This page is about the town of Kotlas. For the county, see Kotlas (county).

Kotlas (Finn. Kottila) is a Uralican city, and the county seat of its namesake county. Once an important outward transit point for the Uralican wheat trade (Uralican wheat is kept in-country now), it is now a major hub for inbound ship travel, as it lies on the Tivina (Russ. Северная Двина) River where it splits into the Sukhona (travelling south to Sokol) and the Vychegda (which ends up in Syktyvkar).

With the decline of wheat trade, Kotlas' focus shifted to ferrous metallurgy, retail, shipbuilding, food production, and appliance manufacturing.

Culture[edit | edit source]

Kotlas does have at least a smattering of every Uralican culture, but the dominant peoples in Kotlas are Estonians and Finns, with the once-abundant Karelians having mostly moved west. Being the hub of trade that it is, Kotlas has a large commercial area, however there aren't any particularly tall buildings, with the tallest having been the CCC's former embassy to the now-defunct Macedonia, the head office of the Western Saami Tribal Board (now in Murmansk), and TOOL's embassy with WAPA. It is now used by UralTek.

Kotlas was once described by one reporter who did an in-depth report on Uralica as the "coziest and most liveable" of Uralica's major centres. This fact as well as the trade hub status are reasons why Kotlas has outgrown many Uralican centres that were once larger than it, like Sosnogorsk, Kudymkar, Emva, and Orlov. Although this growth has slowed somewhat, it is still among Uralica's faster-growing settlements with city status.

Sport[edit | edit source]

Kotlas is home to a surprising number of sports clubs for its size.

Football (soccer)[edit | edit source]

Bolakliiga[edit | edit source]

Ykkönen[edit | edit source]

Kolmonen[edit | edit source]

  • Lokomotiv Vychegodsky

Nelonen[edit | edit source]

  • Dinamo Kotlas
  • FK Kotlas-II
  • Lokomotiv Kotlas-II
  • Uralica Kotlas

Other Pro/Semi-Pro[edit | edit source]

  • Spartak Kotlas
  • Lesnik Kotlas
  • Sporting Kotlas
  • Kottilan JK
  • Finnsky Klub Kotlas
  • Mashinostroitel Kotlas
  • Metallurg Kotlas
  • Gornyak Kotlas
  • Zheleznik Kotlas
  • Serebrennik Kotlas
  • Vychegda Kotlas
  • Sukhona Kotlas
  • FK Vychegodsky
  • FK Shiptsino
  • Spartak Vychegodsky
  • Dinamo Vychegodsky

Ice Hockey[edit | edit source]

Basketball[edit | edit source]

Handball[edit | edit source]

Bandy[edit | edit source]

  • Kottilan JPK

Other[edit | edit source]

  • Kotlas Sportplex - several indoor sports are playable here. It contains gymnastics apparatus, squash boxes, indoor badminton and tennis courts, table tennis tables, two futsal boxes, and a lacrosse box. There are also significant weight-training and weightlifting facilities in the Sportplex.

Neighbourhoods and Suburbs[edit | edit source]

  • Vychegodsky (Finn. Vikittila) - considered a separate town in census, however is actually under the municipal jurisdiction of Kotlas.
  • Vystavka (Finn. Vustaava)
  • Tulubyevo (Finn. Tulupievo)
  • Andreevskaya (Finn. Anttilainen)
  • Shiptsino (Finn. Sipsino)
  • Knyazhevo (Finn. Kiniasi)
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