against the most decorated team in Liga history, VolNation.

The Volunteers hope to climb up in the rankings this week and put themselves in control of their title run. VolNation is coming off a bye week that they desperately needed in order to recover following their close victory against ALDM.

Look for the Volunteers to come out tying to prove that they are still relevant in the league. The home field advantage will propel the Volunteers to an early lead which they should be able to maintain through the end of the math. PREDICTION: VolNation Volunteers 2 - 1 Arcadia FC

This is a matchup of two disappointing sides. Atlético are coming off two tough losses as they fall from grace. The 'Boks can't seem to stop their freefall after last year's dream season when they won the league. But now is a time of soul searching for both coaches and the players as they try to regain their footing. Look for Atlético to take advantage of Transvaal Springboks' poor form and take a first step back to competence. PREDICTION: Atlético Luz Del Mar 2 - 0 Transvaal Springboks

The Sinners are coming off a surprising upset at home against Estrella Roja which has helped them move out of the relegation zone, if only temporarily. The Duckies are having another dandy of a season as they move into a tie for the second spot (third on goal differential). Look for the Duckies to have a relatively easy time with the Sinners. PREDICTION: 1984 Duckies FC 3 - 1 Swamplandia Sinners

This is the battle to get out of relegation. You never know quite what to expect from Estrella Roja. Some weeks they can come out with a squad that can compete with the best. Others (like last week) they barely look to be a Primera quality side. United has had one week of quality this season and hope to put together a second this week, however it will be a tough order on the road against Roja. PREDICTION: Estrella Roja 2 - 1 Keville United FC

Segunda Liga - Predictions

Tercera Liga - Predictions

  • S Team 3 - 1 Atlético Melloria
  • Atlético Vinilandês 2 - 1 Redemptio Reds
  • Compostela Artois 1 - 1 Boltonia
  • Jianada United 2 - 4 El Entrego

Week 8 Preview[]

Match of the Week: Swamplandia Sinners vs. Atlético Luz Del Mar

I bet you didn't have this one circled on your calendar at the beginning of the year, or even two weeks ago. But the stellar form of the Sinners has suddenly made them a Cinderella Favorite among un-aligned fans. Two weeks ago the Sinners scored their first victory of the season against the fading Roja. At the time it was written off as insignificant, but following last week's on the road upset of 1984 Duckies FC, the league is suddenly taking a second look at the once perceived cupcakes of La Liga.

Stellar play by veteran midfielder Buck Clay has given the team a much needed and long absent spark that they have been without for a few seasons in a row now. If they can continue to get great from from Clay and get a few more guys to step up they could be looking at a mid table finish. But first they need to get past always frightening Atlético.

Atlético started off strong, with convincing victories over Voobaha National, Estrella Roja, and the Duckies, but then hit a huge road bump in consectuive weeks against VolNat and Arcadia FC. The reason for the sudden dry spell is mostly a mystery, but the common belief is that it was due to an aging team struggling with form and a shallow roster. The previously shallow roster looks to be getting loosing depth following the injury of team leader and defensive stud Lois Luis following his injury last week at home to Detlef Botha of the disgruntled Transvaal Springboks.

Look for this match to go either way. Atlético will struggle in the back without Luis to shore up the defense and if the Sinners retain their form they have a good chance to come away with yet another quality upset. PREDICTION: Atlético Luz Del Mar 2 - 3 Swamplandia Sinners

It would be an understatement to say that these two teams had disappointing starts to their Season 6 campaigns. After week four the teams together had amassed a measly 2 points. Luckly for them the season has started to pick up, Voobaha is currently riding a 5 game winning streak in competitive play thanks to cup victories over Segunda sides Adepts and SiPS as well as league victories over United and the Sinners. Voobaha is hoping to continue the streak and in doing so, keep themselves out of relegation, while Roja is looking for their second win of the season. PREDICTION: Voobaha National 4 - 1 Estrella Roja

Oh how the mighty have fallen. The 'boks were crowned the champion of La Liga last year and havn't been able to get anything right this season, as a matter of fact they are fighting off relegation as they currently sit at the bottom spot in the league. And if that wasn't bad enough they look to be without standout midfielder Rieger for close to a month as he recovers from injury. VolNat is looking good following a slow start. In fact in their last two league matches they have been victorious over each of the other two "Big Three" squads and have put themselves in position to strike for the top spot. Unless the 'boks have something up their sleeves, this looks to be a landslide. PREDICTIONS: Transvaal Springboks 0 - 4 VolNation Volunteers

United have had a tough schedule to start this season's campaign. Of their 6 games in their first year in Primera, 4 of them have been on the road where they have managed to collect only one point. At home they appear to be a different club having chalked up 4 point in just two matches. This week they get to try to defend their home unbeaten streak against the mysteriously inconsistent Duckies. The Duckies seemed poised to strike at the top of the table last week, but instead stumbled at home against the Sinners. Unfortunately for them their chance to recover comes on the road. PREDICTIONS: Keville United FC 2 - 3 1984 Duckies FC

Segunda Liga - Predictions

Tercera Liga - Predictions

  • Atlético Melloria 1 - 3 Atlético Vinilandês
  • Jianada United 1 - 4 Redemptio Reds
  • RMI Armed Forces FC 0 - 3 S Team
  • El Entrego 2 - 2 Compostela Artois

Week 9 Preview[]

Match of the Week: VolNation Volunteers vs. Swamplandia Sinners

The hotstreak the Sinners have found themselves on is amazing. In the past 2 weeks they have beaten 2 of the top 4 teams, both on the road, and this week go for the a third, but in front of their own crowd. Last week, the victory came thanks to the stellar finish of Rory Palin who made the match's only goal as well as a superb stay in goal by Dario Sablone. It looks as though the youngsters on the Sinners' roster are finally starting to play to their potential.

VolNation is reeling after last week's stunning defeat on the road to the 'boks. In what appeared to be an attempt to get a few younger players some time, the Volunteers played a slightly sub par starting eleven which became a sub par ten men thanks to the red card to Moreno en route to a 2-0 loss. Had the Volunteers come away with the three points they would have moved to the top of the table, but instead they sit once again in a tie for second with the Duckies.

This match will come down to the form of the two teams, the Sinners have been riding incredibly high form through their past three games and Newton's law says that eventually it has to come back down. The question is, will this be the time? PREDICTION: Swamplandia Sinners 3 - 2 VolNation Volunteers

News coming from the Ducky is that the oldest player on the roster, defender Marius Negreanu may be finished at the professional level after going down against Arcadia FC in the second leg of the cup. It is a major blow to the defense of the Duckies as they try to stay in contention for the league and cup trophies. This week the Duckies host Voobaha National who look to be coming into stride as mid season approaches. A victory by VooNat could boost them as high as third on the table.

This match will come down to the battle of the midfield stars. Iuliano has been a huge boost to VooNat and this week will be lined up against the Duckies own star Rashmati. The player with the best game will likely propel his team to victory. PREDICTION: 1984 Duckies FC 4 - 3 Voobaha National

  • Keville United FC 1 - 3 Atlético Luz Del Mar

The ugly face of ALDM reared itself last week as the squad fell at home to surging Sinners. This week they need to get back on track or else they risk falling once again to a team that has nothing to loose from playing all out. Still, the matchup looks to go the way of Atlético. PREDICTION: Keville United FC 1 - 3 Atlético Luz Del Mar

Could Transvaal Springboks be returning to form? Last week they showed glimpses of their old self against VolNation. They hope that they can get ligthening to strike twice as they visit Primera leading Arcadia FC. Arcadia had a bye last week but are surely anticipating the chance to get back on the field and make up for their 4-1 loss to VolNation in week 7. Look for Arcadia to control this game from start to finish. PREDICTION: Arcadia FC 3 - 0 Transvaal Springboks

Segunda Liga - Predictions

Tercera Liga - Predictions

  • Redemptio Reds 3 - 1 Compostela Artois
  • Atlético Vinilandês 1 - 2 RMI Armed Forces FC
  • Boltonia 0 - 3 El Entrego
  • Atlético Melloria 0 - 1 Jianada United

Week 10 Preview[]

Match of the Week: Arcadia FC vs. Transvaal Springboks

In an attempt to not have the same preview as last week we have highlighted another match this week. This match has huge implications on the shape of the league as we head into the home stretch of the season. Arcadia FC hope to continue to hold their own fate in their hands, their lead on the field is 2 points and they would love to stretch that knowing that there are quality teams just waiting for them to slip up. Arcadia will be traveling this week without one of their starting defenders Malcolm Fitzpatrick who will stay at the team's rehab facility, hoping to be fit for their next game.

Transvaal Springboks are in the opposite situation of Arcadia. The defending champions of the league are attempting to scratch out any points they can get to keep their team clear of the relegation zone. They currently sit one point ahead of United who picked up a point last week against Atlético. If the results are the same this week, Transvaal will fall back into the danger zone and be faced with a possible embarrassing exit from the Primera.

Last week's match was close in Arcadia and surely some of the 'bok faithful will be at the stadium to give their squad a much needed boost. Even with the boost, Transvaal will be over-matched and concede the three points to AFC. PREDICTION: Transvaal Springboks 1 - 3 Arcadia FC

  • Atlético Luz Del Mar vs. Keville United FC

Last week, Atlético stunned the Primera when they dropped 2 points to United and conceded the 1-1 draw on the road. Their manager blamed the loss on poor preparation and has promised that his squad will be up to the task this week in the rematch. United hope to show that their play was not a fluke and that they didn't need to injure captain Júnior Cabañas in order for the match to be competitive. PREDICTION: Atlético Luz Del Mar 3 - 0 Keville United FC

Last week the Duckies ran away with the victory tallying 6 goals against young VooNat keeper van der Vart. Voobaha media thought that the predicted 4 goals would be a stretch against their defense but they were unable to stop the offensive onslaught by youngster Furado and veteran Pitt. The good news this week is that VooNat will not have to bother game-planning to stop Pitt following his injury in the cup this past week. The bad news is the rest of the Duckies squad will still be on the field. PREDICTION: Voobaha National 2 - 4 1984 Duckies FC

Swamplandia is currently riding an unbelievable 4 game unbeaten streak which has propelled the team from relegation danger to the middle of the table. The Sinners were hoping to make it a 4 game winning streak last week but could only muster a draw thanks to a 92nd minute header by Barry Joseph. This week they head on the road and hope to continue their winning ways. However they will be without star forward Palin due to a yellow card accumulation suspension. The Volunteers have to be seen as the favorites. PREDICTION: VolNation Volunteers 4 - 1 Swamplandia Sinners

Segunda Liga - Predictions

Tercera Liga - Predictions

  • RMI Armed Forces FC 1 - 2 Atlético Vinilandês
  • Jianada United 6 - 0 Atlético Melloria
  • El Entrego 3 - 1 Boltonia
  • Compostela Artois 2 - 2 Redemptio Reds

Week 11 Preview[]

Match of the Week: Transvaal Springboks vs. VolNation Volunteers

Are the 'Boks back? Last week they put a kink in Arcadia FC's armor by holding them to a draw at home. At the beginning of the season this wouldn't have been a big deal, but based on the season that is transpiring for Transvaal Springboks, a point against the league leader is quite a surprise. The goal that tied the match in injury time was scored by Detlef Botha who last year was second in points with 12. This year he has not been the same dangerous player at all having 5 at this point in the season. But perhaps the 'boks are trying to turn the corner and make an honest effort this last half of the season.

VolNat is, as always, the same team we have grown to know. They are always feared, and their devoted fans never cease to impress when they spot visiting stadiums with orange. At home their enthusiasm jumps to a new level and they push their stars to perform to new heights. Perhaps this is the atmosphere that slumping star forward Ian Robertson needs to be in to recover his once divine aura. With is absence up front has come a loss of forward firepower for the Volunteers who do not have even one forward on the list of top goal scorers.

Look for the Vol's to get the three points, but not as easily as one would expect as their forwards continue to struggle. PREDICTION: VolNation Volunteers 3 - 1 Transvaal Springboks

The Duckies have had two opportunities this season to jump their way to the top of the table and have failed to capitalize. The first chance came on matchday 7 against the Sinners. A victory would have put them alone atop the standings the next week when Arcadia had their bye, but the Duckies couldn't close the deal, falling to the Sinners in front of their own crowd. Last week the opportunity presented itself again thanks to an Arcadia draw. Once again the Duckies squandered the chance letting Voobaha extract revenge for the previous week's 6-1 drubbing. This week they host the unpredictable but struggling United, who are without the services of prized midfielder MacKean. Look for the Duckies to get the result this week, but remain in 4th position. PREDICTION: 1984 Duckies FC 3 - 0 Keville United FC

  • Swamplandia Sinners vs. Atlético Luz Del Mar

Which teams will show up for this match? Both of these teams have displayed their potency this season with decisive wins over very talented opponents. But both teams have also also struggled mightily. The Sinners had a horrible start but followed it up with surprising form these past few weeks, until finally falling to VolNation last week. Atlético has shown their talent and has stayed at the top of the table, but have failed reach their full potential by dropping games that they have no business loosing. This match may come down to the team that wants to loose less. PREDICTION: Swamplandia Sinners 2 - 2 Atlético Luz Del Mar

Estrella Roja has had the picture perfect example of a disappointing season. Currently they sit at the bottom of the table with a grand total of 5 points and very little confidence that they can turn their luck around. Even drastic measures such as firing their manager earlier this season hasn't seemed to have any effect on the form of the team. Voobaha National has performed well enough in their first season in the top league to turn a few heads and put themselves in a comfortable position in the middle of the table. Another 3 points or so and they should feel safely out of danger of relegation. It will be interesting to see if the manager decides to play the banged up star forward Heggem or if he gives him one more week to fully recover. PREDICTION: Estrella Roja 2 - 3 Voobaha National

Segunda Liga - Predictions

Tercera Liga - Predictions

  • S Team 3 - 2 RMI Armed Forces FC
  • Redemptio Reds 3 - 1 Jianada United
  • Compostela Artois 4 - 3 El Entrego
  • Atlético Vinilandês 4 - 0 Atlético Mellori

Copa Legada - Second Round Preview[]



With the rising dissatisfaction among Xaristanis concerning the weekly prediction articles, including words such as “fraud”, “bias”, and “crackpot” being tossed around, the official bookie of Xaristan Professional Soccer (XPS), Carter Moneybags, has taken to creating his own preview. He starts this week with the Round of Last 16 for the Copa Legada.

  • El Entrego v. VolNation Volunteers

Leg One: El Entrgo Home; Leg Two: VolNation Home

As much as we’d all love to see a Cinderella story where El Entrego, the Serie Tercera squad, upsets the Mighty Volunteers, it just simply won’t happen. The Volunteers are bigger, faster, stronger, and more potent on offense. VolNation holds a 2-1-0 record over El Entrego, the draw coming in a cup match after VolNation had won 4-1 in the match previously. Look for VolNation to take it easy in the first game, still winning, but in a close affair, before weighing their options for the home leg. Still expecting two wins out of the Volunteers for this one as they move on to the final eight. RESULT: VolNation advances with two wins.

Leg One: Duckies Home; Leg Two: Arcadia Home

In what could turn out to be one of the more exciting cup matches, these two Primera sides clash. With the series tied 1-1-1, history dictates that anything can happen here, though we think otherwise. Arcadia FC is currently dominating Serie Primera with a five point cushion over second place (by points) VolNation and, you guessed it, 1984 Duckies FC. With strength and form all nearly identical, I think this will be a close match, but Arcadia FC’s offense wins it for them. RESULT: Each team wins home leg, Arcadia wins on aggregate.

  • Jianada United v. Atletico Luz Del Mar

Leg One: Jianada Home; Leg Two: Atletico Home

Normally, this wouldn’t even warrant a write-up. You have the bottom dwellers of Serie Tercera up against the perennial powerhouses of Primera. Still, Jianada managed to squeeze out of the first round, managing two ties in which they advanced on away goals (1-0), and are currently catching ALDM in their worst slide in history. This can go one of two ways. Jianada pulls off the stunning victory at home and then aims to hang on on the road, or ALDM gets their heads on straight and crushes them. I’m going with the latter. RESULT: ALDM advances on two wins.

  • S Team v. PEI FC

Leg One: S Team Home; Leg Two: PEI FC Home

A tale of two teams. S Team currently leads Tercera despite coming off a surprising 3-0 defeat at the hands of the Redemptio Reds. PEI FC is currently languishing in the relegation zone for Segunda, winless this season. Does PEI FC finally turn it around, or does a Tercera team make it to the final 8? Once again, we think the latter. S Team’s superior form and potent offense will trump PEI FC’s superior strength. RESULT: S Team wins at home, wins on aggregate.

Leg One: Transvaal Home; Leg Two: Dun Carrig Home

Another matchup with a tale of two teams. DCB won Tercera last season and have continued their streak, undefeated this season with a 4-2-0 record and an offense scoring at a clip of 3 goals per game. Transvaal Springboks, after winning it all last season, is currently sitting just outside relegation for Primera, has won just one game, and their vaunted offense is down to an average of 2 goals per game. DCB is red hot, Transvaal is lukewarm. This will be the matchup to watch. RESULT: DCB advances on away goals.

Leg One: VooNat Home; Leg Two: SiPS Home

Another fixture where we should be in for a show. VooNat won Segunda last season, and has found moderate success in Primera, currently in 5th. They are, however, on a hot streak, winning their last four games. Scoring has been a problem, coming in at under two goals a game. SiPS is also in 5th in Segunda, and scoring has been a problem for them as well. With nearly equal form, VooNat advances. RESULT: Each team wins at home, VooNat advances on aggregate.

  • Atletico Melloria v. FC Jekerger

Leg One: Melloria Home; Leg Two: Jekerger Home

A rare easy pick that should be two dominating matches by one team. FC Jekerger has better strength, better form, and an all around better strategy. Melloria sits in 8th in Tercera, notching just over a goal a game while Jekerger sits in 3rd in Segunda and nails three to the twine per match. Easy call here. RESULT: FC Jekerger wins both games, advances.

Leg One: Franzharia Home; Leg Two: Redemptio Home

FC Franzharia has struggled thus far, to say the least. They are 0-0-5 with only two goals for and 14 against. Redemptio is starting to hit their stride, on a three game win streak and sitting in third in Tercera. However, lately Franzharia FC has been shutting down their opponents’ offense in cup play, only allowing two chances total in their first round matches. The Reds rely on a high-flying offense to win, so it will be a battle of strengths. RESULT: Reds repeat last round’s result – lose on the road, win at home, advance on aggregate.

Copa Legada - Quarter-Finals Preview[]

Moneybags Cup Quarterfinal Preview

Leg One: Duckies Home; Leg Two: VolNat Home

The Segunda surprise continues for the Duckies. The team who won the second series in Liga Mundo has had much success in the big leagues this year, but will it continue? They run into the most decorated team in La Liga in VolNat in the quarterfinals. The two teams are 1-1-1 all time against each other, with the Duckies having won the last League match. Look for this to be the best series in the quarters. The teams currently sit second and third in Serie Primera, tied with 13 points each. The Duckies have scored two more goals in the same number of games, but also allowed five more. This is where the series is decided in my opinion. RESULT: Each team wins at home, but VolNation advances on aggregate goals.

  • S Team v. ALDM

Leg One: S Team Home; Leg Two: ALDM Home

With two Tercera teams in the quarterfinals, the lowest series is hoping that one will push through. They better place their hopes on the Reds then, because this one shouldn’t be much of a contest. S Team is at home for the first leg, and they will put up a fight, but ALDM will blow it open in the second leg. RESULT: S Team gets a draw at home, loses on the road. ALDM advances.

Leg One: Redemptio Home; Leg Two: DCB Home

These teams met once in a friendly before, and DCB beat the Reds 1-0 at home. DCB has been up and down lately, their last five looking like WDLWD. The Reds’ last seven looks like this: WWWWDWW. The Reds are the hotter team at the moment, and both teams possess high powered offenses. The Reds have 17 goals in seven games and DCB has 19 in eight games. While DCB has the greater strength, it’s nothing that the Reds haven’t seen with almost every other Tercera team, and the Reds have superior form. This series will come down to two things: who wins the first leg and how effective Rodrigo Abreu is with his new teammates. RESULT: Reds get a single goal win at home, lose by two on the road. DCB advances.

Leg One: SiPS Home; Leg Two: Jekerger Home

A battle of two Segunda teams. SiPS won a 1-0 league match earlier this year. But I’m going to go with the Jeks’ offense on this one. The Jeks have four of the top five point scorers in the Cup thus far, including two tied for first in goals scored with six each, and the top two players with assists. The Jeks seem to have found their stride, in Cup play anyways, and will take this one. RESULT: SiPS ties at home, loses by two on the road. Jekerger advances.

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