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Soul Society
Official Flag of Soul Society

National Flag
Established 4/17/2008
(5,934 days old)
Alliance Regnum Invictorum
Regnum Invictorum
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Nation Team Team: Purple Purple


The nation of Soul Society was founded by Kn1nJa on 17 April 2008. He joined Invicta after his friend Airikr suggested.


After having joined Invicta, he was eventually made the Deputy Minister of War. As DMoW, he was tasked with locating unsanctioned wars and rouge attacks, and then making sure that they were dealt with in retaliatory strikes. It was during this time his most memorable moment occurred, when the War of the Coalition erupted he found himself alone, and managed to plan Invicta's role in the war with some success. He was later made Minister of War.

He was then moved around in the alliance, becoming the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs. As DMoIA, he was tasked with dealing with tech scams, as well as locating spies and multies amongst other things. For his work he made Minister of Internal Affairs, though eventually had to step down from the role.

He currently holds the position of Peer of Invicta for his services.

There have been so many different people who have influenced him, he is unable to list them all.

His future aspirations include growing his nation more, and being able to help out the newer members of Invicta, the way he was helped by everyone else.

He has fought a series of wars, including rogues, as well as two major wars, the War of the Coalition and the Karma War.

Additionally he has a warning for anyone who is thinking of striking;

My nation is awesome. It has nukes. I am not afraid to use my nukes. I am not afraid to go to ZI for Invicta. If you are on the receiving end of my crazed wrath, I pity your soul.