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Kuálõk (form. Kola, Russ. Кола, Finn. Kuola, NSaam. Guoládat, Est. Kuolõk) is a small Uralican city in Sapmi county, that is part of a much larger conurbation, which also contains the town of Murmashi to the southwest and the cities of Murmansk and Severomorsk to the north. While the official IPA pronunciation of the name is /ˈkuɐˌlˠɤk/, English-speakers from outside of Uralica are often told the "simplified" pronunciation, which is /ˈkʍɑlˠɨk/.

Given how it sits at the beginning of the Tuloma Estuary, it is an important civilian port. Its proximity to two major highways (UH-7 and UH-41) means it has a large transportation production sector, with a particular emphasis on weather-resistant road-building material. It is also a very culturally rich city, and as such tourism and the resulting souvenir sales generate a large amount of money for the economy. Finally, there are smaller textile and sporting goods sectors.

Culture Edit

The name of the city is Skolt Saami, however unlike Käddluhtt, the Northern Saami-speaking population significantly outnumbers that of the Skolt-speaking population. Finns are the largest ethnic group, making up roughly half the population, with Estonians, Russians, and Saami making up the balance.

Like Tsykmä, Kuálõk has a downtown market area that is very popular with tourists, which starts just down the road from the massive Annunciation Cathedral (finished in 1809), which has been determined to be the oldest stone structure in Sapmi. Other attractions include the Tuloma Estuary Bridge (also called the Vidayevo Bridge, for the district it sits in) and the spectacular Western Saami Conference and Cultural Centre, which surpassed the aforementioned cathedral as the city's tallest building upon its completion in the early spring of 2010.

Sport Edit

Neighbourhoods and Suburbs Edit

  • Vidayevo
  • Meijeri (form. Molochnyy)
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