This alliance has disbanded.
The Kingdom of Italy
Regno d'Italia
Flag of the Kingdom of Italy

Flag of the Kingdom of Italy
KOI Motto: Forza attraverso l'unita
(English: Strength through unity),r:12,s:36
Team Color [[File:{{{team}}} team.gif]] Multi-Colored
Founder(s) Mussolini the Great & ColonelTom
Founded November 18, 2010
International relations


AllianceStats Statistics as of January 2, 2011

Total Nations 60
Strength 787,731
Avg. Strength 13,129
Nukes 107
Rank 121
Score 3.61
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The Kingdom of Italy, also known as KOI or TKOI, is an alliance which was born out of the Unification of the Italian Peninsula.


The Kingdom of Italy was formed in mid November by Mussolini the Great of the Italian Empire and ColonelTom of Henry. The Kingdom is still a very young alliance, but has been enjoying growth and prosperity ever since its creation.

Immigration PoliciesEdit

In keeping with Articles XVIII and XIX of the Statute of Unification, to become an Italian Citizen you must:

  • Have an appropriate ruler and nation name;
  • Agree to the terms, conditions, and principals of this charter;
  • Swear allegiance to Mussolini the Great and the Kingdom of Italy;
  • Register on the official forums;
  • Submit a completed membership application;
  • Change your National Flag to that of Italy, unless granted a dispensation;
  • Change your Alliance Affiliation to The Kingdom of Italy.

Following the completion of these conditions, you will be granted citizenship by the Minister of Interior and shall then be recognized as an Italian Citizen of the Kingdom of Italy.

War PoliciesEdit

In keeping with Articles XXXV XXXVI of the Statute of unification, all Italian Citizens, upon being attacked, are to report to the Ministry of War before striking back, except in the case that the attacking nation is unaligned, in which case Italian Citizens reserve the right to strike back immediately. All Italian Italians must, before declaring an offensive war on other nations, contact the Minister of War who will then request permission from the Head of Government, the Prime Minister. The power to approve and reject requests by Italian Citizens to declare an offensive war on other nations is reserved to the Head of Government, the Prime Minister, though the King maintains the right to veto any positive decision in this regard.

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