Valhalla & Allies vs. The Legion
Date August 6–14, 2007
Result Legion surrenders
Preceded by
ICP Reformation War
Succeeded by
Genmay-BoTS War
Valhalla & Allies


The Initiative

Goon Order Of Neutral Shoving

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The Phoenix Federation


Multicolored Cross-X Alliance
MCXA war flag.jpg

Golden Sabres

Global Order of Darkness
War flag of the Global Order of Darkness.svg

North Atlantic Treaty Organization
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Tactical Alliance Command
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Avenguard Crusade

Legion & Allies

The Legion

Global Mutual Defense Group

(Cumulative NS 8/06/07 25,171,681)
(Cumulative NS 8/17/07 34,040,053)
(Cumulative NS 8/06/07 5,978,548)
(Cumulative NS 8/17/07 4,185,740)
Several alliances joined the conflict after 8/06/07 and therefore weren't included in the original cumulative NS

Events Leading To War[edit | edit source]

Jack8377 and Doland were accused of spying on Valhalla for The Legion. The Legion responded to the accusations and evidences with IRC logs of a pre-accusation conversation in which Legion leadership condemned and ejected Doland from the Legion upon finding out his activities. The negative public response to the logs, which seemed strangely well-worded, led to declarations of war from Valhalla and her allies.

Sides Align[edit | edit source]

Prior to the August 6 update, Valhalla declared war, followed quickly by GOONS, \m/, TPF and Golden Sabres. Genmay declared war shortly after update, but was not assigned targets and therefore its declaration can be considered more of a statement of support than an intention to actively engage in hostilities.

Long-time Legion ally, The Orange Defense Network, declared neutrality in the conflict that same night, citing Legion's request that ODN save itself from destruction on Legion's behalf. Additionally, ODN's conflicting MDP with GOONS provided ample legal precedent for its neutrality.

Midday on August 6, GMDG announced its intention to "go down swinging" and declared war on The Initiative. The GMDG's original declaration made no mention of The Legion in either the positive nor the negative. Imperial Gashira asserts that he had made a mistake while typing and had to edit the DoW quick before the thread got too many hits. Gashira, indulging many complaints about the DoW, wrote a revised DoW, which explained the GMDG's position more clearly. Though the Global Order of Darkness did not post an official declaration, GOD members proceeded to attack GMDG members. NATO also declared war on the GMDG in the GMDG's DoW thread.

On 7 August, the Tactical Alliance Command, a small alliance, and the Avenguard Crusade made an official declaration of war on GMDG. The Multicolored Cross-X Alliance also made an official declaration of war on Legion.

Events Surrounding The War[edit | edit source]

August 6, 2007: Legion members scramble to enter peace mode before being attacked. Stragglers are quickly declared on and many are sent into anarchy.

August 7, 2007: Rogue attempts to spread the war to more alliances fail. Invicta remains neutral in the conflict despite attacks by Swannzie of Babel, whose motives and accomplices were unknown.

-Ex Legion member, Colt1945, abandons The Legion and is accepted by \m/. Colt publicly reveals the survival plans of Legion.

August 7, 2007: Valhalla announces peace terms for individual nations of The Legion who wish to leave the conflict.

August 10, 2007: The Initiative agrees to a Cessation of Hostilities. Valhalla had yet to sign, however.

August 11, 2007: The Golden Sabres agree to a Cessation of Hostilities

August 13, 2007: Legion is down approximately 1.7 million total nation strength; Valhalla is up approximately 100,000.

August 14, 2007: Legion and Valhalla agree to terms, war ends

September 10, 2007: GOONS apologize to the Legion for participating in the war.

June 27, 2008: Jonathon Brookbank, former GGA Triumvir, releases logs of discussions before and during the war.

Peace Terms[edit | edit source]

Between Legion & Valhalla[edit | edit source]

  1. Legion will pay reparations to Valhalla in the amount of $40 million.
  2. The Legion will assist Valhalla in getting a Senate seat in every Purple Team senate election.
  3. The Legion apologizes for its government accepting information from Jack8377 over a three-week period, and for Doland's attempts to spy on Valhalla. We should have brought it to Valhalla’s attention as soon as we (the government) knew about it, and we didn’t. Sorry about that.
  4. There shall exist between the Legion and Valhalla a NAP for 1 month. After that time, the NAP will be subject to extension pending the compliance with these terms and membership behavior.

Also, in the same post:

As an additional note, I personally apologize for twice delaying the response for our surrender. In my defense, the first was to make sure the vote passed, and the second was because Im bad at math. The Legion Cabinet also wishes to apologize for misleading people about Doland. While the logs weren't faked or staged, they were used to in an attempt to cover up that we knew that he was spying so he'd take the fall for us.

—Lord Swampy, Legion Prime Minister

Between Legion & Initiative alliances[edit | edit source]

  1. Effective immediately, all signatory alliance nations shall offer peace or accept any peace offers delivered.
  2. A state of general peace shall be recognized amongst the signatory alliances.
  3. A payment of 4500 technology, or a cash equivalent at the rate of 1.2 million per 50 tech, must be made by the Legion to the alliances of \m/, Genmay, GOONS, MCXA, and TPF. All payments must be made by the Legion within thirty days of receiving payment lists from these Initiative alliances.
  4. The signatory alliances agree to co-operate to help the Legion achieve a greater peace with all other parties.
  5. Aggressive declarations of war by the Legion shall immediately render this document null and void.

Between Legion & Golden Sabres[edit | edit source]

Youse guys send us peace, we send you peace, and we will be made in the shade lemonade.

Alternative Names[edit | edit source]

Dove War is frequently used in reference to this conflict. Additionally, names such as The Purple Purge and various other similar derivatives are occasionally used.

Declarations & Important Links[edit | edit source]

General Links[edit | edit source]

War Thread Index

War Statistics Thread

War Propaganda Thread

Accused spy Jack8377 presents his side of the story

Legion apologizes and expels Doland

FAN supports their "allies" in the conflict but don't clarify who their allies are.

An Apology from GOONS

Declarations of War[edit | edit source]

Valhalla DoW against Legion

\m/ DoW against Legion

GOONS DoW against Legion

Golden Sabres DoW against Legion

TPF DoW against Legion

Genmay DoW against Legion

GMDG DoW against WUT

NATO DoW against GMDG

TAC DoW against GMDG

Avenguard Crusade DoW against GMDG

MCXA DoW against Legion

Peace Terms & Agreements[edit | edit source]

Valhalla's Terms of Surrender for Legion Nations

Golden Sabre's "Terms" of Surrender for Legion

GMDG disbands.

The Initiative agrees to a cessation of hostilities

Golden Sabres agree to a cessation of hostilities

Legion surrenders to Valhalla

Declarations of Support for Legion[edit | edit source]

GMDG DoW on WUT/Valhalla

Declarations of Support for Valhalla and WUT[edit | edit source]

TOP declare support

IRON declare support

OFS declare support

CDS declare support

NPO declare support

NpO declare support

NoV declare support

GGA declare support

GDA declare support

SPAM declare support

MCXA declare support

TAC declare support

GOD declare support

The Shadowhood declare support

NATO declare support

TOOTLOCAHD declare support

The Illuminati declare support

WAPA declare support

STA declare support

Inc. declare support

Declarations of Neutrality[edit | edit source]

ODN declares neutrality

PPF declares neutrality

GPA declares neutrality

GATO declares neutrality

GOLD declares neutrality

Admin Alliance declares neutrality

FCC declares neutrality, with the caveat that they will honor MDPs if their partners become involved

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