Leader of Konkrage1
Citizen of The Legion

Assumed office
April 25, 2015

Konkrage is the founder of the Cybernation of Konkrage1 and a member of The Legion.


The LegionEdit

Konkrage joined the Legion on August 30, 2006. He is the current Imperator of the Legion.

Hall of FameEdit

The Legion Hall of Fame is a rare honor. Konkrage was awarded this honor on May 11, 2013.

"Since the dawn of The Legion there have been those that have been fixated to helping preserve its integrity, shape its ideals, and continue to lead the future. Those that help, provide, and show their colours at all times. Konkrage is one of those great individuals that entered The Legion back before the word sled existed or anyone even cared about the potential concept, and a $20 donation was worth 3mil/50 tech. He has been around providing since the very beginning of The Legions existence and is still with us proudly serving today.

Konkrage has had his hand in nearly every area and at nearly every top stage, but he has always given his all and best power to every one of them. Whether from Centurion when first starting out to being Minister of Economics, he was there for it all. Although it would be Economics and Defense that he would call his closest homes, pumping out his konk love in to not only help and encourage The Legion to bash up its economy to new heights, but beating back the forces of generic villain of the season that actually thought they could get past The Legion, and past konkrages war leadership skills at that.

It seems entertaining that this man is even being inducted today, or even managed to accomplish as much as he did, for he was close to being ZIed by The Legion for threatening me during his first moments. Nowadays he just actively seeks casualties in some perverse fashion possibly to redeem himself. That and because he loves The Legion and would defend it to his very last citizen.

Whether through natural talent, skill, or just pure favoured grace, Konkrageis an icon for all time, and for that he is being inducted into these hallowed halls. I do not doubt that we will continue to see Konkrage continuing to lead The Legion to glory and still onward to greater heights like he always will.

Konkrage, it is with great honor, happiness, passion, and so many words of endearment, that I am proud to induct you into The Legion Hall of Fame!

Ave Legio.

Inducted May 11th, 2013"


Awards are based on merit and distributed by the Legion government. Legion Awards.

Citation TypeAwardExplanationMedal
War Citation Great War III The three stars represents the Third Great War on Planet Bob, while the crimson red circle in the middle signifies the dawn of the Initiative Dominance. With the two blocs of green being split in two also represents the fall and split of the League. Gw3
War Citation The Dove War / Valhalla War The white star in the middles stands for peace as most of the Legion nations were in peace mode before the war even began. The Dove War also marks the beginning of Valhalla's dominance of the Purple Sphere. Valhallawar
War Citation Unjust War The four stars in the middle represents the Fourth Great War on Planet Bob. The scales in the center represent the war against the Unjust Path and bringing justice, peace and prosperity to the cyberverse. Great War IV or the Unjust War Gw4
War Citation Coalition War The five black stars represent the fifth Great War to occur on Planet Bob. The nuclear explosion represents the first nuclear global conflict. Gw5
War Citation Karma War Awarded to all Legionnaires who participated in Karma War combat operations, logistical support or post-war economic recovery. Karmalegion
War Citation Second Unjust War Awarded to all Legionnaires who participated in combat operations, logistical support or post-war economic recovery during the Second Unjust War Secondunjustwar
War Citation Doomhouse War Awarded to all Legionnaires who participated in combat operations, logistical support, aid missions, post-war economic recovery during the Doomhouse War. Doomwar
War Citation Tetris War The five colored blocs represent the alliances we fought, with the star in the middle symbolizing the Legion's victory. Awarded to all Legionnaires who participated in combat operations, logistical support or post-war economic recovery. Tetrismedal
War Citation ODN War Awarded to all Legionnaires who participated in combat operations, provided logistical support, or post-war economic recovery during the ODN war. The cake is for our main adversary, ODN, and the white stripes are just frosting. Odnwar1
War Citation Equilibrium War War medal for all those who fought in the Equilibrium War against ODN, International, GATO, and CnG. Equilibriumwarlegion
War Citation Order on Order War War medal for all those who fought in the Order on Order War against NPO, Anarchy Inc., SNAFU, Javahouse League, and the Sandwich Confederacy. NSONpOwithanarchy4 zpsc1f74724
War Citation Doomhouse War War medal for all those who fought in the Doom War. The Kellogg's rooster represents the 'SuperCereal' coalition. Doomwar
Career Citation Purple Heart This nation has experienced a high number of population causalities in war (over 1 million). The survivors live on to rebuild and fight again. Purpleheartlegion
Career Citation Nuclear Survivor This ribbon is issued for all nations nuked in defense of The Legion. In times of crisis the nations received the harshest of blows in order to keep our grand alliance's name pure. Legion-nuclear
Career Citation Loyalty The Legion Loyalty citation is awarded to all Legion members who remained loyal Legionnaires following the Disbandonment crisis and appointment of the NPO Viceroy. Legion-loyalty
Career Citation Ich Dien Lifetime Award Awarded to Legionnaires who have served in the Legion for four or more years. Ichdienlifetime
Career Citation Melidan's Distinguished Service Cross Description Melidan
Government Citation Outstanding Government Service Ribbon Awarded for serving 3+ terms in the House or serving 6+ months in the Senate or Consulate Govtoutstanding
Government Citation Inspector General's Service Ribbon Awarded to Inspector Generals who have completed a full term of elected office. Iglegion
Government Citation Imperator's Award for Outstanding Service Ribbon Given by the Imperator and formerly by the Speaker when appropriate to a Legionnaire who goes above and beyond the call of what they are asked to do. Ia-oustanding
Ministry of Defense Citation Admiralty Wartime Service Ribbon Awarded to Ministry of Defence staff who have served during war. Mod-wartime
Ministry of Defense Citation Defense Medal of Valor Given to non defense staff who perform above and beyond the call of duty. Dutyandservice
Ministry of Defense Citation Lifetime Admiralty Achievement Awarded to Ministry of Defence staff with exceptional results in this department and with a long service record. Mod-lifetime
Ministry of Economics Citation Distinguished Donator Award Awarded to Legionnaires who have gone beyond the call of duty in giving out aid for the betterment of The Legion ($300m or more). Econ-donator2
Ministry of Economics Citation Economic Program Service Award For outstanding service in the Legion's Economic programs. Rewarded for 6 months of service as a Legion Tech Bank. Econ-donator3
Ministry of Economics Citation Economics Lifetime Achievement Award Awarded to Legionnaires who have breathed Economics, who have served long in the Ministry in positions of Leadership (Director, CEC, MoE, CoFS) and have gone beyond the call of duty. Econ-lifetime
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Citation Foreign Ministry Service Ribbon Awarded to Foreign Ministry staff members who go above and beyond the call of duty during a term of service. Fm-bronze
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