LSF sees Multicolored Rainbows.

Libertarian Socialist Federation
Flag of the Libertarian Socialist Federation
Multicolored Cross-X Alliance

Treaty Type: ODoAP
Treaty Signed: 21 April 2012
Treaty Status: Active

LSF sees Multicolored Rainbows is an ODoAP between Libertarian Socialist Federation and the Multicolored Cross-X Alliance. It was signed on 21 April 2012 and announced on 21 April.

Text of the Treaty Edit

Preamble Edit

This Optional Defence and Optional Aggression pact between the Libertarian Socialist Federation and the Multicolored Cross-X Alliance (LSF and MCXA) is a result of our two alliances getting to know each other better. We fought a few wars, drank a few 12 packs, Smoked a few and decided we liked each other. So short, sweet and to the point:

Sovereignty Edit

Both signatories agree not to infringe upon the others sovereignty, and that they are both completely separate organizations.

Peace Edit

Both signatories agree not to conduct any acts of warfare, espionage, or other acts of aggression against the other. If this happens, the signatories shall handle the situation properly and maturely in private channels.

Intelligence Edit

In the event that one signatory gains intelligence that would be of interest to the other signatory, both parties agree to share this information between them.

Optional Defense Edit

If one signatory is attacked, they may ask the other alliance for military aid. Said military aid however is not required.

Optional Aggression Edit

If a signatory declares war on another alliance they may request military assistance in attacking that alliance. Said military aid is not required.

Termination Edit

At any time, either signatory may cancel this Pact for any reason by private channels. Once notice is given through proper diplomatic channels, a seventy-two (72) hour grace period will be in effect in which this treaty will remain active.

Signed for LSF Edit

  • The Delegates Council

Signed for the Multicolored Cross-X Alliance Edit

  • AndrewHG, Chancellor
  • gibsonian12, Minister Of Defence
  • jrkee, Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Jim, Minister of the Interior
  • rmbrauer3270, Minister of Finance
  • AgentChaos, Member-At-Large
  • KillerKiwi, Member-At-Large
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