Amir "Kommando" Jasheed

Amir "Kommando" Jasheed (Right)
and Majeed Ahriman (Left)

Office Premier of the People's Empire of Iran, Member of the ICP
Term of Office Premier of the People's Empire of Iran : 7 April 2006 - Present
Predecessor N/A
Successor Incumbent
Date of Birth September 28th, 1965
Place of Birth Kerman, Iran
Membership ICP Membership: 23 June 2006 - present

Communist Party of Iran: 2 September 1977- Present

Amir "Kommando" Jasheed
Amir "Kommando" Jasheed was born in 1965 in the city of Kerman, Iran. He was the son of a metal worker and a seamtress. Amir was to young for the Islamic Revolution to truly effect him, and when he was only 12 he joined the Communist Party of Iran.
Amir was aboslutely outraged by the working conditions in Iran. Ever since the age of six his mother and father encouraged him to read famous works like Das Kapital and the Communist Manifesto.
A brilliant stragetist and speaker, Amir quickly rose through the ranks of the Party. During the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan Amir was active in the Soviet's Insurgence supporting the Revolution. By 1990 Amir returned from Afghanistan. His belief in Communism hardened, and stronger than ever.

The People's War
The fall of the Soviet Union was a tragic blow for the Communist Party of Iran, the party was on the verge of collaspe until Amir Jasheed was elected as Premier in 1995 and began (OCC- Alternate Reality ^^) the "People's War". Amir's actions earned him the title "Kommando" for his courageous actions and brilliant tactical victories. (The spelling of the name Kommando even though incorrect is used because of a famous newspaper error entitled: "The Kommando of Iran takes Kerman")

Amir Jasheed far right celebrating with his famed "Kommando" unit.

The Parties' and Amir's Acsendancy to Power
In 2005 the Communist Party of Iran won the decisive election against the Islamic Party of Iran, the newly Elected Communist members of the government quickly turned the Nation of Iran into a new Communistic State called the People's Empire of Iran. Amir Jasheed was immediately elected the Premier of this New Communistic Utopia. Since then the People's Empire and Amir have been quite successful in their actions.

Majeed Ahriman
Amir met Majeed during the People's War, both became fast friends in the war they both fought with passion. After Amir was elected Premier, Majeed soon became his Chief Bodyguard.

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