Part of the War of the First Coalition
Date August 15 — August 24, 2008
Casus belli RIA attacking STA
Status LEN Surrenders
Preceded by
Succeeded by
League of Extraordinary Nations
Superfriends logofifth
The SuperFriends

Random Insanity Alliance


Global Order of Darkness
War flag of the Global Order of Darkness



1,148,666 Nation Strength
42 Nukes (on August 18)
108 Nations
3,349,820 Nation Strength
233 Nukes
204 Nations

The LEN-RIA War is a front of the War of the First Coalition. It started on August 15, 2008 when the League of Extraordinary Nations attacked the Random Insanity Alliance after they had attacked the Siberian Tiger Alliance the night before. The OTF Alliance also attacked the RIA a little later per their Nexus Agreement MDoAP with LEN. Soon after these attacks the SuperFriends clarified that this meant they were also at war with LEN due to their attack on the RIA.

LEN Declaration of WarEdit

Not long ago RIA declared war on STA. Their nations have moved in to attack in the hopes of provoking a response from their allies. Requests for aid have been received and the League of Extraordinary Nations answers requests from its friends. The League is not a fair-weather friend as many already know given the time at which we signed a MDP with Polaris.

If RIA look very closely at the horizon, at the hill furthest away from them at the far end of their territory, so far away that they may need a telescope to see it. If they look at that furthest corner of their realm then will see the Legio Ferrarius atop that hill.

That hill was on the outskirts of a town, the nearest town to the League between LEN and RIA. There was a flagpole atop that hill once proudly bearing the flag of RIA when the Legio Ferrarius arrived but no more.

Right now, fluttering in the breeze on that flagpole is the flag you see above this announcement. The flag of the League flies proudly above the cohorts of the Legio Ferrarius waiting… waiting for RIA to come and try to take its flag back. If you want it, if you dare to cross the rubicon, then be prepared to shed blood to get it.

A state of war now exists between the RIA and LEN for their attack on STA. And may admin have mercy on us all.

Signed by Daemon (Consul of the League)

Signed by JewelAngel (Consul of the League)
Daemon, Consul of the League

SuperFriends responseEdit

Respect for honoring treaties, but The SuperFriends bloc hereby recognizes a state of war between us and the OTF Alliance. Under any circumstance, attack one and you attack us all. Yes, I copied and pasted from the OTF thread. :tongue:
Van Hoo III, Emperor of Ragnarok

LEN surrenderEdit

Time to eat! Disco LEN danced daintily to the dinner dais, when suddenly, he was surrounded by swarms of Sexy RIA's stingrays. Something awesome was about to happen, but then I lost the will to continue my alliterative perfection, and LEN surrendered. The terms are as follows, presetned in large-type bold Impact, because that's the manliest typeface known to Man:

1. LEN will cancel their treaty with the Siberian Tiger Alliance. The treaty with OTF will not be canceled unless term 2 is broken.

2. LEN will no longer participate in the First Coalition War whatsoever.

3. LEN gives the RIA all of their frequent-flyer miles.

4. Party!

D. Florida

5. Episode D: It's a secret! Super-Duper Secret Surrender Special!

Plotz. There is no six because seven ate nine.

7. ???


9.) LEN shall not steal gerbils from Hoo and acknowledges that Hoo loves gerbils.

Signed for the Random Insanity Alliance,

  • Moth, Triumvir of the Funk
  • Shadow, Triumvir of Bacon, Cheese, and ORANGE SODA!
  • Zblewski, Keeper of the Canadian Back Bacon and the Polish Pierogi

Signed for the League of Extraordinary Nations,

  • Illuminatus and Jewelangel, Lovers
Battlefield Love, baby! Let the hails commence!
Moth, Triumvir of the Random Insanity Alliance

Term 1 forgivenEdit

Due to a miscommunication between the two sides, term 1 was forgiven by the RIA.

'scuse me for a second.

Due to a massive amount of confusion about it, the RIA officially forgives the first term of the surrender terms listed in the OP.

/short version? Fail joke failed.

//now get that dang ole disco ball whirling again.
DrunkWino, Head of Foreign Affairs of the Random Insanity Alliance

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