Head of Foreign Affairs of the Random Insanity Alliance
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Lanna is the player behind the current Lord MonkhErdene of Haven for Peace. In the past, she was Lylia Kinkaydia Rose of Star Gazing (co-founder of Through Yggdrasils Roots), Psychotic Dictator of The Justice League (Head of Foreign Affairs, and Head of Military Operations of Random Insanity Alliance), Tala Lang of Great Aurelysis (founder of Auxiliary Army, Director of Intelligence, and Head Diplomat of Multi-Colored Coalition Force), Lerato Lev of Prostitution Union (member of Orange Shadow Force), and Levana Sau of Levana Sau (member of Orange Defense Network and Green Commonwealth of Utopian Nations. There were also a few nations that she played, but she is getting old, and doesn't remember anymore.

History (As told by RIA)Edit

Lanna joined the RIA on March 25, 2008 after leaving The Order of the Paradox. She was in the RIA a short time before this but it was only for a couple of days when she left the Auxiliary Army, an alliance she founded, before moving onto TOP. She has been on Planet Bob for some time now and witnessed the Shyox's first announcement of the RIA. Before her time in the RIA she was a member of such alliances as GCUN, ODN, OSF, and MCCF before founding AA and moving onto TOP. Since she joined the RIA she has been a great contributer to the alliance and has been in government for most of this time as well. Around the middle of April 2008, she began acting as the unofficial Head of Foreign Affairs after Nitemarebforcrismas stepped down from the position. After this she decided to run for Head of Foreign Affairs in the elections at the end of the month. She won with 76.67% of the vote and became the new HoFA. During this time she was very successful as HoFA completely revamping the RIA's Diplomat system. In the following election she also easily secured victory and remained as HoFA for the rest of the month. For the next month of July she decided not to re-run for HoFA but instead of run for Head of Military Operations. She ended up defeating the incumbent Lord Doom with 60.00% of the votes. On August 23, 2008 Lanna announced her resignation from her position along with the alliance. She also announced the nation of The Justice League would soon cease to exist which it did several days later. Lanna later returned near the end of the October with the idea of starting a new alliance. This alliance was born on November 2, 2009 and is known as Through Yggdrasil's Roots, whereas she remains today a member and a Triumvir of the alliance.

History (As told by Lanna)Edit

Meow... *scratches ear* I will be back. Promise.


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