This alliance has disbanded.
Libertarian Party of Cybernations

LPCN Official Flag
LPCN Motto: "Constitution is government, it's our laws!"
Anthem Free the People
Team Color Green team Green
Founded June 2008

AllianceStats Statistics as of June 6th, 2008

Total Nations 6
Strength 5446
Avg. Strength 913
Nukes 0
Score 0.08
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Founding of the LPCNEdit

The Libertarian Party of Cybernations was founded to help create a Libertarian party similar to the Communist Party of Cybernations. Several invitations went out June 6, and the returns are waiting. The site of the LPCN is still under construction but will be up and running before too long.

Merge of the LPCN and Libertarian MovementEdit

June 7 the Libertarian Movement merged into the LPCN in return for aid. Everything between the Alliance has been added and averaged. This brings the LPCN up to 0.08 in standings.

Green and YellowEdit

Libertarian colors are usually Green or Yellow in elections and so that is the Alliance colors. Even though the flag of the LPCN is Blue and White... Libertarianism is rounded and has no exact color.

Rules of the LPCNEdit

War is unconstitutional, only if the Majority says war, do we go to war. Trading is great, the LPCN is organizing a trade circle for it's members. The first improvement that every LPCN member must get is the Border Wall, or Clinic. It will greatly improve our stats. Nukes are not allowed, at all. Military varies from nation to nation no rules are set for that dept.


The LPCN is planning to continue a relationship with the CPCN. There is also the Libertarian Movement and the Socialist Libertarians. The leader of the LPCN is Gemnoviag and Jaden Louising. The LPCN strongly opposes Nukes but is usually good with Aircraft.


So far the LPCN has just Fur and Silver as offerable resources.

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