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Kokarosh of Goliath[1] started playing on February, 18, 2009.



When Kokarosh started playing, he ignored all alliance messages. His friend, who told him about this game, lead him on, telling him alliances are bad. However, after the 14th day, Kokarosh got a message from Carter, of the alliance ONE. So Kokarosh joined this alliance

ONE and The Syndicate[]

Kokarosh didn't have any specific role in ONE. Fourteen days after he joined, ONE merged into The Syndicate. Here, Kokarosh was nominated for Governemnt jobs, yet due to his low Nation Strength, he didn't receive any. Months later, he was given a Director of Recruiting job. He successfully recruited many members under this position. A few weeks later,it was decided that The Syndicate would merge with The Realm into FIRE.

FIRE Couped[]

A few days into the merge into FIRE, Kokarosh lost his Directing job as tensions grew. A group of members left FIRE, only to come back again to try to coup. Half the alliance stayed, the other half left. Carter decided to disband FIRE. Knowing FIRE was up for raiding, Kokarosh left.


Soon after FIRE disbanded, Kokarosh joined Imperial Knights for a short while before setting up a new alliance with Shadow King named Nexus. This alliance did not manage to reach a Declaration of Existence. So Kokarosh with KingSVH and Fernando12 created a new alliance called United States of CN. KingSVH resigned from USCN on7/31/2009. Kokarosh and Fernando12 continued this alliance with a help of a friend named Tarikmo. Just 2 months after KingSVH left, Kokarosh and Tarikmo left after some problems with Fernando12. He held the Secretary of State position before he left.

New Polar Order[]

Kokarosh and Tarikmo went to New Polar Order. Kokarosh is currently in New Polar Order as of Now.