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Treaty Type: MDoAP
Treaty Signed: 10/09/2009
Treaty Status: Active

Lets FOKing GO is a MDoAP between FOK and the Guru Order


The signing of this treaty is meant to record and improve the relation that exists between FOK and Guru Order. Guru Order and FOK hereby declare that this treaty is signed in good faith and based upon ideals of peaceful co-existence, cooperation and many healthy business deals between these two friendly alliances.

Guru Order and FOK hereby enter into this Mutual Defense and optional Aggression Pact.

Article I. Sovereignty[]

Each signatory hereby declares that it will respect the other signatory's independence.

Article II. Non-Agression[]

It is agreed that no members of either signatory will declare war on a member of the other signatory, aid enemies of the other signatory or engage in other actions which can be seen as a violation of peace.

Article III. Friendship[]

Guru Order and FOK hereby declare being friends. Every signatory is highly encouraged to provide any psychological help if that is needed.

Article IV. Espionage[]

Each signatory hereby declares their commitment not to spy on the other signatory and thus respect the sovereignty of the other signatory. If one signatory has crucial information regarding the other signatory's safety and independence, it is obliged to inform the other signatory within 24 hours revealing the nature, content and the source of the information.

Article V. Business[]

Guru Order and FOK already have an excellent business agreement, but by the terms of this treaty try to further expand this venture. Both alliances will try to work further on increasing the efficiency of this business venture.

Article VI. Mutual Defense[]

Guru Order and FOK hereby agree that any direct attack on either signatory will be seen as an attack on both. In those times of need, the signatories will use all means to defend the other signatory from aggression.

Article VII. Optional Agression[]

Both signatories may join a war that is started by either signatory if both parties agree to it.

Article VIII. Amendments[]

It is possible to make amendments to this treaty if both signatories deem it beneficial. The amendment needs to be discussed and agreed upon both signatories before being valid.

Article IX. Termination[]

If either signatory wishes to terminate these accords, they must provide the other with at least 72 hours notice or if any signatory notices that any of the Articles have been violated, the signatory has the right to withdraw from this treaty.

The next 72 hours after the other signatory is informed this treaty remains valid.


Signed on behalf of FOK

  • MrCyber, President
  • Tromp, Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Fixxx, Minister of Internal Affairs
  • Frederik, Minister of Defense
  • Ome Harry, Minister of Economic Affairs

Signed on behalf of Guru Order

  • Guru Order Elders Council:
    • Mentor
    • Rodger Waldie
    • Blade Rocko
    • Smokey78