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Lander Clan
Established 24 June 2008
(5,868 days old)
Alliance The Javahouse League
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Nation Team Team: Pink Pink


In June 2008, Lander Clan was founded by White Chocolate, who along with NecroSeer, founded United Under Scorn as opposed to joining an already established alliance. US remained a small alliance for the most part on purpose, with a focus on slow growth and friendship over political involvement on Planet Bob. After over two years, the founders decided to retire their position. Just before US disbanded, in May 2010 White Chocolate became a member of the Basketball Ninjas. White Chocolate became the second established nation to join the Basketball Ninjas under Charter Section 2, Clause 2. Lander Clan prospered as a member of that organization and maintains good relations to this day. In October 2010 White Chocolate became a member of the Sandwich Confederation, a close ally with Basketball Ninjas and a former ally of the alliance White Chocolate founded. NecroSeer had gone directly to The Sandwich Confederation after US disbanded.