Random Insanity Alliance vs.
LUEnited Nations rogues
Date September 2, 2006–September 4, 2006
Result Rouges defeated
RIA revealed to the Cyberverse
LUEnited Nations rogues LUEflag
Random Insanity Alliance


LUEnited Nations

International Communist Party ICPFLAG



On September 2, 2006 three nations (Painville (generalpain) of the Pink Team, Waffles (McCartier) of the Orange Team, The Last Resort (Jim Gaffigan) of the Orange Team) using the LUEnited Nations alliance affiliation attacked Shyox, Founder and Leader of the Random Insanity Alliance, weakening him from around 1050 nation strength to around 850. It was discovered later that the attacks were coordinated from LUElinks, a spin-off website related to LUE on GameFAQs. The attacks also led the RIA to reveal themselves to the Cyberverse, a little earlier then originally planned, and helped to increase activity within the alliance.


Shortly after the initial attacks one of the nations declared peace although once peace was reached another rouge attacked an hour later and once again requested peace right afterwards. These nations threatened Shyox and RIA, attempting to get it to disband. RIA nations quickly began sending aid to Shyox and it was later found that these members were rouges and were not official LUEnited Nations members. The Co-Leader of the RIA, Leo, was later also attacked by the nations of Ricin and Lan Xang, one of which falsely used the LUEnited Nations alliance affiliation. In the topic created by Shyox, bros2, of the LUEntied Nations, confirmed that two of the three members had recently tried signing up to the alliance and would now be denied. Vitus was also later attacked by generalpaine who demanded money from him.

Foreign assistanceEdit

Several foreign nations helped to defeat the rouges. The Cuban Republic of the International Communist Party attacked one of the rouge nations. kingcal of The Legion reported the attacks to the Legion's Peacekeeping Corps and later send aid to both Leo and Shyox. kamichi of the LUEnited Nations attempted to negotiate with the rouges but failed and then asked for all of their nations to put on the LUEnited Nation's free reign list. The nations being: The Last Resort, Lan Xang, Painville, Waffles, The Internet, and Ricin. Lan Xang later however apologized for his actions and agreed to send reparations and was removed from the list at the request of the RIA. Smooth Pancakes of R.O.C.K. also helped and posted the nations on the R.O.C.K. boards to be attacked. Five LUEnited Nations members also later attacked the rouges and helped to defeat them.

RIA announcementEdit

The RIA is a younger alliance with a significant amount of members. I am the leader and was here since its founding. We were planning on revealing ourselves to the public eye this weekend, only to be attacked before it could begin.

Comepletely unprovoked and without warning, I was attacked by four different members of LUE, in an attempt to force us to disband and said that they were going to drive me into the ground. They have sent threats, and I was wondering if they had the backing of LUE to do this. One must have, because he recieved over 50k in aid, and now towers over me. They are asking me to give them 1 million in tribute for the attacks to cease. They have claimed this to be war. Does the COALUEtion support the slaughter of younger alliances on a whim? Has LUE lost all signs of dignity and sanity? Most importantly, will we have to weather this on our own?

Thank you for listening.

Sincerely, Shyox

Shyox, Founder and Leader of the Random Insanity Alliance

I am also a member of this alliance since it was started. I was not attacked, but I and many other RIA members will support Shyox and we hope that many of you will help us defeat these attackers who attack the innocent.

—Leo, Co-Leader of the Random Insanity Alliance

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