Kure Atoll Uprising
Part of the Midwayan Civil War
Date April 13, 2011
Location Aldebaran, Union of Midway

Union of Midway attacks Aldebaran.

Status Ended; Resistance victory; Kure Atoll Province returned to Union of Midway.
South Africa Union Resistance RedFrontFlag Red Front
RedFrontFlag Midwayan Soviet Federative Socialist Republic
2,000 Resistance Soldiers 3,000 Red Front soldiers
Casualties and losses
1121 killed
108 injured
1 missing
2664 killed
2 missing

The Kure Atoll Uprising was a major military conflict in the Midwayan Civil War. In this battle, the people of the Kure Atoll Province revolted against the Midwayan Soviet Federative Socialist Republic. In the Kure City Massacre many civilians had been killed, which only added to the civilians dislike of the MSFSR. Finally, on April 24, their feelings boiled over into a revolt. The revolt started in Kure City, but quickly spread throughout the entire Kure Atoll Province. The rebels called themselves the Union Resistance. The Red Front responded by killing everyone who they thought was rebelling, but those that were revolting didn't yield and instead began attacking the Red Front. The Red Front, not expecting this, became disorganized and eventually pulled back. The Union Resistance then returned control of the Kure Atoll Province to the Union of Midway.

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