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Kogalym (Finn. Kokalumi) is a Uralican city in Yugra county, roughly halfway between Surgut and Khanto on Highway UH-22. Founded on the basis of oil extraction, the city's population took a large dip after it ran out some time between Great War III and the Unjust War.

However, not all was lost. By the time of the War of the Coalition, new resources had been found in the area by prospectors from Uralica, which didn't annex it until a year later. Despite the relative flatness of the area, they managed to find a large amount of silver, nickel, and cobalt in the area, and it is the mining and metallurgy concerning these that drives Kogalym's present-day economy. It also still produces a small quantity of natural gas, and furthermore, is used to refine imported oil. Other major industries include production of industrial gases through the fractional distillation of liquid air, and the production of large trucks for cargo-transportation purposes.


Although almost all the population are ethnic Russians (there is a small Finnish population as well), there are quite a few languages spoken proficiently in Kogalym, a necessity given the status of Kogalym as a stopover on a major Uralican highway route. Everyone speaks Russian and Finnish and 99.5% of the population speaks English, and surprisingly, over half the population also speaks Khanty, thanks to a language-teaching program, and according to most Uralicans, "a miracle of Biblical proportions."

There aren't many touristy things that are actually in Kogalym, however many outdoorsy organisations have offices in the city due to the fact that it is such an isolated city. Hiking is especially popular in the area during the summer, and cross-country skiing during the winter.


Kogalym residents and municipal council alike were rather upset that they had none of their teams integrated into the professional sport system of Uralica, however it is expected that most of them will be by next season, and the Uralican Nordic Skiing Championships will integrate them for this season.

Football (Soccer)[]


  • FK Kogalym
  • YugraMash Kogalym

Other Pro/Semi-Pro[]

  • Khimik Kogalym
  • Metallurg Kogalym
  • Dinamo Kogalym
  • Spartak Kogalym
  • Neftyanik Kogalym
  • Neftekhimik Kogalym
  • Mashinostroitel Kogalym
  • Gazovik Kogalym
  • Vozdufraks Kogalym
  • Gornyak Kogalym
  • Serebrennik Kogalym

Ice Hockey[]

  • HK Kogalym


  • Kogalym RMS


  • Kogalymsky MBK

Cross-Country Skiing[]

  • Kogalym 1250

Neighbourhoods and Suburbs[]

  • Rynkova
  • Vostochnyy