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This alliance merged with the Black Defense Council, Element, and Obsidian to form Dark Evolution.

Merger occurred on/around September 8, 2008

Note: Announcement

Legio X
LX Official Flag

LX Official Flag
Team Color Black team.gif Black
Founded 3/29/2008


  • Leader: Hormones74
  • MoFa: VIdiot the Great
  • MoIA: Merovingian
  • MoW: Revelation

Tribuni Augusticlavi

  • Trade: Uchiha Itachi
  • Finance: XrCatD
  • Economy: XrCatD
  • Enlistment: Tzale
  • Education:
  • Propaganda: Grasshopper
  • Military: Chief Redneck1, Draco Alivi

Comitia Legionis

  • Grasshopper
  • King Conan
  • Wemedge
  • Avalon
  • Walther
  • Ohio
  • Tashees2
  • Victor Hoffman

link= alliance Statistics as of July 6, 2008

Total Nations 53
Strength 880,012
Avg. Strength 16,604
Nukes 57
Score 3.50
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Legio – X: While we breathe, we shall defend - Dum spiramus tuebimur


Legio X is a black team alliance seeking security, development and growth for its member nations while also promoting those same ideals for the black sphere as a whole.


Legio X is the merger of two alliances, Cosa Nostra and Order of the Sword . Both alliances were in The Brotherhood (bloc) . Based on the close nature of their relationship there, they decided to merge into one alliance, Legio-X. Legio X was announced on April 29, 2008.

Early History:

Legio X was in existence for two weeks when events took a turn that would define what Legio X was all about.

Legio X retained OTS’s membership in the Hanseatic League as well as OTS’s and CN’s membership in The Brotherhood.

Members of the Continuum declared on Nordein Verein, a member of the Hanseatic League (see Continuum-NoV War ) . The Hanseatic League was an MDP bloc including FCO, Legio X, and Norden Verein. During the first day of the NoV war, Legio-X was attacked by two members of DEFCON, a protectorate of The Phoenix Federation. Legio-X declared on DEFCON and joined the Continuum v. NoV war.

Legio X fought with valor and honor in the face of insurmountable odds. After two weeks of heavy fighting, Legio X had lost several members and over half of its NS. It is in no small part due to Legio X’s conduct during the war that lenient peace terms were offered by the Continuum.

Current Events:

Legio X has completed its peace terms and is now moving forward economically and diplomatically. Legio X is now a protectorate of The Order of the Paradox.

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