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This alliance has disbanded
This alliance has disbanded as of June 11, 2008. More information is available here.
(Note: See Also: Continuum-NoV War)

League of United Armenians

Flag final 2-1.jpg
LUA Official Flag

LUA Coat of Arms

LUA Motto: "One Race, One Alliance, One Future"
"Մեկ Ազգ, Մեկ Միուտյուն, Մեկ Ապագա" (Armenian)

Team Color Black
Founded April 2007
By: Lord Emil, Melkoumian


Strength 301,751
Avg. Strength 7,737
Nuclear Weapons 11
  • High Chancellor: Lord Emil
  • Emperor: Sigmund
  • Prime Minister: Blue Voyager
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs: EAKOP
  • Minister of Defense: Lord Mickail
Secret Service
  • Director: Set God of Chaos
  • Officer: IRoNkiD
Imperial Bank of Armenia
  • Director of IBoA: Blue Voyager
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The League of United Armenians or LUA for short, was a Black sphere alliance founded by Melkoumian and Lord Emil in April 2007. Most of the members of LUA are Armenians, while there is a minority of other ethnicities who joined the alliance.

Member States[]

The alliance mainly consists of nations ruled by leaders of Armenian ethnicity, however the alliance welcomes all nations but those ruled by leaders of Turkish ethnicities. This is because of the ongoing struggle between Armenians and Turks for the recognition of the Armenian Genocide and the mistrust created as a result of that struggle.

Continuum-NoV War[]

The Continuum-NoV War involved the League of United Armenians because of Legio-X being in the Hanseatic League and LUA being in The Brotherhood with Legio-X. LUA honored there treaty to fight along side with there allies, and thus has also caused the destruction of there alliance. After disbandment most members of LUA joined Nordreich.

LUA Inter-Alliance Treaties[]

List of Treaties: