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Lac Artemis
Flag of Lac Artemis Coat of Arms of Lac Artemis
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Lac Artemis
Lac Artemis with Château Lune in the center.
Silver Millennium
Location Mer de la Sérénité, Tethys
Area 2,900 km²
Population 3.1 million

Lac Artemis is the capital city of the Silver Millennium Imperium. Constructed from 2807 through 2809, Lac Artemis has been called the "most beautiful city on the lunar surface", although there aren't really many others to compare to. The largest city within the Silver Millennium, Lac Artemis is a favorite vacationing spot for the Vaniveran Imperial Family, who also serve as the Lunar Royal Family.


The idea of Lac Artemis was conceived by Sen. Serena Shields of Demeter Province. Proposed to the former Lunar French Parliament as the idea for a permanent lunar capital, the city's proposal passed in Parliament 21-14. Once the Luna Dome was completed beyond the limits of the Seléne Dome, Parliament created the Ministry of Lunar Architecture (MLA) to design the new capital for Lunar France. To inspire its young architects and engineers, the MLA announced a contest for the design of "Serenity City".

The winning design was from a Japanese native of Lunar France, who wished to remain anonymous throughout the construction of the city. This plan called for the construction of a large lake in front of a grand city featuring towers and parks. On the lake's shore lie a magnificent castle to serve as the residence of the Monarch of Lunar France and as the meeting place for the Lunar French Government. Inspired by the fictional Moon Kingdom, "Serenity City" was scheduled for completion in October 2809.

Halfway through construction, word reached Lunar France that the Vaniveran Empire, who ruled over the colony, was reorganizing the Colony of Lunar France into the Silver Millennium Imperium. Once the news had been learned by members of the Lunar French Government, the Lunar French Parliament met in Seléne to elect a new governor and rename Serenity City. On August 28, 2808, Matthieu de Anjou, a member of the Vaniveran Imperial Family, was elected as the first Governor of the Silver Millennium. The next day, the new White Moon Parliament chose to name the new capital, Lac Artemis, after the Greek goddess of the moon.

On March 15, 2809, construction had come to an end on the new capital of the Silver Millennium seven months early. Now home to more than half the White Moon population, Lac Artemis has begun to become a major fashion and art center.


Lac Artemis's name is derived from the French word for lake, "lac", and the Greek goddess of the moon, Artemis. Literally, its name means "Lake Artemis".

The lake bordering Lac Artemis is also named Artemis Lake.


The Lunar City of Lac Artemis is divided into four sectors: Artume, which serves as a commercial center; Diana, the city's residential sector; Serenity, which surrounds Chateau Lune and Artemis Lake; and Apollo, a high-class sector home to wealthy citizens and institutes.