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Kirovgrad (Finn. Kirovinkylä, sometimes Kalata, Bshk. Kalatai) is a small Uralican city (the second-smallest in the nation after Tsykmä), located in "The Cluster" in Southeast Uralica, along with Nevyansk, Verkhny Tagil, Novouralsk, and some other smaller towns. The original name of the settlement was "Kalatai," which later changed to "Kalata," then to "Kirovgrad" in 1932. It sits on Highway UH-6C.

The main industry of Kirovgrad is metallurgy, a line of work that has been in the town for centuries. Ferrous and cuprous metallurgy and alloying are the most common branches of this. However in recent years, especially post-annexation, Kirovgrad has undertaken a diversification scheme to bring new industries into the city. Industrial gases, hi-tech consumer good production, CD-printing, printing and publishing, and small arms production are fairly large. It relies on nearby Nevyansk and Verkhny Tagil for food production.


Russians, Bashkirs, Finns, and Hungarians make up the bulk of the population of Kirovgrad, with smaller numbers of Estonians, Udmurts, and Permyak-speaking Komi in the area as well.

Kirovgrad has developed a reputation as a city that wants nothing but the best for its children. Although the Uralican Cities Act requires only two children's music schools and that visual arts be taught in grade school, Kirovgrad has six music schools for kids, two visual and graphic arts schools, one children's acting school, and an all-around sporting academy for "everyone from ages four to eighteen."

It has two noteworthy Orthodox Temples - the Temple of St. Ambrose of Optina, and the Temple of Vladimir's Icon of the Mother of God - plus Central Baptist Church is a beautiful modern church that can host up to five hundred, and Szent-Benedik Templom is a Gothic-style Catholic cathedral that was completed quite recently.

About six kilometres to the west is Mount Hedgehog, which is a small Alpine ski complex run out of a subordinate hamlet of the city.


Football (Soccer)[]


  • FK Kirovgrad

Other Pro/Semi-Pro[]

  • Dinamo Kirovgrad
  • Spartak Kirovgrad
  • Gazovik Kirovgrad
  • Progress Kirovgrad
  • Ural Kirovgrad
  • Torpedo Kirovgrad
  • Transit Kirovgrad
  • Svetotekhnika Kirovgrad
  • UralTek Kirovgrad
  • Metallurg Kirovgrad
  • Zheleznik Kirovgrad
  • Mednik Kirovgrad
  • UralElektroMed Kirovgrad
  • Pistoletnik Kirovgrad
  • UB Kirovgrad
  • Kalatan Palloseura


  • Kirovgradsky RMS

Rugby Sevens[]

  • Kirovgrad Rugby Football Club


  • Kirovgrad BK

Neighbourhoods and Suburbs[]

  • Yezhovsky (subordinate hamlet)
  • Kopotino