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Liga Mundo Season 5 ran from March 9, 2009 to June 8, 2009.

Final Standings[]

LIGA MUNDO - Season 5
Transvaal Springboks 14 8 5 1 31 16 15 29
Arcadia FC 14 7 5 2 32 18 14 26
VolNation Volunteers 14 5 6 3 32 20 12 21
Atlético Luz Del Mar 14 6 3 5 26 21 5 21
1984 Duckies FC 14 4 4 6 21 28 -7 16
Estrella Roja 14 4 4 6 20 29 -9 16
Swamplandia Sinners 14 3 2 9 15 28 -13 11
SiPS 14 2 5 7 20 37 -17 11
Voobaha National 14 12 2 0 37 4 33 38
Keville United FC 14 8 1 5 32 24 8 25
Spartak MK 14 6 4 4 26 18 8 22
Estrellapuerto FC 14 5 5 4 26 19 7 20
Rivendell FC / Dendarii FC 14 5 4 5 30 30 0 19
FC Franzharia 14 3 3 8 12 28 -16 12
FC Stalybridge / PEI FC (Prince Edward Island FC) 14 2 4 8 23 31 -8 10
Clyde Albion 14 3 1 10 20 52 -32 10
Dun Carrig Bohs 12 9 1 2 26 7 19 28
FC Jekerger 12 9 1 2 25 6 19 28
El Entrego 12 5 3 4 16 14 2 18
Boltonia 12 5 1 6 20 13 7 16
Compostela Artois 12 4 4 4 12 17 -5 16
Dragonia United FC 12 3 2 7 11 25 -14 11
Durkastan 12 0 2 10 4 32 -28 2
  • Rivendell FC renamed Dendarii FC in mid-season on March 27, 2009
  • FC Stalybridge renamed PEI FC (Prince Edward Island FC) in mid-season on April 1, 2009

Regular Season[]

Primera Liga[]


Statistics Leaders[]

1 Ian Robertson F VolNation Volunteers 16
2 Detlef Botha MF Transvaal Springboks 12
3 Dermott Kewell F Arcadia FC 9
3 Romeo Curtis MF Arcadia FC 9
3 Ricardo van Deinsen F Transvaal Springboks 9
1 Ian Robertson F VolNation Volunteers 13
2 Charles Brennan F Transvaal Springboks 7
2 Dermott Kewell F Arcadia FC 7
2 Detlef Botha MF Transvaal Springboks 7
2 Ricardo van Deinsen F Transvaal Springboks 7
2 Joni Rasimus F SiPS 7
1 Jarkko Salomäki D SiPS 6
2 Emil Napieralski MF Arcadia FC 5
2 Charlie Purser MF Arcadia FC 5
2 Romeo Curtis MF Arcadia FC 5
2 Detlef Botha MF Transvaal Springboks 5
1 Lois Luis D Atlético Luz Del Mar 12
1 Ian Robertson F VolNation Volunteers 12
3 Red Moreno D VolNation Volunteers 10
4 Roc Taja D Atlético Luz Del Mar 9
5 Matthias Rieger MF Transvaal Springboks 8
5 Thurston Alderton GK Transvaal Springboks 8

Primera All-Star Team[]

GK Thurston Alderton Transvaal Springboks
D Lois Luis Atlético Luz Del Mar
D Red Moreno VolNation Volunteers
D Roc Taja Atlético Luz Del Mar
D Malcolm Fitzpatrick Arcadia FC
MF Matthias Rieger Transvaal Springboks
MF Emil Napieralski Arcadia FC
MF Darnell Roberson VolNation Volunteers
MF Detlef Botha Transvaal Springboks
F Ian Robertson VolNation Volunteers
F Charles Brennan Transvaal Springboks

Segunda Liga[]


Statistics Leaders[]

1 Ted Rotenston F Keville United FC 17
2 Jürgen Eichner F Dendarii FC 15
3 Egon von Scheéle F Clyde Albion 10
3 Mark Riedle MF Dendarii FC 10
5 Ard van Arum MF Voobaha National 9
5 Les Andrews MF Voobaha National 9
5 José Ochotorena F Spartak MK 9
1 Jürgen Eichner F Dendarii FC 12
2 Ted Rotenston F Keville United FC 10
3 Egon von Scheéle F Clyde Albion 8
3 José Ochotorena F Spartak MK 8
5 Les Andrews MF Voobaha National 6
5 Christopher Gough F Keville United FC 6
5 Donovan Tipperary F Voobaha National 6
5 Luiz Bezerra F Spartak MK 6
1 Mark Riedle MF Dendarii FC 8
2 Ted Rotenston F Keville United FC 7
3 Sven van der Werff MF Voobaha National 6
4 Richard Sonnenberg MF Dendarii FC 5
4 Leopold Flick D Dendarii FC 5
1 Ramón Perez D Spartak MK 12
2 Berto Luna MF Estrellapuerto FC 8
2 Conrado Camacho D Estrellapuerto FC 8
2 Raimond Biezen D Voobaha National 8
5 Neill Kendrick D Spartak MK 7

Segunda All-Star Team[]

GK Dominik Bettenstadt FC Franzharia
D Ramón Perez Spartak MK
D Conrado Camacho Estrellapuerto FC
D Raimond Biezen Voobaha National
D Neill Kendrick Spartak MK
MF Berto Luna Estrellapuerto FC
MF Tomas Alderton Estrellapuerto FC
MF Seymore Lewis Keville United FC
MF Les Andrews Voobaha National
F Jürgen Eichner Dendarii FC
F Ted Rotenston Keville United FC

Tercera Liga[]


Statistics Leaders[]

1 Lee Morell MF Boltonia 11
2 Manolito Rebosio MF Dun Carrig Bohs 10
3 Martin Romano MF FC Jekerger 7
3 Kris Sawyer MF FC Jekerger 7
3 Steven Bewers F Dun Carrig Bohs 7
3 Cortez Bradley F FC Jekerger 7
1 Lee Morell MF Boltonia 7
2 Steven Bewers F Dun Carrig Bohs 6
3 Martin Romano MF FC Jekerger 5
3 Austin Pugh F Boltonia 5
3 Dylan Frye F FC Jekerger 5
3 Josu Estrada F El Entrego 5
3 Mikey Martin F Dun Carrig Bohs 5
3 Cortez Bradley F FC Jekerger 5
1 Manolito Rebosio MF Dun Carrig Bohs 9
2 Kris Sawyer MF FC Jekerger 6
3 Lee Morell MF Boltonia 4
3 Kean Patrick D Dun Carrig Bohs 4
3 Romeo Garzón MF El Entrego 4
1 Martin Romano MF FC Jekerger 8
1 Manolito Rebosio MF Dun Carrig Bohs 8
3 Shay Romero D FC Jekerger 7
4 Carbrey Ross D Dun Carrig Bohs 6
4 Benjamin Ray D FC Jekerger 6
4 Emanuel Marqez MF El Entrego 6

Tercera All-Star Team[]

GK Gerrit Cobh Dun Carrig Bohs
D Kean Patrick Dun Carrig Bohs
D Marcus Lennon Compostela Artois
D Shay Romero FC Jekerger
D Benjamin Ray FC Jekerger
MF Lee Morell Boltonia
MF Manolito Rebosio Dun Carrig Bohs
MF Martin Romano FC Jekerger
MF Emanuel Marqez El Entrego
F Steven Bewers Dun Carrig Bohs
F Stuart Beauchamp FC Jekerger

Legendary Players[]

  • Lois Luis (Atlético Luz Del Mar) - fullback; played 100th match on May 4, 2009
  • Teo Nieto (Atlético Luz Del Mar) - goalkeeper; played 100th match on May 8, 2009
  • Roc Taja (Atlético Luz Del Mar) - fullback; played 100th match on May 18, 2009


The following notable players retired at the conclusion of the season on June 11, 2009:

  • Lyle Bawheid (Clyde Albion) fullback; retired at age 33
  • Clifford Broom (Arcadia FC) goalkeeper; retired at age 37
  • Simon French (PEI FC) fullback; retired at age 36
  • Jarno Isoaho (SiPS) forward; retired at age 35
  • Eric MacNair (Keville United FC) midfielder; retired at age 36
  • Rory McImage (Durkastan) midfielder; retired at age 31
  • Julian Nolan (Arcadia FC) forward; retired at age 34
  • Wolfram Prell (FC Franzharia) forward; retired at age 30
  • Lars Schäfers (Dendarii FC) midfielder; retired at age 31
  • Richardo Texeira (Atlético Luz Del Mar) forward; retired at age 34
  • Ricardo van Deinsen (Transvaal Springboks) forward; retired at age 31

League MVP[]

  • Lois Luis (Atlético Luz Del Mar) - fullback; 12 X11 selections

Gloria de Verano Cup[]

First Round[]

Matches played March 6 and March 13, 2009

  • Dragonia United FC defeated Clyde Albion (2-0, 1-0)
  • Estrella Roja defeated FC Jekerger (3-0, 4-0)
  • Boltonia defeated FC Stalybridge (3-0, 3-1)
  • El Entrego defeated Swamplandia Sinners (2-1, 3-2)
  • FC Franzharia defeated Dun Carrig Bohs (0-0, 2-1)
  • Voobaha National defeated Durkastan (2-1, 4-0)
  • Keville United FC defeated Compostela Artois (1-2, 3-1)

Second Round[]

Matches played March 20 and March 27, 2009


Matches played April 3 and April 10, 2009


Matches played April 17 and April 24, 2009

Gloria de Verano Finals[]

Matches played May 1 and May 8, 2009

  • VolNation Volunteers defeated Atlético Luz Del Mar (1-2, 3-0)

Press Releases & Previews[]

Week 1[]

Preview- MARCH 6, 2009
Match of the week: Estrella Roja @ Transvaal Springboks

Lutherville Press (LP):Of course the opening week of the season is always an opportunity to assess the form of the teams. It is also an opportunity to begin predicting the team's spot in the league. This week's MotW involves a team predicted to be second tier finishers, and one team which has been predicted early to be fighting for their Primera lives this season. Roja has played no friendlies this offseason and many have taken that as a poor sign of the club's direction. However they can prove themselves this week if they can steal some points on the road from the 'Boks.

The Springboks hope to show that they have improved this offseason. It has been a busy time for the club as they played a brutal friendly schedule to train up some of their youngsters. However their starting core of players looks to be very similar to their squad last year as last season's assist machine Matthias Rieger looks to get the team back into contention for the league. In order for the team to have a healthy showing they need to win the matches in which they are favored, starting with Roja at home this week.

Look for the 'Boks to come out hungry and put up an early goal to set the tone of the match. Prediction: Transvaal Springboks 3 - 1 Estrella Roja

SiPS vs. VolNation Volunteers

What is it that a newly promoted team doesn't want to run into in their first home match in Serie Primera? How about three time Liga Champions! SiPS face a large task in week one as they attempt to justify their promotion against the dynasty of the league. Prediction: SiPS 1 - 4 VolNation Volunteers

Atlético Luz Del Mar vs. Swamplandia Sinners

Swamplandia was the beneficiary of an expanding league this offseason as they avoided relegation and were gifted a second shot at the top league. And this season starts the same as last for these two teams. Last season Swamplandia opened up to a 4-0 defeat on the road against the eventual Liga Champions. Few will dispute that Swamplandia hasn't grown as a team since that time however. Unfortunately that won't change the outcome as ALDM will be riding high following their successful campaign last season. Prediction: Atlético Luz Del Mar 3 - 0 Swamplandia Sinners

Arcadia FC vs. 1984 Duckies FC

Arcadia is the best team in La Liga that has yet to claim the championship, this year many are picking them as the team that will win it all. That is so long as they don't drop any silly points. The Duckies are were the surprise team in Serie Segunda last year and this first week look to undergo baptism by fire in their first Primera match which just happens to be on the road. Prediction: Arcadia FC 4 - 0 1984 Duckies FC

Review- MARCH 9, 2009
Lutherville Press (LP): Week 1 in La Liga was a real shake up to the status quo of the league. As a matter of fact, about the only constant that a fan can feel comfortable with right now is that ALDM is up at the top of the table. Long time standard in Primera, Roja, fell to the bottom of the table with a defeat to Transvaal along with the victim of the ALDM match, the Sinners.

The biggest shocker of the week is that the two teams picked to finish at the top of the table, struggled in week one against newly promoted teams. The Volunteers struggled on the road against a strong SiPS team. The SiPS squad thrived on their home ground, capitalizing on all of their shot attempts in the match to earn a point in their first ever top division match. Arcadia FC was thoroughly frustrated at home this week by a Duckies lineup that thwarted all 4 of their attempts on goal (all of which came in the second half), and rubbed it in by controlling the possession in the second half in front of an unhappy red and black clad crowd.

Atlético Luz Del Mar 1 - 0 Swamplandia Sinners

  • Poss%: 56-44 SoG: 7-0
  • Scoreline: ALDM: Lois Luis (60')
  • Subs: ALDM: Gilberto Brito for Rosario Padin (30') SS: Buck Clay for Barry Joseph (75')
  • Bookings: N/A

SiPS 2 - 2 VolNation Volunteers

  • Poss%: 50-50 SoG: 2-4
  • Scoreline: SiPS: Petteri Eerikäinen (31', 59') Vol: Chad Goodwin (24', 71')
  • Subs: N/A
  • Bookings: N/A

Transvaal Springboks 3 - 0 Estrella Roja

  • Poss%: 54-46 SoG: 5-3
  • Scoreline: TS: Ricardo van Deinsen (65'), Matthias Rieger (75'), Charles Brennan (82')
  • Subs: Emmanuel Hörtnagl for Detlef Botha (70')
  • Bookings: TS: Detlef Botha (Y, 43') ER: Eduardo Begoña (Y, 21') Hector Chema (Y, 61')

Arcadia FC 0 - 0 1984 Duckies FC

  • Poss%: 49-51 SoG: 4-2
  • Scoreline: N/A
  • Subs: N/A
  • Bookings: 1984: Marius Negreanu (Y, 3'), Karl Reimar Pedersen (Y, 23'), Arvid Bynke Carlsen (Y, 44')
Serie Segunda Serie Tercera
  • Dun Carrig Bohs 2 - 1 Boltonia
  • Dragonia United FC 2 - 1 FC Jekerger
  • Durkastan 0 - 0 Compostela Artois

Week 2[]

Preview - MARCH 10, 2009
Lutherville Press (LP):After one week, the Primera looks to be very wide open. This could be the year of all sorts of storylines, Repeats, Return to Glory, Fall from Glory, Primera Party Crashers, are all headlines that could manifest this season. But let's slow down and take a look at the upcoming week.

Game of the Week: SiPS @ Atlético Luz Del Mar

It is always nice to be on top, that is how the season ended last year for Atlético and that is how the tables look right now. Atlético are coming off of a good season opening victory against the Sinners, where their defense seemingly erected a brick wall in the back, but there are still questions about their validity as "top club." Though reality says that this week's matchup against SiPS will not stop speculation, a loss will only fuel the flames. Truely this is a lose-lose situation for ALDM, especially at home, though nobody can object that a win will keep them safely at the top of the table.

SiPS are about to travel for their first ever road game against one of the "Big Three." In week one the SiPS gave a clinic on the execution and importance of finishing in a match. Their big star was Petteri Eerikäinen who put the ball in the ol' onion bag twice. The question is, can the club feed on their momentum and carry it forward this week?

The question this week becomes, can SiPS work their way around the Atlético backfield without providing too many opportunities to their opponent? This game looks as though it will be too much for SiPS to handle and GM Calderon will come out 3 points closer to a repeat. Prediction: ALDM 2 - 0 SiPS

VolNation Volunteers 3 - 1 1984 Duckies FC

These two teams did not start the season how people predicted they would. For the Volunteers it was a disappointment to come out with only a point last week. However for the Duckies it was impressive. The Duckies continue their road trip this week and neutral observers cannot help but believe that there is no way they will continue their luck. Also look for the Volunteers to come out fired up after last week's letdown.

Estrella Roja 1 - 4 Arcadia FC

It is only the beginning of the season, but Roja seem to be in hot water already. Week one saw them start off the season with a defeat and they are hoping that this week they can regain some momentum with the help of their home crowd. The Arcadia players are not in a good mood this week and are already planning on taking out their aggression on Roja, against whom they went unbeaten against last season through 4 matches.

Swamplandia Sinners 2 - 3 Transvaal Springboks

The Springboks have not been a popular pick to finish at the top of the table this year. However after one week they find themselves at the top and are now tasked with staying in that place. This week they travel to Swamplandia to see if they can complete that task. The Sinners on the other hand are trying their best to right their ship, which has early in the season sunk to the bottom of the table. Three points at home would no doubt help them to at least the middle of the table.

Review - MARCH 16, 2009
Lutherville Press (LP): The surprises in Primera continued this week, the biggest of these surprises coming with the name of SiPS and Duckies. The two promoted teams from last year continue to crash the party of the perennial Primera teams. For the second week in a row the new teams pulled off draws against "Big 3" teams.

It was a week of exciting finishes, with two of the four games having critical goals come in injury time. Atlético was just seconds away from falling in defeat to SiPS but received a desperation, short-sided, goal from Farriá-Forreiró in the third minute of extra time. The Duckies also received a lift when, down a man, Boto found the net in the 91st minute. Both of these games finished deadlocked and contributed to our jammed table.

Other headlines from week two include, Arcadia FC failing to get three points once again, this week at Estrella Roja, and very quietly, the Springboks have taken the top of the table. Amazingly, through 2 weeks, 75% of the table is undefeated at the same time as 75% of the teams have yet to have a single victory. This could be the most competitive group of teams to compete in the Primera in it's short history.

Atlético Luz Del Mar 3 - 3 SiPS

  • Poss%: 50-50 SoG: 5-7
  • Scoreline: ALDM: Ochotorena (8'), Vizcaíno (26'), Farriá-Forreiró (93') SiPS: Rouhiainen (44'), Rasimus (54', 72')
  • Subs: ALDM: Asenjo in for Mugerza (29') SiPS: Salomäki in for Tenhola (56')
  • Bookings: Cavaní (Y, 27'; 2Y/R, 89')

VolNation Volunteers 3 - 3 1984 Duckies FC

  • Poss%: 59-41 SoG: 7-6
  • Scoreline: Vols: Atkinson (5', 42'), Goodwin (79') 1984: Mahony (57'), Pitt (64'), Boto (91)
  • Subs: Vols: Rich in for Stewart (83')
  • Bookings: 1984: Pedersen (Y, 34'; 2Y/R, 83')

Estrella Roja 2 - 2 Arcadia FC

  • Poss%: 53-47 SoG: 5-2
  • Scoreline: Roja: OG Napieralski (45'), Yebga (52') AFC: Kewell (12;), Fitzpatrick (55')
  • Subs: AFC: Traversa in for Fitzpatrick (67')
  • Bookings: Roja: Asturias (Y, 55'), Garro (Y, 79') AFC: Kewell (Y, 32')

Swamplandia Sinners 0 - 3 Transvaal Springboks

  • Poss%: 50-50 SoG: 2-8
  • Scoreline Boks: Brennan (6', 74'), Deinsen (60')
  • Subs: SS: Battle in for Cardoso (37')
  • Bookings: SS: Clay (Y, 14'), Li (Y, 54') Boks: Witchge (Y, 4'), van der Meer (Y, 27'), Baako (Y, 40'), Hörtnagl (Y, 56'), van Buyten (Y, 75')
Serie Segunda: Serie Tercera:
  • Boltonia 2 - 1 Dragonia United FC
  • El Entrego 5 - 0 Durkastan
  • Compostela Artois 1 - 0 FC Jekerger
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Week 3[]

Preview - MARCH 17, 2009
Lutherville Press (LP):What a knock down-drag out brawl we currently have in the Primera. Currently there is only one team, the Springboks, which is safe from possibly being in relegation danger come the end of the week. The entire table could nearly be flipped upside down following one matchday. This week is separation week as teams try to get themselves established within the table so they can also pay attention to the cup as it kicks into full stride.

Match of the Week: Transvaal Springboks @ Arcadia FC

The Boks come into this separation week as the only team which has started off the year by showing that they are making a real run for the title. Some have noted that the weak early schedule has helped the Transvaal side but they have thus far capitalized on their chances and are right where they need to be. With 6 points in 2 games they know that even with a loss this week they can fall no further than second in the standings. However don't for one second believe that they will not come out firing on all cylinders. Behind the brilliant striking of Brennan the Boks have put the ball in the net the most of any Primera side so far this season. If he gets hot again AFC might find they have their hands full.

Arcadia FC has started off this season 5 campaign in a disappointing fashion. As the hot preseason pick to finish the league in the top spot Arcadia have yet to translate their obvious talent as seen on paper, to results on the field. The poor spot in lineup seems to be their midfield as they have failed to control possession in either of their two matches to this point, frustrating their forwards by not getting the opportunities they need to come away with victory. Last week the team capitalized on each opportunity given to them, but couldn't come away with a victory. However their early form does not mean that this team isn't the powerhouse they were predicted to be. The league being as tight as it currently is exactly what Arcadia needs to overcome their sluggish start and assume the top of the table within a few weeks.

At home this week, look for Arcadia FC to let out a little steam on the current top team, get some production out of their lineup of stars, and celebrate their rise in the table in front of their fans.

Arcadia FC 4 - 2 Transvaal Springboks

Estrella Roja 2 - 2 VolNation Volunteers Roja came out and exceeded expectations last week by taking a point away from Arcadia FC. The match ended Roja's streak of 5 consecutive league losses giving them a much needed boost. The Vols were disappointed once again last week by the Duckies in front of their own crowd. What they really need is a confidence boost in the form of a win. Unfortunately, another draw or loss in this match will not make the Vol faithful any happier.

1984 Duckies FC 3 - 2 Atlético Luz Del Mar This week the Duckies complete their early season tour of the "Big 3" with a match against last season's champion Atlético. The Duckies finally get to play in front of their home crowd and are really hoping to treat them to a great experience. Atlético is the only team within striking distance of the Boks and a victory will put them back where they aim to be... the top.

SiPS 4 - 3 Swamplandia Sinners SiPS (along with their promotion mates Duckies) have shocked the series thus far. Failing to get the memo that they are supposed to get walked over by the teams in the Primera, especially those of the "Big 3." This weeks sees the SiPs with their first good chance to come away with 3 points, at home against current cellar dweller Sinners. The Sinners are hoping to show signs of life. A win will most likely move them out of relegation for the present time and even a draw would be a much needed point.

Team Pages[]

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