Logo of Le Poutine
Le Poutine
Type Parody newspaper
Format Tabloid
Owner Richard Touré
Founded 22 January 2010
Headquarters Montréal, Disparu
Circulation 251,000

Le Poutine is a satirical newspaper circulated in Disparu, and is published in both English and French. It is currently owned by Richard Touré, who is also the editor-in-chief of the newspaper.

It currently boasts a print circulation of 251,000 in Disparu, and is somewhat popular in other parts of the world as well. Copies of Le Poutine are printed and released every month, and the newspaper's staff also publishes news and other media on its official website.

Le Poutine usually publishes articles that simply satirizes the political scene in Disparu. For instance, it made a report on a fictional survey that showed that the (now abolished) Monarchy was failing its duties of "being oppressive"; another poked fun of Lance Pikachurin's last name. It also satirized former Chancellor Cynthia Celeste's tendency to lose her temper in certain situations.

Commentators have noted that Le Poutine may have been one of the first publications to highlight, albeit mockingly, the old Government's tendency to subvert due process, and using distractions to cover up these events. In an article published on 16 July 2011, they report a fictional government announcement where the suspension of citizens' rights and freedoms and the opening of free dessert buffets throughout Disparu were announced at the same time. This is perhaps a reference to the Unknown War; during the war, residents of areas bordering the Great Lakes States had their mobility rights suspended for the sake of the war effort.

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