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Kovrov I
Eternal Emperor of Antioquia
Kovrov Stoyanovich

1st Emperor of the Empire of Antioquia
In office
May 25, 2012 – Present
Preceded by Position Established
Succeeded by Incumbent´

Born October 14, 1990
Colombia.png Medellin
Nationality Antioquiaban.svg.png Antioquian
Political party Legitimate Royal Movement
Spouse Single
Residence Medellin.PNG Medellin, Antioquia
Alma mater University of Antioquia
Profession Politician, Militar and Philosopher
Religion None

Kovrov Elieser Stoyanovich (b. October 14, 1990) is the current and first Emperor of the Empire of Antioquia. He led the campaign that brought freedom to Antioquia and was president of the Royal Council that proclaimed the Royal Charter.

He was appointed for life as Emperor of the Empire by the Royal Council on June 27 of 2012. He is a renowned militar and has an impeccable military service, with over 30 distinctions given by the Royal Courts and the Military Committee.

Famous Quotes[]

  • "Antioquians, weapons have given you the independence, the Monarchy will give you freedom"
  • "If we are in the head, we will never be the last"
  • "The sword of the oppresors must be, from now on, subject to the laws of the Emperor"
  • "Moderation, tolerance and justice govern the heart and disarm the discontent"
  • "Triumph will lead us forward"
  • "... First is the Empire, then life ..."