This alliance has disbanded as of December 29, 2008. More information is available here.
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Klingon Empire Edit


Flag of the Empire

Founded in the Spring of the year 2007 the Klingon Empire rose from the remnants of the Western Intelligence Inquisition after a dissolving of their government. The Klingon Empire maintains a diplomatic stance towards solutions due to their size. The Empire is currently accepting members and is growing stronger by the hour.

As a Klingon Proverb Reads: "Let us send the cowardly P'taks to Gre'thor even if it means our lives in Stovokor!"



  • Current Leadership:
    • Emperor: Deletham_Tomalak
    • High Council:
      • Minister of Foreign Affairs: Baron Von Voegele
      • Minister of Domestic Affairs: Baron Von Voegele
      • Minister of Defense: HRH MacSwane
    • Other Positions:
      • Military Organization and Strategy: Baron Von Voegele
      • Recruitment: Everyone in the Alliance

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