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Komiland (Finn. Komimaa, Russ. Земля Комия) is a Uralican county situated in the north-central area of the nation. As its name implies, its population is mainly Komi, although there is also a very large population of Hungarians centred around Trakt, and a decent number of Livvi-speakers ("Olonets Karelians," who identify with the Livonian Tribe) living in Emva, the county seat. Its flag is the same as that of the old Komi Republic, which has since been split into several counties plus two unitary authorities.


Flag of Komiland.

An interesting fact about Komiland is that it is the only county in Uralica to completely surround another county, as it surrounds Syktyvkar unitary authority and Mennoland county, which share Uralica's shortest divisional border. Aside from this, it borders Pechora county, Central Uralica, Kirovski Rayon, Permski Rayon, Northwest Uralica, Kotlas, and Ukhta-Sosnogorsk UA as well.

As of mid-February 2010, there are talks of merging Mennoland into the county.

Important Cities and Towns[]

Komiland has four major towns, but a good portion of the population of the county lives in smaller villages ranging in size from eighty to two thousand people, and some also live in lesser towns like those listed below.