Land represents the size of your borders and affects your population density which in turn affects your citizen's population happiness and your environment.

Gaining Land Edit

Land grows naturally in the game at a rate of 0.5 miles per day. This rate can be increased through resource bonuses. You can also purchase land as well as gain land through military conquest. Land starts out at $400 per mile of diameter, but goes up in cost the more you buy. You gain +1 population happiness if your population density is less than 70 (120 with water). If your infrastructure is greater than twice your land area, your environment will be negatively affected. Each mile of land increases your population count slightly (0.2 person per mile of land before modifiers).

World Map Edit

Land is represented in the game by the circle surrounding your capital city in the various Google maps in the game. When you create your nation you select your location (coordinates) on the map (you can change your location later). Your nation will not show up on the Top Nations Map until your nation climbs up the strength ladder to become one of the top 100 nations.

Your capital city is represented by the markers on the map and will also be displayed for all other nations when they view your nation.

FAQ Edit

What is the ideal amount of land for my nation to have?

  • The ideal amount of land is just over half of your infrastructure amount. Since the benefits that land gives your nation are very minor, you shouldn't need more than that. If you get any less than that then your environment will be negatively affected. Usually keeping to this rule will be enough to maintain a good population density. However, if your population density ever gets over 70 (population density is displayed in red), then buy more land.

Does population density affect my population happiness or income?

  • There is only one effect of population density on population happiness and income. If your population density is under 70 then you get +1 population happiness. Water increases the population density limit by 50.

Purchasing Tips Edit

Don't buy a lot of land early on in your nation's life.

  • Land grows naturally on its own. Early on you shouldn't need to buy a lot of land since its growth will more than cover what you need. You may need to buy land occasionally, but usually only when you get a message in red saying that you need more land. As your infrastructure grows and your nation gets older you may need to start purchasing land in order to help your environment and keep your people happy.
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