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Krasnouralsk (Finn. Punauralla) is a small Uralican industrial city located in Southeast Uralica, roughly 8km off of Highway UH-6 and only 3km further from the city centre of Verkhnyaya Tura.

The major industries in the city are metallurgy of iron and copper, and chemical manipulation, including the production of industrial-strength cleaners, battery acids and bases, pharmaceutical production, the making of glycerin, and the production of synthetic gypsum for drywall.

There are smaller industrial sectors as well, such as industrial gas production, furniture production, food production (esp. pertaining to poultry), and textiles/clothing production.


Krasnouralsk, literally translating as "Of The Red Urals" (which was more an ideological statement than a comment about any reddish terrain nearby), is a predominantly Russian city with minorities of Bashkirs and Finns.

A relatively young city, having been founded in the early days of the Soviet Union, Krasnouralsk is found lacking in the cultural tourism area, although by rule they have a certain number of facilities handy for residents to use. It does have a museum of the history of the Soviet Union, though, as the ups and downs of that era were mirrored by the ups and downs in Krasnouralsk's history.


Football (Soccer)[]

Other Pro/Semi-Pro[]

  • FK Krasnouralsk
  • Ural Krasnouralsk
  • Spartak Krasnouralsk
  • Dinamo Krasnouralsk
  • Glitserinnik Krasnouralsk
  • Khimik Krasnouralsk
  • Metallurg Krasnouralsk
  • Zheleznik Krasnouralsk
  • Mednik Krasnouralsk
  • Tekstilshchik Krasnouralsk
  • Torpedo Krasnouralsk
  • CSKA Krasnouralsk
  • Triumph Krasnouralsk
  • Luch Krasnouralsk
  • Fakel Krasnouralsk
  • Finnsky Klub Krasnouralsk
  • UB Krasnouralsk


  • Krasnouralsky RMS

Rugby Sevens[]

  • Krasnouralsk Redshirts

Neighbourhoods and Suburbs[]

  • Andreevsky
  • Vysoky
  • Levinsky
  • Bogomolovsk
  • Alexandrovsky
  • Smekhunovka (subordinate hamlet)