Kure Atoll Province
Province of the Union of Midway
Provincial Flag
Capital Kure City
Official language
Regional languages
English, Japanese
English, Japanese
Government Type
- Provincial Rulers
Totalitarian Democracy
Provincial Committee
- Formation of the First Union
- Formation of the Second Union

26 July, 2009
6 December, 2010

The Kure Atoll Province is a major province in the Union of Midway. It is also the largest province in the Union of Midway. It consists of all of Kure Atoll, plus some of the surrounding seas. It is bordered by the Province of Sand Island. It's capital is Kure City. The province has many people in it, and it's capitol is one of the largest industrial cities in the Union of Midway.


First Union of MidwayEdit

The Kure Atoll Province joined the first Union of Midway, and was the first province that joined the Union of Midway that was located outside of Midway Atoll. When the Union of Midway joined LoSS the province, along with the rest of the nation, underwent rapid industrialization. The capitol of the province, Kure City, was one of the first cities in the nation to industrialize.

After Dissolution of First UnionEdit

After the dissolution of the first Union of Midway the province became known as the Kure Atoll Republic. At this time Kure Atoll had a tendency to stay out of world affairs, preferring to take care of internal affairs. The Kure Atoll Republic started the Kure Atoll Expansion Project when land became scarce in Kure Atoll.

Reformation of the Union of MidwayEdit

The Kure Atoll Province was the first province not located in Midway Atoll to rejoin the Union of Midway after it was formed. When it rejoined it became the Territory of Kure Atoll, but within a week it had become the Kure Atoll Province it is today. The Kure Atoll Expansion Project continued because the people in Kure Atoll needed more land to live on.

Kure Atoll Expansion ProjectEdit

The Kure Atoll Expansion Project is a project started in order to expand Kure Atoll and make more land available to use. This was because the province was getting too small for new buildings, machinery and a larger population. The Kure Atoll Expansion Project aims to expand Kure Atoll to 600 square miles (1,554 square kilometers) or roughly the size of the island of Oahu.

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