Königreich Deutschland
Království Německo
Królestwo Niemieckie
Королевство Германия
Kunnegista Mikskātauta
Kingdom of Germany
Constituent Country of Großgermania
Flag of the Kingdom of Germany
National Flag
Deutschland über alles!
National Anthem
Capital Berlin
Official language
Regional languages
Czech, Polish,
Russian, Prussian
Demonym German
Government Type
- King
Limited Monarchy
Michael von Preußen
Formation 12 December 2008
Time Zone UTC +1

The Kingdom of Germany (German: Königreich Deutschland) is a federal kingdom and constituent country of Großgermania. It comprises the former states of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Republic of Austria, and the Czech Republic, as well as parts of the Republic of Poland and the Russian Federation. It is a National Unionist kingdom, divided into thirty-three provinces (bezirke) which have some autonomy from the Royal Government, but which are still subject to the decisions thereof.

The Kingdom of Germany first grew out of Eastern Francia after the Treaty of Verdun in 843. Until the formal creation of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation in 962, Germany was an elective monarchy, where noblemen were famed for electing incompetent and often mentally-challenged monarchs in order to preserve their own power. Under the Holy Roman Empire, the House of Hapsburg gained significant power, expanding their domains throughout Europe and her colonies, as well as becoming the ruling House in the short-lived Mexican Empire.

Following the collapse of the Empire, Germany was split into several states, but was reunited in 1871 as the German Empire under the House of Hohenstaufen. The Empire was dissolved under pressure from the victorious Allied and Associated Powers at the end of the First World War, becoming a republic. Reformed as an empire under the racist and totalitarian policies of Adolf Hitler in 1933, Germany was again defeated in the Second World War. Split into two republics, one capitalist and one communist in 1949, Germany reunified as the Federal Republic of Germany in 1990. Merging with Austria, the Czech Republic, and parts of Poland and the Russian Federation in 2008, it became the largest regional country in Großgermania.

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