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Legion Championship
(formerly LSA Champions League)
October 2008
The Legion
Number of teams
Current champions
Pikachu FC (Arcadian Empire) - 1st time
Most successful team
Pikachu FC (Arcadian Empire) - 1 time
Sign Ups

The Legion Championship (formerly LSA Champions League) is a team club football competition organised by the Legion's Communications Department, which was founded in October 2008 for any CN player signed up on [1], the Legion's forums. The tournament is held with a variable season length, with the first season being around one and one-half months long and the second four months long. Winning the Championship will net the winning nation 200 in-game tech along with all Xpert11 prizes.

The Legion Championship sponsors the Transvaal brand of competition, FIFOB and Liga Mundo. It is planned that winners of later competitions will be able to apply their skills made in the Legion Championship for use in Liga Mundo.

The first season of the Legion Championship (but branded as the LSA Champions League) is ended on December 23, with Pikachu FC from the Arcadian Empire winning. The second season is due to start on December 31, and end on April 4.


The tournament was made in October 2008 to commemorate the success of one year since the first ever UCFA Champions League, and to promote the continued success of Legion football. The first season was then played, with 8 teams participating with several new talents emerging from that season and because of the success of it, the organisers of the Legion Championship hope to continue it well into the next year.

And it did, with Pikachu FC winning the first season, organisers then recruited 8 new teams from three alliances to make the competition more international. The second season, now under the Championship banner is to start on New Years Eve and ending on April 4.


There is no qualification as of yet, however, a team qualifies by following the prompts on the sign-up thread posted above. However, there are several requirements needed for entry, an account on the CN game AND an account on the Legion's forums.

These two things, with an official signup on the off-site will warrant an official application for the League, and the League Manager 'Arcadian Empire' will then accept or deny the said application.

Tournament Results[]

LSA Champions League (Oct-Dec 2008)[]

Main Article: LSA Champions League

Eight teams signed up for the first Champions League, they are: Arcadian Empire, totem, Dendarii Federation, Eveready, FreeMason, Penguin Man, King Seifer Almasy. In this season, there were 12 matchdays - with the last on December 23 played on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Pos Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Pikachu FC 12 9 2 1 32 5 +27 29
2 F.C. Malawi 12 8 3 1 33 9 +24 27
3 Illawarra Steelers 12 6 2 4 24 17 +7 20
4 The Hasselhoffs 12 5 0 7 26 21 +5 15
5 Wolf Team 12 3 4 5 6 17 -11 13
6 Prosperus Penguins 12 2 2 8 4 32 -28 8
7 The Sharks 12 2 1 9 3 27 -24 7

Records and Statistics[]

Wins by Nation[]

  • Arcadian Empire - 1

Players Award[]

  • Eli Wagner (The Hasselhoffs) - 12 points (9g, 3a)

Top Goalscorers[]

  • Rigobert Billabong (F.C. Malawi) - 11 goals


  • Jean Joel Ngom Kome (F.C. Malawi) - 7 assists

Team of the Weeks (X11s)[]

  • Edmund Stockwell (Pikachu FC) - 10 Xpert11s

Discplinary Award[]

  • Charlie Goldberg (The Hasselhoffs) - 5 bookings (4y, 1r)

Own goals[]

  • Andy Buck (The Hasselhoffs) - 1 own goal

Editions of the Legion Championship[]

Season ongoing