Liberal Party of Disparu
Parti libéral du Disparu
Disparu Liberals2
Founded19 May 2012
IdeologySocial liberalism
Liberal International
Fiscal positionCentre-right
Social positionCentre-left
LeaderPaul Berlitz
Official colors      Red
Seats in the
- National Assembly

75 / 250
Coat of Arms of Disparu.png.png

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The Liberal Party of Disparu (French: Parti libéral du Disparu), commonly referred to as the Liberals (French: Libéraux), is a political party in Disparu. It is currently led by Paul Berlitz.

The party supports social liberalism, a combination between liberalism and social justice. As such, the party is centre-left socially, as it supports expanded civil and political rights. However, it is centre-right fiscally, as it believes in improving the standard of living through a free market, and promoting social justice through non-governmental organizations such as charities rather than through a welfare state.

The party was founded by Berlitz and other like-minded individuals at the National Convention on 19 May 2012. The party claims to be the successor of both the Quebec Liberal Party and the Empire Party of Disparu. Many of the party's members were also members of the defunct Empire Party.

The party has a prominent libertarian caucus, which supports the outright dissolution of the Government, and the transformation of Disparu into an anarcho-capitalist society.

The party currently holds the Chancellorship and 75 of the seats in the National Assembly. The party currently forms a coalition government with the Social Democratic Party; as such, its members currently lead half of the Ministries.

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