This alliance has disbanded as of November 2010.
Knights of the round table
Flag of KORT

Flag of Knights of the round table

Seal of KORT
Official Seal of KoRT
KoRT Motto: "In Strength We Stride!"
Team Color Green team Green
Founder(s) Vanhuek,oOoMidooOo,Wilfried, Fizzydog,Anman
Founded November 22 , 2010
Alliance Leadership

  • King: Vanhuek
  • Regent: oOoMidooOo

The Ministries

  • Knight of Exploration: Jazzy
  • Knight of Homeland: Anman
  • Knight of Order: Wilfried
  • Knight of Treasury: FizzyDog

AllianceStats Statistics as of November 22, 2010

Total Nations 20
Strength 213,486
Avg. Strength 10,674
Nukes 48
Score 1.04
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Knights of the Round table (KoRT) was a primarily Green-based alliance on Planet Bob. Its successor aliance of the same name can be found at Knights of the Round Table (2nd).

Charter of Knights of the Round tableEdit

Main article: Charter of Knights of the Round Table

The charter of knights of the round table acts as the supreme law of the alliance. It is looked up to by all members. The charter establishes the basic government structure of the alliance, which is currently an Kngihts-style government. The charter also details specific processes as well as impeachment.

History of Knights of the round tableEdit


the existence of knights of the round table came in sections. The Founder of the redcoats Vanhuek gathered his friends and the ex-redcaots members and launched in this adventure.Then his fellow experienced friends joined him oOoMidooOo(Mido)and Wilfried.They bonded and helped form KoRT. Within 4 days of their arrival the basic work was done and it was time to Declare existence, the OWF responded mainly positively about welcoming this alliance to Cyberpolitics.


22-November-2010Knights of the Round Table declares its existence.
December-2010Knights of the Round Table disbands.

Foreign RelationsEdit

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