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Let's Make Another One is a defunct bloc founded by SLCB and Tetris on the 4th July 2011 to commemorate SLCB's 1000 days of existence. It was founded because both SLCB and Tetris agreed that LMAO was a much better acronym.

The Selena Gomez AccordsEdit

Article 1Edit

Both parties agree to spend 2 minutes forming a CB when they want to roll someone.

Article 2Edit

If the alliance we want to roll has more NS, we will surrender unconditionally.

Article 3Edit

NCC and Pollard agree to not slag off the other's home city.

Article 4Edit

SLCB and Tetris will play minecraft. Neither party shall teach dane0 how to fly.

Article 5Edit

SLCB shall support AFC Tetris in any CN Soccer tournament.

Article 6Edit

There will be no love for CelesteA.

Article 7Edit

Articles can be added by either signatory at any time.



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