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Koryazhma (Finn. Korjasima) is a small Uralican city, in Kotlas county, that is situated on the Vychegda River. It is the easternmost major centre in a loose conurbation containing two cities - itself and Kotlas - and the large subordinate town of Vychegodsky, as well as a few smaller towns.

A very industrial city compared to the diversified Kotlas and largely residential Vychegodsky, the main economic sectors are mining, metallurgy (more specifically the production of silver and silver alloys), food production, and an area in which it leads in Uralica - cutlery production.


In spite of the Russian name of the city, the population of the city is mainly Finnish, with Russians, Estonians, and Komi being large minorities. Given the heavily industrial nature of the city, it isn't particularly tourist-friendly, but does have some cultural value, mostly in the form of its visual arts schools. It also has a chamber orchestra, and a recently-build museum dedicated to cutlery.

There are some nearby streams that are popular fishing spots, and due to the forested areas nearby, hunting is popular amongst "Korjasimaiset."


Football (Soccer)[]


  • Khimik Koryazhma


  • Dinamo Koryazhma
  • Khimik-II Koryazhma
  • Serebrennik Koryazhma

Other Pro/Semi-Pro[]

  • Korjasiman Palloseura
  • FK Koryazhma
  • Spartak Koryazhma
  • Finnski Klub Koryazhma
  • Allianssi Korjasima
  • Gornyak Koryazhma
  • Zenit Koryazhma
  • Progress Koryazhma
  • Vychegda Koryazhma
  • Torpedo Koryazhma
  • Metallurg Koryazhma
  • Velocitas Koryazhma

Ice Hockey[]

  • Khimik Koryazhma


  • Koryazhma Bandyklub


  • Koryazhemsky RMS (non-League)

Neighbourhoods and Suburbs[]

  • Malaya Vityazevskaya
  • Vostochnyy