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Krasnovishersk (Finn. Punaviserala) is a Uralican city in Permski Rayon, the northernmost settlement with city status in said county. Its name is taken from the Vishera River (a major tributary of the Kama), on whose east bank the city sits.

Founded as Vizhaikha in 1894 around a joint-stock metallurgical plant, the name was changed to Krasnovishersk in 1930 when it attained town status. Built up by gulag prisoners, a pulp-and-paper mill was soon added to the city. The gulag was closed down in 1934.

Nowadays, ferrous metallurgy and pulp-and-paper production are still the two most important industries, although machine-building, cement production, the building of refractory bricks, the mining of industrial-grade diamonds, and road and rail based production. It is also a very important retail hub, as it sits at both the northern terminus of Highway UH-12 and the southern terminus of Highway UH-37, which runs through much of Central Uralica.

It was formerly one of the most polluted cities in the Ural-Volga area, but cleanup schemes had started even before the city's annexation by Uralica in mid-2008.


Krasnovishersk's early history as Krasnovishersk was full of stories concerning the Vishersky Gulag (or Visheralag), of which there are now many accounts written, many of which are available for viewing both at the local libraries and the local memorial museum, which is dedicated to all those who suffered through the brief but harrowing period from 1928 to 1934 in which the gulag was operational. During Cataclysm, a memorial plaque that was at the city gates was removed from the gate to guard it from the destruction going on all over the area, and this memorial plaque is now sitting in the stone column right in front of the door at the Visherlag Memorial Museum.

Another symbol denouncing the Stalinist regime and any imperialistic and dictatorial influences is the Shalamov Monument, unveiled in 2007 after Great War III, which was dedicated to the great author and former Visheralag prisoner Varlam Shalamov.

Also in the city are a general historical museum and a very active youth centre.

The population is largely Russian, with Komi (speaking both languages) being the largest minority. Of these Komi, roughly 70% speak the Zyrian language and the remainder speak the Permyak language.


Football (Soccer)[]


  • FK Krasnovishersk

Other Pro/Semi-Pro[]

  • Spartak Krasnovishersk
  • Dinamo Krasnovishersk
  • Gornyak Krasnovishersk
  • FK Morchany
  • Progress Krasnovishersk
  • Lesnik Krasnovishersk
  • Bumazhnik Krasnovishersk
  • Zheleznik Krasnovishersk
  • Bolak Krasnovishersk
  • MIFK Krasnovishersk
  • Torpedo Krasnovishersk
  • Luch Krasnovishersk
  • Vishera Krasnovishersk
  • Zenit Krasnovishersk
  • Krasnovishersk City
  • Dinamo Morchany


  • Krasnovishersky RMS

Ice Hockey[]

  • HK Krasnovishersk


  • BK Krasnovishersk

Neighbourhoods and Suburbs[]

  • Baraniy Log
  • Morchany
  • Mitrakova
  • Naberezhnyy
  • Bakhari
  • Sujakova (subordinate village)