South Side of The Capitol Square in L-Town.

L-Town is located in the center of the Unified Principalities of Kansouri, and is its capital. This city is, more or less, analagous to the city of Liberty, Missouri in terms of location and objectives.

L-Town was founded in 1822. Following the continuing bickering between the various suburbs and communities comprising the Kansas City metro, L-Towners, namely Premier Atlashill took charge in forming the nation that quickly unified the area. Since then, L-Town has been a prosperous hub of commercial activity, and anchors one of Kansouri's 114 principalities.

Capitol SquareEdit

While L-Town continues to expand in all directions, it is anchored by the historic Capitol Square. Small businesses proliferate in the shops surrounding the capitol, including the world-famous Harvey's Barber Shop, Hardware Café, and Scoops Ice Cream.

The north side of the square, originally owned by the Order of Ryslam, has served as Embassy Row since Kansouri's days in The Legion. Major alliances who have embassies with Invicta can open consulates in this row. Embassy Row is also home to small temples operated by the followers of Ryslam, which has waned in popularity to the Arkansouri-based Church of St. Sam.

Alliance OfficesEdit

L-Town has often served as headquarters for several alliance operations offices, including:

  • Logistical Support (Invicta), August 2007–present
  • Capital of PAW, June–August 2007
  • Capital of Kaleidoscope, May–June 2007
  • Legion Ministry of Defense, Dec 2006-Feb 2007
  • Office of the Commodore (Legion Military second-in-command), Aug-Sept 2006
  • Team Headquarters, Harry S Truman Cohort (Legion Intel & Internal Affairs office), June-Dec 2006


In addition to the national Kansouri Star-Eagle, L-Town is served by the weekly L-Town Trib. Several broadcast stations also call L-Town and nearby cities home:

Virtual Channel Callsign Network Owner Actual Channel
KDF-TVTPN (The Poseidon Network)Daugherty-Fowler
KLPSKPB (Kansouri Public Broadcasting)L-Town Schools
KHB-TVITV (Invicta Television)KHB Media, Inc.
KSE-TVCNB (CyberNations Broadcasting)Star-Eagle Press
Frequency Callsign Nickname Owner Format City of License
610 kHzKDF (AM)DF CountryDaugherty-FowlerCountryKaysee-EmmOh
710 kHzKHB (AM)Kansouri's Happiest BroadcastersKHB Media, Inc.News/TalkL-Town
810 kHzKHBZSportsRadio 810KHB Media, Inc.SportsNashua
980 kHzKSE (AM)NewsradioStar-Eagle PressNews/TalkKaySee-Kay
1140 kHzKHBBYours Truly 11-40KHB Media, Inc.Oldies/ACL-Town
87.7 MHzKLPSPublic TV-6L-Town SchoolsChannel 6 AudioL-Town
88.7 MHzKLXK (FM)Music Fans United!Kansouri-Plaza UniversityAlternativeKaySee-EmmOh
91.5 MHzKUPRKansouri Public RadioKansouri UniversityTalk/CNPRLawrence
91.9 MHzKWJThe Top of L-TownL-Town SchoolsTop-40L-Town
93.3 MHzKHB-FMKansouri's Happiest BroadcastersKHB Media, Inc.Top-40KaySee-EmmOh
94.9 MHzKSEO94-9 Greatest HitsStar-Eagle PressOldies/ACKaySee-EmmOh
97.3 MHzKZAMFaith and Family FMThe Church of St. SamReligiousLee's Summit
98.1 MHzKHBB-FMSoft RockKHB Media, Inc.AC/JazzFairway
98.9 MHzKHBZ-FM99 Rock FMKHB Media, Inc.Rock/AlternativeLeavenworth
102.1 MHzKSE-FMGemstone RadioStar-Eagle PressHot ACKaySee-EmmOh
103.3 MHzKPPJamz 103Carter BroadcastingUrbanKaySee-EmmOh
105.5 MHzKJO105-5Robideux MediaHot ACSaint Joe
106.5 MHzKDF-FMDF CountryDaugherty-FowlerCountryL-Town
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