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Kirovski Rayon (Finn. Kirovinalue) is a Uralican county situated in the south-central region of the nation. It is the fourth-largest county in area and ranks third in population behind Southeast Uralica and Permski Rayon.

Kirovsky Rayon

Flag of Kirovski Rayon.

The county seat is the city of Kirovo-Chepetsk.

It is an economically diverse area, and combining with Kirov unitary authority it has six major retail hubs - Kirov, Vaahruše, Viche Alan, Murashi, Kukarka, and Kirssi. The main industrial centres are Kirovo-Chepetsk and Omutninsk. The major economic sectors in the area are finance, hi-tech, retail, internal grains trade, domestic livestock-farming, consumer-goods manufacturing, and food production. The county also benefits from a decent tourist trade, although it is not first in Uralica in this regard.

Important Cities and Towns[]