Legitimate Catholic Movement
FoundedJune 29, 2012
IdeologyReligious Conservatism
Fiscal positionRight
Social positionRight
GuideHenry Farlanders
HeadquartersMedellin, Antioquia
Official colors      White
Seats in the
- Congress of the Republic (both cameras)
- Upper Camera
- Lower Camera

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The Legitimate Catholic Movement, is a political party in the Republic of Antioquia. Its a conservative party in terms of its political positions. It was founded by Henry Farlanders, who gathered support from those who opposed the newly introduced liberals institutions. The LCM doesnt holds any seats in the congress of the republic. The party was founded on June 29, 2012. One day after the elections of the Congress of the Republic were held. The party is recruiting, with little success. The party identify itself right fiscally and socially. On other terms it remains strictly conservative.

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