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Official Flag of Kingdom of Gilboa

National Flag
"Peace is the best thing for us all"
Capital City Shiloh
Official Language(s) English
Government Type Monarchy Monarchy
Alliance The Galactic Republic
AllianceStatsIcon rankingsWorldIcon warIcon aidIcon spy
Nation Team Team: White White
Statistics as of 5/28/09
Religion Mixed Mixed
Currency Dollar Dollar
Native Resources Iron, and Wheat


Kingdom of Gilboa was formed by King Silas Benjamin, an intelligent and witty person who can out smart every one if he wishes. Out of the dust came Shiloh, the capitol of Gilboa, and it is now the most prosperous city of Gilboa besides from Port Prosperity. Gilboa has gotten into one war, The Troll Wars.


The Troll Wars[]

The Troll Wars was when The Galactic Republic entered the Karma War in defence to New Sith Order. While the Kingdom of Gilboa never actually fought in this war, Gilboa did deliver foreign aid to the other members of The Galactic Republic to help rebuild the nations in TGR and TGR itself.

Other info on Kingdom of Gilboa[]

The nation animal of Gilboa is: The Flying Spaghetti Monster

The national tree is: The Weeping Willow

Famous motto of King Silas: N/A